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Welcome Home Neighbor is your local welcome wagon service and we are in the business of helping small businesses connect with their community in a big way. We employ a Neighbor-to-Neighbor marketing system that is hands down, the best way to gain the business your company wants.

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    We are Welcome Home Neighbor & Community is Our Business!

 Let Welcome Home Neighbor be your Marketing "Secret Weapon". Our Community Ambassadors hand-deliver your message while welcoming EVERY new Resident within days of them moving in.....Long before your competitors "Coupon" arrives in the Mail!

Inclusion in our highly desired Welcome Bags gives you Marketing that is;

  • Exclusive
  • Targeted
  • Personal
  • Unique
  • Most of all.......AFFORDABLE

Businesses agree that Word-of-Mouth is the best form of advertising to build connections. We believe that so much, we built our entire business around this concept. We are the new standard for local advertising.

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      So Why Target New Residents?


                                  According to the US Census.....


  • 48% of the US population moved at least once in the last 5 years.
  • New Residents go into "Hyper-spending" in order to replace goods & form solid business relationships, spending a record 65% more in the first weeks after their move than the average established family spends in 3 years.
  • 75% of New Residents have no buying loyalty & are  actively seeking new businesses to get better pricing & service.


  • 80% of New Residents redeem offers to try goods & services in order to make buying decisions.


  • 96% of New Residents said they would welcome help in locating & deciding on new businesses in their new community. They also felt that being introduced to new businesses in person would certainly encourage them to use a business or service.

 Don't Delay, Claim Your Spot Today!

  1. 30-50 Welcome Visits per month on Your behalf....A Constant supply of new prospective clients, hand delivered.
  2.  Creation of  Personalized Welcome offers to help entice customers to use your business right away.
  3.  A full Business listing on our Community site and Blog....Public access puts you in front of thousands of potential customers every day.
  5. Social Media Campaigns monthly...ensures that you are always in the public eye and your message is being heard by our thousands of devoted followers.
  6. A personal recommendation with every Welcome's like being recommended by a trusted friend.
  7. A Monthly Hot-Sheet of every Newcomer we visit on your behalf, with urgent requests & important information provided to you monthly.
  8. One Flat rate, billed monthly AFTER we have delivered your message & encouraged Newcomers to utilize your company.

How Does My Company Benefit?


Your Company receives....

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Only ONE spot per business category.