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Crow going to jail-In this scene, the heirs found out the answer to the Westing Game, which was Berthe Erica Crow. Since Crow was the answer the cops came and arrested Crow. This is significant because now all of the heirs know that the game was all for taking revenge on Mrs. Westing who was Berthe Erica Crow. Also, this helps the plot progress through the story.

Sunset Towers - This is the place where all 16 heirs stay. Here there were 4 bombs that exploded that was essential to the plot of the story. Also, this is the main setting of the entire story. There is also a coffee shop and a restaurant in the building.

The first meeting in the library- Here is where all of the 16 heirs figure out that they are related to Sam Westing and they have to play in the Westing Game. Also, they figure out that Sam Westing died. They all get $10,000 to start with.

4th bomb in the book- This bomb exploded near Turtle exposing that Turtle has caused all of these bombs. Turtle got injured during the bomb explosion. This is significant because this bomb explosion reveals a huge secret that is that Turtle is the bomber and she has caused all 4 bombs.

The last meeting in the library-This is where all of the heirs find out Sam Westing wanted revenge on Crow and Sandy "dies". This is significant because now all of the heirs can find the answer and get an enormous amount of money. Also, the heirs will now believe that Sandy is truly dead and that Sam Westing is not alive anymore

Sandy's "death"- Sandy drinks out of his flask and then he falls to the ground "dead". This creates an uneasy mood for all of the characters, especially for Turtle Wexler. This is significant because this is the second time Sam Westing faked his death. Also, now all of the heirs believe that Sam Westing is now truly dead, but only Turtle knows that he is still alive.