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An Introduction

built for Rosemarie Codling


Hi Rosemarie,


I'd like to offer you a virtual introductory preview of Signature Bank. I'm sure it would be helpful for you to learn more about our organization and give you a little insight into what we are like as a team.


Page forward to learn more.


Freddie Deutsch

President and Chief Executive Officer


 Getting to Know Us....

Stevie Vickers
Chief Financial Officer

As the only community bank headquartered in Sandy Springs, we aspire to be the best bank in town by providing our clients a high-touch, high-service standard you won't likely find elsewhere. We call it "boutique-banking", and it's a unique atmosphere where clients are our priority and their individuality is valued.

Likewise, our team members are our greatest asset and without dedicated, passionate, client-centric individuals on board, our mission becomes an empty promise.

Meet our Executive Officers & Senior Managers:



Charles Hoag
Chief Administrative Officer

Blake Tibbitts
Senior Credit Officer

Lawanna Saxon
MD of Marketing & Client Experience

Eva Farag
MD of SBA Lending

David Perlis
MD of Retail Banking

Nicole Klein
MD of Private Banking

Mission Statement | Core Values


Our mission begins with Service.  It defines who we are and is the standard that drives our success.



Make It Personal

Aspire To Be The Best

Build Trusting Relationships For A Better Tomorrow



Be Proud Of Your Conduct - It's Your Signature

Embrace and Drive Continuous Improvement


Make It Personal

Build Lasting Relationships


Service:  A Passion Above All Else

Create Wealth Through Profits, Growth and Integrity

Signature Bank of Georgia partners with TriNet HR Solutions to provide Fortune 500-level Human Resource services at the click of a mouse through a secure, self-service online portal. 


TriNet is a one stop site to securely access and update personal information, set up direct deposit accounts, enroll in health benefits (if applicable), view copies of pay stubs, and more.  


Services include:


  • Medical, Dental & Vision Plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Commuter Benefits
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Life Insurance, Voluntary Benefits, etc.

Additionally, we offer a generous PTO Progam, holiday schedule and team member appreciation methods.


World Class Benefits...

Click Here to Learn More About TriNet

Benefits Overview       Benefits Pricing

 Staying Connected...

As a Team, staying connected and keeping lines of communication open are a top priority. The Signature Executive Management Team understands the value of informed team members who feel intricately involved in the success of the organization.  

 We have various modes of communication as well as reward and recognition methods which celebrate our successes and help us continually improve. 

We also stay connected with a unique reward and recognition system supported by an application called Motivosity.  It's a cool, social way to thank each other and recognize and reward our teammates for a fantastic job, a helping hand, birthday's, anniversary's and to celebrate epic accomplishments.

Our intranet, called The Insider, is the go-to resource for all things associated with the internal workings of the Bank. Our virtual Chief Promoter, Sig N. Ature (aka Sig) is The Insider site hostess and will keep you informed of important dates, opportunities and exciting upcoming events.  Here you will also find the team directory, departmental materials, the productivity station, the help desk, our goals and downloadable copies of all forms and documents you may need, plus so much more!


 Commitment to Community...

It's not just words....We truly are committed to our community and focused on seeing it succeed.  If the community succeeds, we all win.  For this reason, Signature Bank offers every team member the opportunity to volunteer at a non-profit organization up to 4 hours each month during business hours.

 Our Clients....

We continue to build a loyal base of clients who seek a relationship with their banker.  They tend to appreciate the old-fashioned approach to banking; before the days of automated systems when they could actually phone their banker directly.  The bigger banks may call them "high maintenance" but as a boutique bank, this is our niche and we love exceeding our client's expectations by anticipating their needs and creating a WOW experience.  Making it personal is what we do best.

 For this reason, many of Signature Bank's clients are entrepreneurial, small business professionals.  They value our business philosophy and we're thankful to be designed in such a way we can offer flexibility, quick decisions and truly customized solutions.  

 Meet a few of our clients...

Dr. Maheshvar Patel

Smile Forever Atlanta

Dr. Hiral Lavania

One Family Pediatrics

Don Redmond

President & CEO

BCW Co. Landscaping

Dr. Jay Weinstein

Managing Partner

Atlanta Clinical Group

 Our Products and Services...

In order to fully meet the needs of our clientele we have dedicated the necessary resources which allow us to offer innovative solutions and unique services, thereby increasing our value proposition.


  • Personal & Commercial Products
  • Treasury Management Solutions
  • Preferred SBA Lending Accreditation (
  • A Variety of Lending Options
  • Electronic Services
  • Free ATM's Nationwide
  • Online Banking Solutions (including POPMoney)
  • Mobile Banking
  • Private Banking
  • Wealth Management Partnership
  • Credit Cards
  • Payroll Services 

Visit for detailed information.  


Click here to access the Learning Center and product video library.


I hope this overview has provided some helpful insight into our organization.  

We look forward to sharing more.

Making It Personal is our Top Priority.

6065 Roswell Road, Suite 110 & 600

Sandy Springs GA 30328