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Many of us travel many places due to our jobs, and most of the time we don't know anything about where we're going! but don't worry because in this edition of "What to know about where you go" we talk about the culture of Japan and what you should know about it before you go there! This way you'll know what to say and do during your visit.

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Learn the Culture, Government, Holidays, Traditions,


and more just by reading this booklet before your trip!

What to know about where you go: Japan


If you are going on a business trip to Japan you may already know a few things about how the Japenese work and greet eachother in the business enviorment, but their are still a few things you should probably learn about the way business work in Japan.


2. Don't say sayonara unless you mean it!

To us sayonara is just another cool way to say good bye in a different lauguage but to the Japanese it is far more serious then just goodbye. Sayonara actualy means farewell as well as goodbye, and while that may not seem like a big deal but trust me it is. Sayonara means somthing more along the lines of "it is unlilkly I'll see,or talk to, you again soon" which can be very bad for business if used incorrectly.

Japans Business and What to Know!

1. If you can't bow don't!

The Japenese's take bowing very seriously and the way you bow varies depending on your position in life (age, social stature,ect.) and the person your bowing to's position in life. So unless you know exactly how long and how deep to bow it would be best to sick to just bending your waist a little

The Language!

The Japenese language is one of the more complicated lauguages out there so unless your up late everynight before your trip learning the language I doubt that you'll speak it before your trip. Lucky for you though actions speak louder then words in Japan. To them the most effective communication is through gestures and faicial expressions. While this makes somethings easier