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What is

Forum for Growth in Service?

The curriculum is designed to accompany the reading of my memoir


the story of my life and work

with Washington, DC's homeless women with AIDS.

Forum for Growth in Service is

an online school for the

* support

* encouragement and

* challenge

of people in service to others.


On the next page, you'll find a 3-minute video in which


I explain my concept for and goals for the Forum. 

Thank you for your interest in

Forum for Growth in Service

But first, you may want to know more about me.


Visit my website HERE.

(If you want to skip this video, turn to pp. 5 and 6 for written info.)

Who is Forum for Growth in Service for?

1. Readers of my memoir, "Nowhere Else I Want to Be" 


2. People who are in direct service to others: 

* gap-year volunteers

* health and mental health professionals

* people caring for an ill friend or family member

* nonprofit service organization management and staff


3. People interested in broader issues of social justice and how our relationships can be more just.

What's the curriculum format?

What's the cost?


* Video lectures (12 - 15 minutes)

* downloadable supplementary materials

* questions for reflection, journaling or discussion

* downloadable journal

* Threaded  comments section

* and more.

Courses are priced $10.00 and up.

Some courses are free.

Some content is free.


What's next?

I hope you'll enroll in a course at Forum for Growth in Service.

Here's what you'll find:

* courses for people who want to serve others authentically, compassionately, and effectively;


* book studies for "Nowhere Else I Want to Be"

Participants Lola, Joe and Teja working on the Grow in Service course.


November 2016, photo by Carol D. Marsh

NOTE on the timing for launch of new courses: 


The Reader Forum is live NOW.


Growth in Service courses are in beta testing now and will go live in summer 2017.


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Forum for Growth in Service.