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2020 Jose Rodriguez Wins
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The Met is a State Operated Public High School · Students First Since 1996
So much has happened since our last newsletter. One of the fantastic things about the Met
design; its agile. We have been able to innovate and create new opportunities for our
students throughout the pandemic. Our staff see challenges as opportunities to innovate,
not as obstacles. Our learning plans allow us flexibility in planning student time and
resources available, and our system of evaluation can flex and may even benefit from the
online world.
When we were told on March 13 that we would need to close the doors, it took us all by
surprise. One week later, we were up and running. We had the technology in place that was
needed to maintain communication. We also had talented tech staff and administrators who
were there to help fill the gaps if a home was without Internet or Chromebooks required
repair. We developed systems to allow staff and students to safely pick up supplies and
materials needed for remote learning or college classes. As we started to welcome staff and
students back to the buildings, our maintenance team went above and beyond
reconfiguring classrooms, deep cleaning all surfaces, and upgrading our HVAC systems. We
have added the needed signage, hired additional staff to do health screenings, developed
internal systems to monitor for outbreaks, and worked with the Department of Health and
the Department of Education to make the best decisions. We’ve even taken our recruitment
efforts virtual, and we just completed our first Zoom open house (details about additional
open houses can be found on pages 13 and 14). We’ve dedicated much of this newsletter
to images gathered since the beginning of this school year. We wanted to give you a look
inside the Met even though we cannot invite you in at this time.
In addition to the pandemic, this fall has been a tumultuous political period for our country.
We have all experienced an election like no other. We cannot ignore the protests, the
opposing views, the disagreements, or the divisive nature of politics. As educators, we are
not here to forward our own opinions. We want our students to be critical thinkers,
understand the media sources they consume, be good citizens, and be active participants in
their communities. When they have the opportunity to vote, we hope that they feel
prepared to make informed choices.
Nancy and Dennis
The Mets Jose Rodriguez won the top prize at NFTEs 15th annual National Youth
Entrepreneurship Challenge. This year’s competition took place online, as 44 young
entrepreneurs representing 34 businesses engaged in a virtual “pitch-off” on October
21 and 22. Competitors from Ireland, Israel, Mexico and Singapore joined students
from the U.S. who had prevailed in a series of local and regional pitch competitions
held online last spring.
Jose took first place with his business plan and pitch for Tasium, a company that
develops specialized clothing for people on the autism spectrum. He was awarded
cash prizes totaling $12,000. Inspired by his younger brother who is autistic, Rodriguez
created a solution for people with autism and ADHD who need a readily-available
outlet for their anxiety or hyperactivity. To avoid relying on fidget toys that are often
lost or misplaced, he designed clothing with built-in sensory stimulation tools to
release distractions and energy without interrupting others.
“This opportunity means the world to me and my family, said Rodriguez.I look
forward to building Tasium to not only help my little brother but others like him. My
business plan is intact and my operating plan is to bring Tasium to the next level in
marketing and production.!
2020 Jose Rodriguez wins NFTE National Title
DIGITAL EXTRA: See Jose on Channel 12 News

We couldnt send out a newsletter during this time without acknowledging
the changes that are happening due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We want
to start by thanking all of our families, staff, students, and mentors for their
incredible commitment helping us continue our excellent standard of
individualized education. Though our faces are masked or technology is in
between us, the Met has managed to adapt to these new times and keep
our commitment to “one student at a time.
We always knew how important
green space was on our Public
Street Campus. We didn’t realize
how necessary this space would
be to now use as lunchrooms and
Sarafine’s new advisory enjoying
a beautiful day in Newport.
Weve tried to schedule as many
days as possible in the sunshine.
All of our advisory spaces have
been reconfigured to allow for
6-foot spacing and single
direction seating. We are
carefully following guidelines.
Tent spaces have been a critical
component to help expand our
useable space. Here, Laila from
East Bay is participating in a
natural material art challenge.
Xavier from Christens advisory, “It
feels nice to be back in school.
Shout out to all the creative and
beautiful masks we’ve seen, and to
the commitment our staff and
students have to keep everyone safe.
advisory’s first
day exploring
the Public
Socially distant pumpkin carving at
Peace Street. You can see the smiles on
the pumpkins. We hope the smiles
under the masks are just as big!
The reward of following all the needed precautions was a fall trip to the
corn maze. Erica and Kerri’s students were challenged to work together
to complete the maze even though it was raining and a bit muddy.
Field trips can be challenging in
these times, but not impossible.
We are taking all the needed
precautions on our busses and
reducing the capacity to allow
social distance.
Life jackets and masks on for safety while Kristin’s students
set sail on Narragansett Bay.
Students from Equality planting
shrubs as part of their
community service projects.
Gino delivering goodies to his
student Daisy.
Virtual mini-exhibitions from
our freshmen in Equality! Keep
up the amazing work.
Justice students out in the fresh air learning
about pollinators. Students stepped forward
one at a time to observe the difference
between three bee species.
Students from Sarah’s advisory went to the
wetlands along the coast to do a cleanup. The
fresh air and chance to get out in the sunshine
were an added benefit.
Darthulas advisory spent time in
the great outdoors during this
beautiful, warm fall weather!
Reading is such an important part of
our learning that Principal Arthur
went delivering books to homes!
Monique’s advisory spending some
quality outdoor time at the park.
Indaleah volunteering at a food drive at
the Institute for Non Violence.
Our ninth graders have spent time at the E-Center
participating in activities and getting to meet the staff.
Were asking them to start problem-solving and using
resources differently. These activities began with some
spaghetti towers.
Here is Ezzy from Heath’s advisory. She is interested in the healthcare profession. Even though she
knows it will be challenging to get a healthcare internship this year, she is taking the time to
improve her interviewing skills by meeting with the Alpine Retirement Home’s executive director.
Stephanie is learning about wedding photography
and videography at Move Mountains Co.
Interest exploration continues.
9th-grade student Sami recently
started her first LTI at the Harris
Equestrian Center. She will be
training and grooming horses.
Ali’s pursuing her interest in
animal care and dog training at
Paws Paradise.
C.R. Schmall Building &
Remodeling LLC is hosting
Ronald for his internship in
Angel and the students from the
Roger Willams Park Advisory in
Justice got a shout out from
Mayor Elorza for all their work to
help improve the environment.
Andrew’s students
learning the three
cut!pruning method
from their mentor!at
Roger Williams Park.
We are so proud of Equality Senior
Jeremiah who got a full time job at
Electric Boat after completing welding
training at CCRI.
Tristen interning at
Toyo ta of Sm ithe ld.
Congratulations Eleanor and Doug!
All of our staff are superstars, and its great when they get recognized for their
outstanding work. Eleanor Dove Harris and Doug Rademacher received their
accolades and yard signs from the Rhode Island Department of Education to celebrate
their 2020 honors! Eleanor is the Mets District Teacher of the Year and Doug received
the Computer Science Leader Award.
Alumni Spotlight
Julio Molina (Met Class of
2016)- B.S. in Computer
Science and Data Science
with a Minor in
Alexander Skiffington (Met
Class of 2015)- B.S. in
Biological Sciences; plans to
work and prepare to apply to
Medical School.
Carmen Vazquez (Met Class
of 2016)- Is now working as a
High School Advisor at The
College Crusade of Rhode
Island. Maybe she'll get to
work with some of our
current Met students!
Hannah Hill (Met Class of
2015)- Is currently enrolled in a
Medicine Post-Baccalaureate
Program at UCONN as she
prepares to apply to Medical
Erin Tedescho!(Met Class of
2019)-!Associates in
Business Administration/
Management; In Fall 2021,
she plans to attend Micheal
K. Galvin Beauty &!Business
Jordan Roberts (Met Class of 2010) -
accepted!into the CCRI Nursing Program.
Antonelis Gaviria (Met Class of
2019)-!Associates in General
Studies/Concentration in
Finance; In Spring!2021, he will
begin as a junior at RIC,
Finance Major.
Lamont's new children's book!Little
Lamont!is available from Amazon. It's
the story of a young student-athlete
who has aspirations to get a position
on his school's basketball team despite
his smaller than average height. Met
alum Henry Clarke illustrated Little
College Unbound is designed
for adult learners who want to
complete their degree.
CU recognizes your experience
and what you’ve already learned.
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Alumni Spotlight
We want to thank Lamont Thomas for
his continued commitment to the Met.
As many of you know, Lamont is a
fantastic basketball player who has
played professionally in
Europe. He recently
joined the Liberty
building for a virtual
pick-me-up. He
discussed his
career and the
impact the Met
has had on his