Trimester 2, 2020-2021
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Senior Profile Edition 2021
Deena Robbins, Equality
I’ve worked in the social justice area for a few years now
through my internship with DARE - Direct Action for
Rights and Equality. I wasn’t sure what I was going to be
doing there, but over the years, I’ve realized all the ways
they help the community, specifically people who have
been released from prison and need help. Working with
my mentor, who is also a Met Alumni, has helped me see
all the different areas I could explore to help others
through my career. I am attending Roger Williams
University for Political Science in the fall and hopes to
attend law school in the future.
We decided to do something a little different with this edition of WHAM. For the first time we
are dedicating this entire issue to our graduating seniors. In such a year of turmoil, we want
to highlight our seniors' resiliency. They will complete their entire 12th-grade year during
the pandemic.
We asked the graduating seniors to submit a profile of themselves and samples of the work
that they completed over the last four years. It's impressive to see the diversity of their
interests and the quality of the submissions. Our students have worked in social justice,
creative arts, construction, and saving wildlife. They've worked to help save the planet,
learned to bake cakes, worked for youth empowerment, and learned to fix cars. They didn't
accomplish these goals within the school walls; they found mentors at internship sites and
learned in the real world. They've been using industry-standard technology, learning from
experts and working with and learning from co-workers.!!
Our students don't just learn facts and figures; they also learn skills and techniques. They
understand what it's like to work in a professional environment and all of the responsibilities
involved with that role. Our students interact with customers, sit in on meetings, and have
real consequences for work that they have ownership of. These skills are so important as they
approach their next stages of life, whether that is college or career.
Not every student is represented on these pages, but we plan to do another WHAM Senior
Profile before the end of the school year. Please enjoy reading about the Class of 2021 and
seeing their incredible work.!!
We hope that you and your family are safe and healthy,
Nancy and Dennis
Jeirys Valverde-Espinal, Peace Street
I interned and worked at Cherry Hill Manor for three
years. I then obtained my CNA license and started
working as a house aide and travel CNA, which has
gotten me a job at Rhode Island Hospital working
with oncology patients. I am proud of being able to
work hands-on with patients and gaining experience
every day. In the future, I plan to attend RIC to get my
Ella Bradner, East Bay
My senior thesis project (STP) is critical for the state of
Rhode Island, in which I am researching the Rhode Island
horse community by surveying horse owners and
veterinaries in the state. This work will update a 2006 study
posted on the RI DEM website. Through this research, I will
have insight into how many horses are in the state in
conjunction with the owners' concerns and the growth
needed by the industry to thrive. I plan to attend University
of California, Davis.
Michellet Brand, Justice
Since 2018 I’ve been interning at Providence
Student Union, a non-profit organization to
empower youth to better their education and well-
being. My previous position had me researching
for campaign work, helping with web design and
updates, and keeping the office cleaned and
organized. Over the summer, my work transitioned
into a part-time youth staff member and I gained
the Youth Programming Coordinator title. My
current position supports the Programming and
Partnership Director to research, select, and design
PSU programs, workshops, and events. I also
engage prospective students in Providence
schools by building peer-to-peer relationships
with them. I help students stay informed about
upcoming programs and events through close
contact and organize and post the monthly
newsletter. I got accepted to Wheaton College and
hope to attend next year.
Jaime Garcia, Liberty
I have worked on many of my different passions at the MET,
from construction to film/photography to engineering. I am
most proud of working on my engineering knowledge. I
always like to fix and build stuff and expand my knowledge
by taking college courses. I enlisted in the US Army as my
post-Met plan, and I will be working on and repairing
Francisco Chacon, Peace Street
DownCity Design was one of my favorite internships
because I learned so much about making community
connections, working in groups, and becoming a leader.
DownCity taught me about carpentry and engineering
skills that I will have and use forever. I started a shirt
business and have sold at events that have been
profitable for my business. I launched my website at the
beginning of the pandemic, and I've developed financial
literacy and investing skills. I own stock in companies like
Apple, Tesla, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and I plan
to do more and more. I will be attending URI in the fall.!
Gabriel Mullings, Equality
I started my Met career at the E-Center, where I kick-
started Art of the Crane, a company that makes and
sells unique and creative origami products. I received
more than $700 to help fund my business, and I was
selected to go to NFTE Regionals. Years later, I
continued to advertise and sell my work until junior
year when I decided to change my business to become
an origami museum. The idea is to have a rental space
where I host origami work from artists around the
world. It would be the first in RI, so its innovative and
still connects with my origami and business passion. I
was accepted and received a $60,000 scholarship to
Bryant University. I'm still waiting to hear back from
Babson College, my first choice, and Yale, but the offer
from Bryant is a great option.
Francisco Brugueras, Peace Street
I have aimed my passion towards working with elementary
education students throughout my years at the Met by
having two internships at Lillian Feinstein Elementary
School and taking the RIELDS certification class. I am also
taking a teacher assistant certification class that will help
me when I leave the Met. The most inspiring part of my
work is getting to see how the students develop their skills
and seeing them socialize. I’ve been accepted!to RIC, RWU
and CCRI.
Briana Walker, Unity
My passions are traveling and working with
kids. I've had the opportunity to work on my
passions by interning at Young Woods
Elementary and Youth in Action. This picture
shows the clothing line that I designed for
Youth in Action. We sold it online to help
support the YIA programs. I will be
attending CCRI in the fall.
Delilah Adames, Equality
I am incredibly proud of my current STP, holding home
economics classes for interested students. I have been putting
a lot of work into it and would like to believe that I am helping
these students prepare for the future. My two best internships
were Jack’s Snacks (a Dog Bakery) and LaSalle Bakery. I was
able to form a bond with my mentors from both sites and
learned a lot about my work there. Working at Jack’s Snacks
was also what made me realize that I genuinely did want to go
into the culinary field.
Sarah McCaffrey , Unity
Over the past four years, I have interned at various
places following my passion for marine biology. My
freshman year I interned at The School For Marine
Science and Technology in New Bedford,
Massachusetts. There I cared for many marine
organisms. My responsibilities included feeding
these animals and cleaning their tanks. I also learned
a lot about the various filtration systems and I
created protocols for other interns and students on
how to use and clean these different filtration
systems. In my sophomore year, I interned at The
New England Aquarium in the visitor education
department. There I learned how to interpret various
aquarium exhibits to the visitors. I improved my
communication skills and got more comfortable with
public speaking. In my junior year, I was interning at
The New England Aquarium again, but this year I
was behind the scenes working in the cold marine
gallery. This gallery housed the cold water animals,
including the giant Pacific octopus, my favorite!
There I was able to take care of all the animals and
do daily cleaning and maintenance on the various
exhibits. This year, my main project was introducing
the octopuses at the aquarium to different genres of
music and seeing their reactions! I got the best
responses from the female octopus but not much of
any reaction from the male. My favorite part about
this internship was my experience with the
octopuses! I worked hard my sophomore year so
that I was allowed to work with them, and I made it
happen! I learned so much about these fantastic
creatures and I was so lucky to get the chance to take
care of such amazing animals. The information I
learned over the past three years is just phenomenal.
I am thrilled that I had these opportunities in my life
and there is nothing I would change about them. It
was exciting to be accepted to nine colleges. To
save money I plan to start at CCRI and then transfer
to Eckerd College.
Jonathan Hernandez , Liberty
I am proud of all the work and projects I have done
related to my career interest. My best internship
project, I would have to say, would be at CDL when
we had to design a project for ourselves which was
to get a feel of using measurements and the tools in
the program but precisely and accurately. I plan to
go to CCRI for two years then transfer to RIC for a
bachelor's degree.
Tyler Sumner, East Bay
I have worked on my passion for sports broadcasting for a
while now and I have grown into a young professional
broadcaster. I even have my own sports podcast, The
Basketball Morning Joe with Tyler and Mo. I’ve learned a lot
through my mentor and soon to be college professor at Dean
College, John Rooke. I took a college course on Sports
Broadcasting and got an A and three college credits. I plan to
attend Dean College in the fall.
Andrew Missiuro , Justice
I've taken graphic design at CCRI and interned as a personal assistant
to a graphic designer/RISD professor. I've also taken Intro to Digital
Recording and Audio Recording Tech at CCRI and interned with
MusicOne as a producer. I am proud of the songs that I have created
and the logos I have made for students. When I graduate, I plan to get
my associate's degree at CCRI and transfer to another college to
complete my bachelor's degree.
Marlen Angeles-Arellano, Unity
I've been able to intern at Park View Nursing Home, Young Woods
Elementary School, Woman & Infants Hospital, and a CNA program at
American Safety Programs and Training School. I'm most proud of
getting an internship at a hospital and completing the CNA
certification. Hopefully, in the fall, I'll be attending RIC.
Anyla Lee, Liberty
I was so grateful for the opportunity to work with Music
One and having an internship there for my first three
years of high school. I learned so much not only from the
internship itself but also from helping out during
Extended Day. I learned about the essential aspects and
practices of being an artist, like voice control, stage
performance, writing techniques, vocal editing, etc. In
addition to that, I’ve learned how to be a good leader.
Teaching through Extended Day taught me how to lead a
group of people with no experience in something I had
so much knowledge about and make them look natural.
Teaching often left me learning and the skills and tips
I’ve picked up will carry on with me forever. Not to
mention, I came up with, wrote, produced, and executed
my first project with The Mets studio called “Beyond The
Picture” in 2019, out now on all streaming platforms.
During my junior year, I was offered an opportunity to
give me a great first-time experience while expanding
my knowledge and vision for my post-Met plan. This
opportunity was going on a week-long road trip to 11
different HBCUs around the country. I was so excited to
finally be taking this huge step into learning more about
what fits best for me and my future. With this trip coming
up also came the deposit fees and payment. At the time I
didn’t have a job. It didn’t take me long after to come up
with the idea of starting my own business. It was my own
crochet business to be exact. Knitting was always an
experience I’ve had since middle school. Having that
knowledge inspired me to go for it with crocheting. It
was something I wanted to experience for myself
somewhere down the line anyway. I then curated and
executed my business, Crocheted By Nyla, on October
29, 2019 as a Snapchat story. I sold headbands, scarves,
and hats. I have been accepted to URI. My plan is to stay
in RI for two years and then transfer to an HBCU. I want
to major in business. Being an HBCU graduate will be my
Kimberly Garcia, Liberty
I am proud of all the opportunities I have taken at the Met. Whenever
my principal would send out emails to join him at events to talk about
the Met I would always respond. If there was a program I knew would
help me achieve my goals, I would take it. During my sophomore year, I
attended fashion/ jewelry events and networked with influencers,
women in business, and educators around Rhode Island and outside of
RI. Another opportunity I have taken is applying for E360 and winning
the fashion show competition.
Sara Lataille, Equality
I started sophomore year interning at Abandoned Dogs of
Rhode Island, a dog shelter. I quickly realized that I did
have a passion for working with animals, but it was not
cats and dogs. It was marine animals. I attended URI’s
Shark Camp for two summers, which is another reason I
found my passion in marine biology. Using my connection
through Shark Camp, I had the opportunity to intern with
Dr. Wetherbee, a biology professor at URI, in my junior
year. I participated in research studies with his team and
went on fishing trips with him and his students multiple
times during the summer. During junior year I also took on
an additional internship at Save The Bay in Newport,
where I gave tours to the public and maintained habitats
for the marine life there. These opportunities have helped
me understand what my true passion is, and that is
working with marine life. I will be attending URI for
Marine Biology in the fall.
Teyahna Heath , Liberty
My passion is veterinary science. I have been able to
work on my passion by working at Stony Creek Farm and
pursuing my certification through Penn Foster. While
working at the farm, I realized that I am interested in
stopping animal cruelty and I want to continue this work
by going to college for Pre-Veterinary Sciences. I will be
choosing between attending Southern New Hampshire
University, Wheaton College, or Dean College to study
animal science and pre-vet.
Tyla Morin, Equality
I have had a few different internships within my interest fields of marine biology, astronomy,
and art. I worked with an independent astronomy club called the Skyscrapers and got to
study the stars. I attended two summers of Shark Camp at URI and got to intern with two
graduate students in URI’s Graduate School of Oceanography. I got to go on research boats
and work in a lab. I interned at As Aquatics and learned to maintain habitats for marine
animals. I also took an animal science class through Roger Williams Zoo to explore more
about the environment and animal science. I am most proud of my time spent with my
mentors Sam and Diana at URI’s GSO. I was featured in a few published articles about Shark
Camp and also my work at the GSO. I worked hard to understand what they were working on,
a research study on harmful algae blooms in the ocean, and I analyzed the data and found
inconsistencies in the numbers that had been overlooked. I got to use a microscope, learned
lab etiquette and worked with a research team. My exhibition was in front of college
professors and graduate students and it went really well. I got accepted to Costa Carolina, RIC
and CCRI. I will be attending CCRI!in the fall.
Ashanti Reyes, Unity
I interned at a law office and there I worked on filing cases and
looking over police reports. Currently I intern with Brown
University’s Department of Public Safety. I have also taken a
Criminal Procedure class at CCRI and am taking EMT Basics at RWU.
I also competed on this year’s Ethics Bowl and I’m creating a virtual
escape room based on a murder mystery using forensic science
concepts. I will be attending URI for criminal justice after graduating
from high school.
Joseph Sabater, Justice
My interests are visual arts, graphic design, and social justice. I
have combined all three at The Providence Student Union as a
volunteer, advocate, and design director. Over the past two
years, I have devoted my time toward graphic art and computer
science to manage and promote materials on the PSU website.
Through PSU I’ve facilitated educational and racial equity
workshops, worked on grant writing, and worked with students
to combine art and activism. Deciding on which college is tough
because I was accepted into so many great art schools - RISD,
Maryland Institute College of Art, School of the Art Institute of
Chicago, and more. I am currently most interested in RISD.
Karol Servellon, Liberty
The opportunity that I am most proud of from my four
years at the Met is completing a CNA course and
achieving my CNA license. I interned at Women & Infants
Hospital because I want to be a neonatal nurse. With
this internship, I was able to get a first-hand view of this
career. I enjoyed providing help at the mother and baby
unit, and as part of this internship, I created a project
where I managed a medical class with the help of my
mentors and advisor. I have been accepted to three
nursing programs: RIC, CCRI, and Husson University.
I hope to make a decision soon.
Hector Lopez, Peace Street
I have enjoyed being a student-athlete and taking my team
to the semi-finals as the soccer goalie. At the Met, I found
my passion for landscaping and construction. I have
interviewed professionals in the field. I have also helped my
family with landscaping around my house. This year I have
been interning with the Red Shed, looking at landscaping
for the bike paths, and building my bike at Recycle-A-Bike.
Jayden Navarro, Justice
My initial interest was working on cars. I started with baby
steps by working on bikes. For my certification test as a
Youth Bicycle Mechanic I received the highest grade on the
test with 99.8%. All of my internships allowed me to work
with my hands and explore the use of tools and collaborate.
Many mentors have stated that I bring a genuine effort and
do my best to connect with others in the space. I want to
work right away when I get out of school to help my dad
with some “car flips.” Our goal is for me to take my
automotive certification class.
Darly Rodriguez, Liberty
My favorite internship was at the Rhode Island Computer
Museum. I taught fifth-graders basic language computer
programming, and I also completed a coding lesson plan. I've
had the opportunity to complete college classes on coding,
cybersecurity, and computer principles. I'm also graduating with
my OSHA-10 certification. After the Met, I have been accepted to
Southern New Hampshire University and will attend there next
year studying either engineering or computer science.
Kahlia Allie Williams, Equality
As a new Met student, I have made opportunities for myself by
reaching out and getting into programs focused on fashion design
or creating. The thing that I am most proud of is working on the
placement of my clothing brand. By being an intern in E360, I am
allowed to jump-start my brand and start my career path. By
building my brand through a pandemic, I had limited resources
and had to get creative. The best internship project I have created
was a LED light project that mixed both technology and fashion in
one clothing piece. I will be attending Barry University in Miami
for business in the fall.
Zhyaire Hayes, Equality
I'm interested in sports, but I couldn't get
an internship with a sports team because
it was after school hours which conflicts
with my football practice. Denise helped
me find internships that required
physical fitness and where I could learn
new skills. Over my four years at the
Met, I have interned with a gym teacher,
a personal trainer, and a firefighter.
Firefighters work out a lot to stay in
shape and get strong so they can carry
around their heavy equipment and move
fast in their equipment. It was also great
to learn how a fire station works and how
to use firefighting tools.
One of the things that I'm most proud of
was the CCRI classes that I took. Though I
was worried that I would fail in a college
class, I ended up getting an 'A' in that
class and taking two more courses.
I got accepted to RIC and URI. I hope to
attend URI next year.
Kevin Gonzalez, Liberty
One of my favorite internships was Gennaro. Gennaro is a
jewelry manufacturer that manufactures jewelry for Francesass,
New York and Company, and many more. I had the opportunity
to create jewelry myself and get an insight into the
merchandising realm and quickly fell in love with that aspect of
the fashion profession. My best internship project was starting
my own jewelry business and creating the jewelry from scratch. I
promoted it and created an Instagram page where I began my
brand image. I applied and was accepted to URI, LIM, Bronx
Community College, and the New York City College of
Technology. I’m still deciding which school to attend but will be
majoring in fashion merchandising.
Keyon Lawrence, Peace Street
I want to go to college to study business marketing and
real estate. While at the Met, I have taken business classes
at E360. It helped me to understand how business works.
I'm most proud of the business plan that I presented at the
E-Center Fish Tank. I received great feedback to help me in
my quest to succeed. I have been accepted to CCRI next
Isabel S. Acevedo, Unity
While working with an independent artist, I made aprons
from scratch that had dual adjustability in the straps. I also
have made stamps, stickers, screen prints and worked on
many canvases. I have had three internships with different
independent artists. My post-Met plans are to go to
cosmetology school and also continue my love of art.
Luis Sebayo Anziani, Peace Street
I currently intern at the SSV Oliver Hazard Perry
where I'm learning about engineering. I took a
carpentry program at Amos House and gained
knowledge of tools and their use. I also went to
Bonetown BBQ and learned how a kitchen works
and how the staff communicate with each other.
I'm most proud of my internship at Oliver Hazard
Perry. I'm proud of this internship because it's
something I'm passionate about and I get to
learn about the careers of boat engineers. I'm
also proud of the work that I was able to do
while I was at Amos House. I learned about
insulation and framing walls.
Jessyca Iswanto, Equality
During my time at the Met, I had two
internships a year, where most people only
had one. In addition to internships, I have
taken advantage of the MET opportunities that
helped me explore art and design. I interned
at Fab Newport Wearables and Explore,
Discover, Apply. In Wearables, I learned how
to use different machines such as the laser
cutter and 3D printer and in Explore, Discover,
Apply, I learned about design software. I
participated in RISD Art and Design Lab, a
workshop about new art-making techniques. I
was a part of RISD Art Circle in my junior year,
a program for teens exploring the museum,
meeting artists/museum staff, and creating
projects incorporating the museum. During
the summers at the Met, I made costumes at
the Rhode Island Youth Theatre and was part
of RISD Teen Intensive, where teens explore
the RISD Museum, meet museum staff and
create a group project. I also attended RISD
Book Arts club, where I learned different
bookbinding techniques. Senior year I
participated in a one-day course called RISD
Pod: Natural Selections: Understanding Our
Ecosystem, where students focused on
scientific illustration.
I am proud of my sophomore year
environmental leaders project because it was
different from my other projects and helped
me get out of my comfort zone. It was fun, and
I taught the kids how throwing away textiles
affected the environment and led them to
make a reusable bag out of old t-shirts.
I will attend Rhode Island College for Studio
Art or Art History in the fall.
Cindy Villanueva, Peace Street
I've worked with Down City Design, and I discovered my
passion for architecture and construction. I continued my
growth by working with the ACE Program and shadowing at
an architectural firm. I've been working with the Center for
Dynamic Learning to continue learning about construction,
and I'm currently working with ACE and DCD to complete
my construction project. I am proud to look at what I have
accomplished and show that I can succeed in this very male-
saturated profession as a woman. I've been accepted to the
Architectural Program at Roger Williams University and
awarded a national scholarship of $16,000 from ACE.
College Unbound is designed
for adult learners who want to
complete their degree.
CU recognizes your experience
and what you’ve already learned.
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