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The horrible battle of Gettysburg

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The horrible battle of Gettysburg

We Shall Not Perish

By: Brooke Levy



The Civil war has started,

seven colonies unite.

It is a matter of slaves,

what an interesting fight.






many battles have happened.


It was a nice hot summer,


but the anger still lasted.





Several men,


stepped into the light.


The battle had started,


And they knew what was






Pennsylvania and Maryland,


informational soldiers were


very near.


They were so tired,


But the path was clear.





Union soldiers,


on the move.


Protecting the president,

was what they had to prove



No real plan,


just to kill.


All they had to do,


was go over the hill.





They meet in,


Gettysburg near Cashtown.


Pennsylvania was busy,


and the new fight ground.






Only a miracle,


could stop them now.


The hits will be animated,


like cartoons, “wham, pow”.




Lee and Buford,


collided very fast.


Several men were there,


the field was very vast.



The fight,


was fierce.


The shots were like,


an ear pierce. 




Later in the day,


Buford was killed.


Soldiers needed to come back,


hopefully they were skilled.



The third day comes,


many men are dead.


Lots of wives worried,


the future was unsaid.




Lee surrender,


everyone cheers.


They inform their family,


as they drink some beer.




Lincoln was told,


he was over the moon.


He was going to inform,


the press very soon.





In VA. they went to,


The Appomattox Court House.


It was very special,


there was not even a mouse.




Lee and Lincoln,


the conflict was solved.


When civilians found out,


thoughts just revolved.





Most people wererelieved,


lots were devastated.


So many lives lost,


like fish being crated.


A new event,


historically amazing.


The Gettysburg address,


feelings were changing.





A new event,


historically amazing.


The Gettysburg address,


feelings were changing.



7 score and 13 years ago,


Lincoln gave a speech.


He spoke it well,


hopefully he did not have to screech.




Many got hurt,


some deserving.


A battle for freedom,


it was very burning.




In the end,


all was equal.


Loved ones,


no more sequels.

Abraham Lincoln was told outrageous news,  7 colonies in the south have banned against not having slaves. They have threatened to become another nation. They believed that they were free to have slaves to do there own hard, back breaking work. The north, although, did not support slaves because they were more invested in the  business of the United States at the time. Lincoln was afraid that this would start out as a little skirmish ( a small fight ), but for all he knew the 7 colonies could be planning war attacks. Lincoln had to assemble an army very quickly. While the Confederate soldier ( soldiers that were looking for information on the opponent ) started heading for Pennsylvania and Maryland (that is where the biggest army training camp is), the Union army was going to Washington to protect the president.

Both the Confederate and Union cavalry clashed outside of Cashtown PA. In the peaceful town of Gettysburg. It was one of those towns that nobody paid much attention to it until that sunny July first morning. The grand total of men on each side was 60,000 vs. 18,000 because most union soldiers were already protecting the president.

The first shot has been taken July 1 1862. General Buford Has been greatly outnumbered. He has contacted reinforcements but they won’t be able to come for one more day. The leader of the confederate forces ( Robert E. Lee ) has been on a winning streak as they were on there way to the army campus. The Next day was even worst that the first when General Buford got killed. Thankfully the reinforcements came to write a letter to the president that would put them in a much better defensive position. The war got raucous, subsequently the reinforcement that was writing the letter got killed in the wave of of shots that were being fired. The soldiers was being very cynical when he found out about this horrible action on their General. At this time everything was fortuitous for the union forces. A lot of soldiers were maimed and dead.

But most of the union soldiers have finally arrived to make it an even fight between the both of them. Also Generals that were of assistance to Buford stepped up into the new generals in the army. With this new set up the union soldiers were bound to start winning, and they did. By the third day ( July 3 )  the union army was almost done with the fight when General Lee finally retreated to the south. “ The sacrifice of life on that blood soaked field on that fatal third was to awful for the heralding of victory”  said  Major General George E. Pickett. There was 17 miles of dead soldiers from  both The Union and the Confederate army’s. “No words could picture the anguish of that role call.” said  Major General Pickett.

A few months later Lee finally surrendered to the north. Both, northern and southern civilians were over joyed with the ending of the Civil war but they were devastated at how many young men lost their lives on that sad day in history. But remaining soldiers went to their family’s to hug and kiss them repeatedly .  On April 7 1863 the President and Lee both came together in Appomattox Court House in Virginia.  Lincoln greeted Lee kindly as they sat down and talked. “With malice toward none, with charity for all.” said Lincoln. He was very overjoyed with the end product. Sadly one week later by a confederate supporter by the name John Wilkes Booth. This brought back the Idea of the civil war and many civilians were very scared. Thankfully Andrew Johnson, the new president, sent back there soldiers to their homes so that was not needed.  

In the end everybody was safe and slaves were freed and all Americans were safe and sound.

      In the ferocious battle they neede to use many weapons. They used 5 ton cannons to small bullet hand guns. Although most people say the bigger the better, most soliders used guns and  sometimes swords because they tend to be smaller and unnoticeable in the rocuse battle feild. And yes, cannons are very powerful and strong so they did use the cannons. This was there weaponry throughout the fight. This was the weaponrey that helped slaves to freedom.

 The Weoponry of the Battle


This shows different things that Union and Confederate soliders had to deal with every singal day





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