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WHAM Summer 2021

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WHAMSummer 2021 401-752-2600WHAT’S HAPPENING AT THE MET? Graduation Special Edition The Met is a State Operated Public High School Students First Since 1996Carina Vaz, Equality My best internship had to be my first internship freshman year at Blackstone Valley Prep working with the art teacher. I was able to work with a variety of students in each grade level from kindergarten to fourth grade. I was able to create my own lesson plan with the help of my mentor and teach my own art lesson to each grade.

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CO-DIRECTOR’S CORNER We’ve come to the end of another year, but this has been a year like no other. We are so proud and amazed at the resiliency of our students and our staff. The stories on these pages are from many of our students who survived and thrived through a year of distance learning and social distancing.!! In this issue, you’ll also see the images of the graduations, yes, we said graduations, of the Met Class of 2021. So that we could enjoy our celebrations with as many families as possible, we split our graduation into six ceremonies. This is the first time we have ever separated the buildings into individual graduations. Although we missed having everyone together, we enjoyed hearing the voices of all of our staff, students, and families. Though the week of graduations was long and our team had to work incredibly hard to produce twelve hours of events, the weather held out for us, and we loved seeing the Class of 2021 cross the stage.!! The next school year will see many changes. Restrictions are lifting. As we know more about the rules and policies in place for the 2021-2022 school year, we will keep you informed. We want to thank our entire community for helping to keep us all safe and following the policies that have been in place this year. We hope that your family has a safe and fun summer and that we see you all in the fall. Nancy and Dennis

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Rosa Taveras, Peace Street I am most proud of my project in my Sophomore year.! I taught ELL students lessons in English and Spanish. ! I saw the students lighting up when they understood what was going on and it made me really love what I was doing.! I have had 2 internships in elementary schools.! The first was in an ELL pull out class.! The second was in a 5th grade ELL class.! I also took a Teaching Assistant class and earned a RIELDS certificate. Then I completed a RWU college level class called Child Development. Julissa Walmsley, Justice When I first came into the Met I discovered my passion for carpentry when I heard about the DownCity program. I worked with DownCity most of my time at the Met. I learned a lot about the construction field. My last year at the Met I worked with Amos House doing construction and learned the steps of building a house and all the safety behind it. This summer I’m looking forward to an internship doing carpentry.Emory Holmes, Peace Street My best internship was the Raynham Channel and Wild Flower Vegan Bakery. ! I was treated like family at my internships and this was very important to my learning. I’ve been creating virtual concerts, rap lyrics and a performance for the graduation of 2021. I also create music videos for my raps. My virtual concert and the graduation song have made me super proud. @MetSchool/MetSchoolMetHighSchool

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Nathan Guia, East Bay I’m very proud of the video game that I’ve been working on as a part of my Senior Thesis Project; tentatively titled Snowman Game, it’s an action-platforming game similar to games like Super Mario or Kirby, with a greater emphasis on player control and momentum. My advisory-mate Desi is composing the music for the game, delivering ambient, lo-fi beats to accompany the gameplay. I’m making good progress on the game and I hope to finish it by the summer of 2021.Ashley Guerrero, Unity I’m passionate about art and I’ve had the opportunity to attend art programs at AS220 and collaborate with other student on an art gallery. I’ve interned at DWRI Letterpress and I was the assistant at the AS220 Printshop with Artist Edwidge Charlot. I’m most proud of a Collage Painting project that I did at the AS220 Art Program. I plan to attend college in the fall and continue to create and learn.Lester Estrada, Peace Street I am proud of my abilities to learn English fluently in 2 years. I interned at DownCity Design and learned a lot of design concepts. This was truly part of my passion. !I also completed a CCRI class in which I had to work really hard to understand all of the concepts.! After the Met I plan to complete a RIBA class and then find a job in construction and design.

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Nkéke Waupianoohom Harris, East Bay My work in life has been powered by that resistance of those who came before me. My work has been focused on education through museums, art, and performance. While interning at the Tomaquag Museum I was able to learn how to effectively educate on Indigenous peoples, our cultures, and traumas. My work as an educator has replenished my motivation and has given me the platform and tools to have our message heard. Education is a constant in life, education is the great gift and to teach is rebirth- old knowledge to new. In Narragansett tradition, education occurred through stories, now those stories, although educational, serve a new purpose, they tell the story of resilience, resistance, and rebirth. Brown University is a place of education, liberal thoughts, and rebirth, but its history is rooted in slavery, death, and desecration.! During my time at Brown as an intern at Brown University's Rites and Reason Theatre, I have seen how this restrictive history was reborn into a spectacular display of culture, activism and unity. Through being a part of the creation of Brown University’s Indigenous Theatre Initiative (Words in the Wind Theatre) I have seen how impactful it is to have our voices as Indigenous peoples heard, the pride and joy that comes with it, and the hope it brings.

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Kahlia Williams, Equality The Met had offered me a great opportunity to work on my passion for fashion. With the opportunity to have a space where creators can create, readers can read and designers can design, I was able to expand my clothing brand which also allowed me to expand on networking. After creating different fashion pieces, I had the opportunity to build a network with other creators to gather feedback on the skills I have learned and what I could do differently or even better.! As an entrepreneur with a desire to run my own business, I will be continuing my education at Barry University in Miami this fall to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business management.Stephanie Cabrera, Peace Street I am proud of the way I have grown as a person through my education at the Met.! I grew my confidence and my ability to communicate with others.! And my reading skills have totally improved. I’ve had some great internships, projects and volunteer opportunities.! My best internships were in the human service field and with artists. !Ronald Lacerda, East Bay My passion is making things based off!historical objects. I’m most proud of a leather scale mail armor, a sheet metal helmet, and a 3d model of an armored car from World War II that I created. While in high school I completed Survey of Western Civilization 1, Survey of Western Civilization 2 and I plan to go to college in the fall.

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Itamar Encarnacion , Justice Throughout the years I’ve gotten the chance to explore my! interests in teaching, environmental and marine science, and library media. I’ve researched the medicinal benefits of various plants, and attended trainings to be able to lead educational tours of my internship, the Botanical Center. I’ve researched and worked extensively to create a pollinator garden in one of the Botanical Center’s open spaces. I’ve assisted the center’s director with the creation of a virtual story map that details the botanical garden and it’s plant life. In addition to the internships I’ve had, I’ve been involved at the Providence Student Union. There, I’m on the PSU Leadership Team. Alongside a group of other youth leaders, I’ve been actively involved in the “counselors not cops” campaign, which advocates students’ desires to replace school resource officers with more social workers/mental health specialists. Junior year I began my research process about pollinators and what roles they play in our society and their different habitats. This was a great project because I got to interview people and assist my mentor with the draft of a pollinator garden with native plants that I researched about that would attract pollinators. Unfortunately because of COVID, I didn’t get to implement our draft plan, but the garden was still installed, I just wasn’t there to help physically and our original draft changed.

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Africa Barron, Peace Street My best internship project was designing a lesson plan that helped me gauge students’ growth from the beginning to the end of the school year. I love internships where I can work with children.! Also, I took college classes that helped me gain knowledge. I completed 15 college credits, I did 4 certification classes and I completed 4 projects. I’m going to URI to study Human and Child Development.Esme Gray, Peace Street I am very proud of my STP.! I got resources donated and in turn created 50 preschool activity bags that I distributed to the community through local libraries. I have taken 5 college classes, 1 certification class and had 3 great internships including Gracies Restaurant and the International Charter School. After the Met I plan to go to CCRI for 2 years in the JAA program and then go to RIC for Early Childhood Education.

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Stephanie Morales, Unity I’ve acquired an internship at a wedding photography studio since I transferred to the Met in junior year and have been interning there ever since. I’ve assisted in numerous shoots; weddings and engagements, edited pictures for those shoots and even created photo albums to be sent to couples. My best internship project was creating a large photo album from start to finish, getting to see it in person, and getting great feedback from my team and the couple themselves! My internship has also given me the resources to do shoots on my own time; such as graduation photos for a college student whose photos will be presented to his whole school. I plan to work full time as a photographer and photo editor at Move Mountains Co.

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It’s always recruitment season at the Met. We are always looking for new students. Share your stories of student success with your family, friends and neighbors. New students can get more information at - are so important to our school. Do you know professionals in the community who would make great Met mentors? Ask them to reach out to us on our website - us find new STUDENTS & MENTORS

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