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A Book By Ellen Raskin 


A Booklet By Rahul Swaminathan

      This is the city where the whole book takes place. It is the location of Sunset Towers, plus the Westing mansion! The setting never leaves to a different area.

                                 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

                        The City of the Westing Game

                                               This is where the book mostly


                               takes place, making it the 


                              main setting. The is where all


                               the characters live, and it is


                              considered as Westing's                            


"playhouse". It makes it easy for the heirs to discuss


the clues and grow fond of each other. 


Sunset Towers

The Home of the Heirs

    Mr. Hoo's Chinese Cruisine



The Top Floor


       Mr. Hoo owns a Chinese restaurant on the top floor of the Sunset Towers. The heirs eat dinner here one a while but nobody else comes, making Hoo really grumpy. This is where the second bomb explodes. 

The Coffee Shop

  Breakfast Made Easy

The coffee shop is connected to Sunset Towers. It can be entered from the outside. It is owned by George Theodorakis, and it is a family buisness. It was here where the first bomb exploded. The heirs also had a meeting at this place to discuss with each other regarding the Westing game.


      The library is a small but very important setting. It occurs during the end of the novel. After the heirs stated their answers, they were guided here. The result was that all the answers are wrong. That's when all of a sudden, Sandy gets a heart attack and dies. Later, they eventually figure out that Crow is the answer, so she gets arrested. This scene only comes once in the book, but it is a very crucial twist to the plot!


Sandy's Last Breath 

 The Westing Estate

Y  $200,000,000 Prize


The Westing Manor is a dark and eerie mansion near Sunset Towers. It is important since that is what the main prize is for the winner of the Westing game. It is worth about 200 million dollars! This is also where Mr. Westing was found dead, the night Turtle entered as a dare. 


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