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World Humanitarian Day
19 August 2017

On behalf of the nearly 2,500 members of INSSA, we, the Board of Directors, unequivocally support the efforts of the UN and responsible governments to meet their obligations towards ensuring the safety and welfare of civilian populations affected by conflict and disaster, and to preserving the safety and integrity of humanitarian and NGO field workers.

We abhor the current trend that indicates an increase in targeted attacks against civilians and humanitarian fieldworkers, hospitals and places of asylum.  We call upon all armed actors and those in positions of leadership and authority to respect international law and conventions as regards to allowing humanitarian and NGO fieldworkers and health workers safe access to vulnerable populations affected by conflict and disaster.

We commend the efforts of our humanitarian colleagues, NGOs and partners committed to delivering relief, alleviating suffering and saving lives oftentimes at considerable personal risk. We honor all those who have been killed in the service of others and extend our sympathies to their families.

We encourage all those committed to supporting NGO and humanitarian field workers to sign the World Humanitarian Day petition at

INSSA Board of Directors