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What got For Christmas

As Christmas came around, I made a Christmas gift.  I was really specific about what I wanted. I wanted an elf. It had to have green pants, a red shirt, and a green hat embroidered in red. I his name had be sprinkles. He had to be 3 foot 9.


I ran down the stairs as fast as lightning on Christmas day. To my surprise their under the tree was an elf with a name tag that said Sprinkles He was exactly as I had hoped. 

I really wanted to open my other presents but, Sprinkles wanted to go outside. We played polar bear tag and made snow caves.

I really wanted to go to bed but, Sprinkles stayed up till 4:00 making a bringing a Christmas tree the size of a small giant. But, I had asked for Sprinkles.

In the morning Sprinkles wanted candy for breakfast. To Sprinkles Breakfast was like playing CandyLand. We ran out of candy really fast. Sprinkles got pretty grumpy. But, I had asked for Sprinkles

The next day When I came back from school I figured out Sprinkles had used all the wrapping paper to wrap up my room. The room was covered like a blanket. But, I asked for Sprinkles.

“Squish”.When I woke up I stepped on something round, blue, red, brown, and red. This turned out be elf poop. Elf poop was actually M&M. The toilets were too big for sprinkles. But, I had asked for sprinkles so I cleaned up all the M&M.

The next day Sprinkles teeth fell out so we took him to the doctor. Apparently Sprinkles had scurvy and type 2 diabetes from eating a lot of candy. He spent the whole afternoon throwing up candy corn. 

We didn’t let Sprinkles eat candy for breakfast. So Sprinkles threw a tantrum. He was still mad so he started to climb up the tree in our front yard, Up….Up….Up.It took the whole afternoon to get Sprinkles down from the tree. But, I had asked for Sprinkles

So in secret, I sent santa a letter. It said “ Dear,Santa  I don’t know if Sprinkles was the right gift. If you think it was the wrong gift. Send me the new gift and I will send back Sprinkles.

Several weeks later I received a letter from santa containing a stuffed polar bear and two tickets to the North Pole.

So the next week I flew to the North Pole with Sprinkles. Saying goodbye to Sprinkles was one of the hardest things I had ever done. Santa told me that if ever wanted to visit Sprinkles just to send him a letter.

Next year I am going to ask for for a motorcycle. Because how much trouble could me and Sprinkles get into with only one motorcycle