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What is US? This takes the reader through how we became the USA! It helps the young readers understand what happened, in history, to the US, to get the type of government we have today!

A long time ago, there wasn’t all of the states that we have now. There was only 13 and they didn’t call them states, at the time, they called them colonies. This was because the colonists* were still being controlled by the British until, they didn’t want to listen to the British anymore so, they fought with them,...

...and the colonists WON!!!

They decided to call this fight, the Revolutionary War*. When they won, they changed their name to the 13 States instead.

After the war, they made their own rules. They called them, The Articles of Confederation.  The Articles of Confederation had 13 different rules, called Articles. In each one of the Articles controlls different parts of the new Government*.

An example is that, the first Article tells us that we are an Union* and that we are to be called the United States of America. It worked for a little while, but it wasn’t working like the Founding Fathers wanted it to. The Articles of Confederation didn’t tell the people and states all the rules they needed to know so, the Funding Fathers* made a new one.

They called this new vertion The U.S.A. Constitution!!!!!!

The U.S. Constitution goes into more detail. It explains the rules in Articles, like the Articles of Confederation, and these are broken into sections and these are broken down in clauses. The first three Articles, in the Constitution, explains that the government will be in three parts, The Judicial Branch, The Legislative Branch, and The Executive Branch.

The Judicial Branch is the Supreme Court. This is found in Article 3, in the Constitution. This Article explains what the courts can and can’t do with the law.  It explains the rules this branch has to fallow like, how many people are required to represent a part of the court, which is a lot of people, and much more rules that they have to fallow.

The Executive Branch is the also known as the Presidential Branch. This is where the president is held. This is found in the Second Article, in the Constitution. The Article goes into to detail how a new president is elected and it’s requirements. It also says what they have the power to control.

The third branch is The Legislative Branch. It’s in the first Article, in the Constitution. The Legislative Branch is made up of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. This branch makes the laws. They make, talk about, and vote on these laws here. The Vise President is the head of the Senate house. The rest of the representatives are are voted in by the states. This is where the states have a part in the government. The number of representatives for a state is determined on the population of their state.

The U.S. Constitution goes into way more detail of what the government can and can’t do, gives us our rights, and much more.

This is the story of US.