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The Met High School Newsletter

Trimester 3, 2019-2020
The 2020 Graduation at Home!
Jaychele Schenck
Leads the Way
Jose Takes First
Place at NFTE
Alumni Spotlight
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The Met is a State Operated Public High School · Students First Since 1996
This school year has been unprecedented. Who would have thought that when we
started this school year that we would need to completely reinvent the way we educate,
communicate, and live in this age of COVID-19? Our students, parents, and staff have
come together to help finish the school year. We were uniquely positioned to take
advantage of the technology plan that we already had in place. We quickly supported
those who needed Internet connections and maintained the Chromebooks that were
already in place. We moved to virtual advisories almost seamlessly as we adapted
curriculum for at-home use. We want to especially thank our teaching staff, many of
whom were supporting their children at home, who worked so hard to maintain the
high level of student support that we know is crucial to success.
We also want to celebrate our graduating seniors who sacrificed so much to finish this
school year. Though many of our traditions were not fulfilled due to social distancing
restrictions, they made us proud by continuing their commitment to their education and
completed their senior year with dignity and pride. Congratulations, Class of 2020.
We cannot finish this letter without acknowledging our community's courage in the face
of challenging times in our nation. Our statement, which we have reprinted on the
facing page, is only a small part of our response to the current situation. Watching our
students become leaders in the community and organize to make change validates our
role as educators. It encourages us to make sure that our students feel empowered to
question the world around them.
Please stay safe and enjoy the summer ahead. We are committed to keeping you
informed about the upcoming school year and working with you to continue the
tradition of excellence in education at the Met.
Nancy and Dennis
Celebrating the Class of 2020
With Billboards, Buses and
Lots of Balloons!
The Class of 2020 has been so open to all of the changes that have been thrown at them
this year. From virtual prom produced by our friends at Hot 106 to Zoom valedictorian
speeches to graduation at home broadcast by Ch10, they have been pioneers in this
new normal.
We are so proud of all the work that they have done over the last four years, and we
don’t want the events of the last three months to overshadow the fantastic careers
they’ve had at the Met. This class as a whole, and each student individually has achieved
so much. They earned over one thousand nine hundred fifty college credits. This class
has received 2.9 million dollars in college scholarships. They have created 20 small
businesses, and some were awarded money to fund their start-ups. These seniors
completed 353 trade certifications, which lead to real jobs - five of our graduates have
already been hired full-time by their internship sites. Students in this class have traveled
throughout the U.S. and the world to speak at conferences, complete their Real World
Learning projects, and become more conscious of the world around them.
The list of accomplishments from this class is impressive, but what is amazing is that
every student is recognized, and every student can chart their own way. Though we were
apart for some of this year, we made incredible memories throughout the last four years.
Congratulations Class of 2020!
Gen Z: We Want to Live is a new youth-led organization co-founded by our own Jaychele
Schenck. At noon on Friday, June 12, the group led a march to the State House, where
marchers “dropped dead” and staged a “die-in” for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the length
of time a Minneapolis police officer knelt on the neck of George Floyd, the black man
whose death has sparked nationwide protests.We are here to educate and advocate,
says Jaychele, ”black people’s skin color should not warrant a life sentence of fear.” She
and co-founder Isabella James Indellicati, 15, a student at Classical High School,
emphasized that young people need to lead a movement that will shape the future they
will have to live.
Leading the Way in Difficult Times
Focused on the Community
Met Class of 2019 alum Lennox Orellana has been busy
documenting the recent protests in Providence. His striking
images can be seen on his Facebook page -
lennox.orellana. His photo Noah was also recently featured
on the Italian Vogue website:
Congratulations Jose Rodriguez,Jr
NFTE Regional First Place Winner
Even in this time of virtual learning, the work of our Center for Innovation and
Entrepreneurship continues. We are proud to announce that Unity’s Jose Rodriguez, Jr
placed first at the New England Regional NFTE Entrepreneurship Challenge. His business,
Ta8tum, focuses on providing clothing with integrated tools for people with autism. You
can view his full pitch here:
You can also see the award ceremony on the NFTE Facebook page:
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Met mentors? Ask them to reach out to us on our website -
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The Met is #1 in 9 of 11 areas surveyed by the Rhode Island Department of Education in 2019
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2020-2021 RIDE District
Teacher of the Year
Dove Harris
Real World Learning During Distance Learning
East Bay student, Holly deGrayBirch was
part of a project to paint this mural for
Lawn Avenue Middle School 8th grade
graduates in Jamestown.
Equality’s Brandon Feliz was elected as
the chairperson of the RIDE Student
Advisory Council and as such he will
serve as RI's Student Representative on
the Council on Elementary and
Secondary Education and on the RI
Board of Education.!
Alumni Spotlight
Shout out to Natalia Marte! Natalia
recently graduated from the University
of Buffalo with a law degree and is
pursuing her PhD.
Our own Troy Allen recently had the
amazing opportunity to customize
an outfit for one of his idols - Lady
We are so proud of Alma Alvarez, Met
Class of 2010. She pursued her passion
for public service and became a Rhode
Island State Trooper. Here she is seen,
during the stay-at-home orders,
promoting literacy for young children by
participating in online storytelling. You
can see her video and other state
troopers reading their favorite books at .
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