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Interesting and unusual shoes that nobody likes.

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Shoes Nobody




Rachel Kahr







Rachel Kahr

Introduction                                                                     page 9

High Tide Heels                                                              page 10

Jellie Wedges                                                                  page 13

Double Boots                                                                   page 14

Vibram Five fingers                                                        page 17

Platform Aquarium Shoes                                             page 18

Knee-High Converse                                                       page 21

Ballet Boots/Heels                                                         page 22

Crocs                                                                                page 25

Topless Shoes                                                                page 26

Bahia Sandal with a Sock                                              page 29

Conclusion                                                                      page 30

Shoes People Love!                                                        page 32





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     Did you know vibram five fingers were made for yacht racers? How about that ballet boots put all of the body’s weight on your toe?

     This book is about wild and crazy shoes that nobody likes. Some are uncomfortable, some are ugly. Some are not even well known. But they all have one thing in common: they are shoes and nobody likes them.

     These shoes are weird, they’re unique. You may never like them, but by reading this book, you can learn a lot about them. So enjoy!





     High Tide Heels were invented by Paul Schietekat in 2006. Paul is a creative belgian artist, not a designer. They were the only pair of shoes he has ever made. In fact, it was the only thing he has ever designed. Paul made them so you wouldn't have to change between the time you are in and out of the pool. He says they are perfect for pool cocktail parties because you don’t have to change in and out of your shoes.

     These shoes work better in water than on land. If they are worn on hard cement too much, the heel can become worn out. High Tide Heels were made for the pool but they work better in the ocean. That is because sand is softer than cement. They are not supposed to be worn regularly for daily tasks for the same reason: the heel would become worn out, and since it’s small, after a while there will be no heel! The were just made for fun parties by the pool/ocean and going swimming.

     High Tide Heels were not produced commercially. Paul decided to stop selling them, so they were only for sale for a small amount of time. Probably because the quality of the shoes were bad. They are uncomfortable, hard to walk in, and don’t last long. Anyway, they were sold in four colors: black, blue, orange, and red. I guess these shoes just didn’t work out.  

High Tide Heels




Jellie Wedges


     Jellie wedges were very popular in the funky 1990’s, and they suddenly appeared again in the summer of 2015. These shoes were categorized by their material: leather or jelly. The leather kind can resemble the gladiator brown sandals that ancient romans wore, but not usually. The jellies definitely do not. But let’s focus on the jelly kind. Because they were not invented by anyone in particular, there was a huge variety of brands and colors.

     Referring back to what was said, these jelly wedges were not the same as the gladiator sandals because of their material: PVC plastic. PVC plastic is a plastic polymer that is produced very often and almost always used to make jellies. A shimmery luster, jell-like substance  is included in the shoes, but the plastic makes the shoe flexible and able to bend. Because of the material, this shoe is recyclable, odor-resistant...there is even a kind that is non-toxic!

     These shoes aren’t always made the same way, they can be very different. They can have wedges and are shiny, but they can be made flat like a pancake and have a matte appearance. Regardless, the jelly wedges always have a metal buckle on the side of the shoe. Connecting to the shoe’s sides, the shoes has 3-4 straps that go across the bridge of your foot. There is no peep-toe, these jellies have a toe cap.

     There isn’t a clear purpose to why jelly wedges were made. But it is known where they were normally worn. The retro shoes were worn on a daily basis. People wore them to walk around town, and go to the mall. Some people even wore them with socks! But they weren’t seen in fashion shows or in very  popular magazines, so how did they become trendy? The world may never know.


     It’s no surprise why lady Gaga and her fabulous backup dancers wore double boots: they have two heels. One in the front, one in the back.The heels look exactly the same; you can barely tell which one to put your foot into!

     Double boots were invented by the Israeli designer Kobi Levi. Mr.Levi lives in Tel Aviv where he makes even more outrageous shoes. “I get my inspiration from things we’ve all seen before, but I see them differently” he once said. Kobi makes bizarre shoes based on objects such as slides to strollers. He’s very creative and original.

     These boots are practically two toes pointing in the opposite direction. It’s normal that they have a heel, but what’s not normal is that the heel is in the shape of a foot. Double boots are completely wearable, and comfortable. According to Lady Gaga, you can even dance in them. So two heels do not affect wearing these shoes.

     Kobi Levi also made a petite pink pair called “double heels.” Made for mother’s day in 2011, these shoes are considered heels, not boots. One heel is smaller than the other because he wants them to resemble a mother and daughter’s foot [in one shoe]. The good thing is that you can tell which side of the double heels to put your foot into. Perfect for mother’s day, not to complete an outfit. All and all, both shoes are only good for Lady Gaga.

Double Boots

Vibram Five Fingers

     Vibram 5 Fingers are shoes made of rough fabric with 5 toes or fingers. They are called “Vibram 5 Fingers” because they are manufactured by Vibram and have five fingers: pretty self-explanatory. Used for barefoot running, the shoe is known to be a type of minimalist shoe. They have thin soles, and reduced cushioning. They are different from ordinary running shoes because they are lightweight. Just like any other shoe, it protects your foot when coming in contact with the ground.

     In 1999, Robert Fliri invented these shoes. Mr.Fliri is a design student from Vinschgau, Italy who, “wanted to figure out a way to move around in nature better.” About a decade ago, in 2005, they were introduced to the world.

Vibram 5 fingers have more than one unique style, due to the people buying the shoes. Though some of the shoes are unisex, there’s a style for men, women, and children. Sizes range from 38-50 for men, 34-42 for women, and 29-36 for children (in European sizes). A pair usually costs around $85.00, which is not worth it because they are not as comfortable as sneakers.

     These barefoot running shoes are supposed to be an alternative to wearing sneakers, but they’re not. They are only an alternative to being barefoot. They are meant to be worn for fitness activities and outdoor sports. Vibram 5 fingers are not supposed to be worn for everyday purposes like running errands because they can be damaged when used too often.

     As said in the introduction; these shoes were made for Yacht racers. A yacht racer is someone on a yacht or large sailboat who races around a course on a body of water. These are good for them because they won’t fall when running from one side of the boat to another. They do decrease the risk of ankle sprain, and strengthen foot muscles, which is hard to believe. But it is still possible for the racers to fracture an ankle or wrist. Other than that, these shoes are okay.


Platform Aquarium Shoes

     Platform shoes became popular in the 1970’s. There were so many different styles of them. The aquarium type is just one of the many different kinds. Platform aquarium shoes have multiple brands, and come in a variety of colors. But in the platform, there was almost always real water and fake fish. Sometimes it wasn’t real water, but there was never real fish.

     Aquarium shoes aren’t always made with platforms. There is another shoe that has a platform on the ball of your foot, and a heel in the back. Sometimes the heel even had an aquarium, the other times it did not.

     Platform Aquarium shoes with laces are unisex and hard to walk in because of the platform. The higher the platform, the harder they were to walk in. The ones with a heel are neither unisex nor hard to walk in because they were made for women and the platform is not as high as the others.

     The shoes were made uniquely with different animals and different colored water. For instance, a pair was made with a spider instead of a fish and yellow water instead of regular non-artificial water. They were also made with flowers and the shoe was holographic printed. There are many different kinds. Regardless, platform aquarium shoes are always funky, unique, and weird.

Knee-High Converse

     It all started because of the popular company Converse. Converse is an American shoe company bought by Nike for $309 million on July 9th, 2003. It was founded in February 1908 in Malden, Massachusetts. It was founded by Marquis Mills Converse when he was 47 years old. Besides sneakers, Converse makes sandals and heels that look the same as regular converse, which is why they’re not very nice. Converse also makes clothing.

     A lot of people like the low and high top converse, but their knee-high are definitely not as popular, probably because they’re so ugly. There are two kinds of knee-high converse: the ugly buckle kind and the okay non-buckle kind. They both have a half-inch sole made of rubber. The vegan shoes are both made of canvas cloth, have laces, and have a zipper crawling up the back of the shoe . The whole shoe is 14 ½ inches tall.

     The knee-high converse without buckles are not very special. They can be made of leather, but not usually. No matter what, knee-high converse always have laces going up to the top of the shoe. Bolts. Studs. name it, the straps got it. The straps go over the laces, so the laces are not seen very well.

Converse with buckles are either grey or black. If they don’t have buckles, there is a huge variety of solid colors. They can have funky patterns or cool images on the shoe. The possibilities are endless- for the NON-buckle kind, that is.

     Even though there are zippers and buckles, the converse still need to be laced. There are two types of laces sold: crossed or straight across. The laces are almost always white like snow, but they sell converse with other colored laces. All and all, these shoes make a very ugly outfit.

Ballet Boots and Heels


     Ballet heels were invented by Christian Louboutin. Dedicated and inspired by the English National Ballet, he decided to make these shoes. He also raised money for them. Anyway, He made a knee-high, thigh-high, and ankle-high version of these shoes. That’s why they are not only called ballet boots, but also called ballet heels.

     These shoes are a mixture between a pointe shoe and a high heel. With the support of a heel, a ballerina would gradually become better at pointe. The shoe puts nearly all the body’s weight on the tip of your toes. Although the person’s toes and ankles are fully pointed, many people are able to walk and dance in them.

     The point of these shoes is to wear them while you dance to become better, but some people don’t wear them for that purpose. Some people wear them just to walk in! People wear them to go on shopping sprees and for unprofessional photo shoots…not to do ballet in. That’s just defeating the purpose, but whatever.

     These shoes are hard to wear. They hurt. It’s true that the more you wear them, the less they hurt. Ballet boots and heels are wobbly because the toe is fully extended...ouch! So, unless you want to hurt yourself, ballet boots and heels should only be worn for dancing.

     Crocs were founded in 2002 by Scott Seamans, Lyndon Hanson, and George Boedecker. The first model of the shoe was also revealed in 2002. First seen at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida, the shoe was considered beach apparel. It looks like a sperry made out of croslite.

     It all started because clogs were worn by chefs, and they wanted something more comfortable, especially since they’re going to be wearing them all day. So F.C made them. Foam Creations produced the shoes, and the Crocs company bought them in 2004. Now not only clogs are worn by chefs, crocs are too.

     Crocs are manufactured in Mexico and China. Their small Headquarters is in Niwot, Colorado. That is where the company confirmed crocs should be made for men, women, and kids. These shoes are named “Crocs” because they are just like crocodiles; they can be worn on land and in water: very creative.

     In Headquarters, the company decided crocs should be for men, women, and kids.They also decided to make more than one style of the ugly shoe. There are nicer shoes made for girls and women, and they make boots for different weather conditions for everyone. The most popular style is the ugliest, and it can be made with fur. This style is unisex. But all these shoes are made of croslite. Croslite is a closed-cell resin that makes the shoe comfortable and waterproof. Since the shoes are very comfortable, they’re a big hit.




     Topless shoes were invented at Zhejiang university in China, 2011. These shoes were invented by many students, not only one. About eight very smart people made them. Also known as fully open shoes, these shoes won the red dot concept award in 2011 as well. The designers are very happy.

     They won the award because of their purpose. They were designed to solve all the problems we might be dealing with when putting on shoes. It takes a lot of work to put on shoes, especially if you are disabled or experience physical pain when putting in shoes. So, the designers made these shoes: (you guessed it) fully open. Fully open shoes have a good purpose, and they inspired other companies to make healthier shoes. But do people really buy these shoe? NO!

     Their motto is “just step on it!” which is literally all you have to do. But what if someone can’t even do that? Than what are these shoes for? Nothing. Anyway, topless shoes take the shape of your foot, allowing you to move around and walk. The elastic layer under your foot makes a firm and comfortable shoe. The reason why they would be a little hard to walk in is because of the sole, and, well, because they’re open!.

     The shoe is definitely strange-looking. The bottom of the shoe looks like a sneaker, the rest of the shoe doesn’t. It looks like a strapless sandal. There is a very thick sole that is far from the ground. The red part (the sole) is considered the skin, and the black part (the top) is considered the muscle. That is because the elastic bones are located in the muscle. Why did these shoes have to have a not so bad purpose, but really bad appearance?!


Topless Shoes

Bahia Sandal with a Sock

     The bahia sandal with a sock is by the brand Cocobelle. No other brands make them, but the shoes can be found at many different stores. They are a cross between a lightweight sock and a sandal. Thank god they’re in one shoe, not two separate things.That’s the biggest fashion faux pas there is! Anyway, they come in purple, gray, brown, and black. Besides purple, these shoes are very unappealing.

     The sock shoe has two names: either “the sock shoe Bahia sandal” or “the Bahia Jersey sandal.” The sock is made of cotton and polyester. It wraps around your ankle, leaving the heel of your foot open, almost like a peep ankle!

     These shoes are so ugly that they were only popular once. That was for a very little amount of time in Buenos Aires in the summer of 2008. They follow the gladiator trend, just like the jelly wedges. That is kind of interesting because they don’t really look like gladiator sandals.After all, these shoes are just going to make your shin sweat, they’re not going to make you look good. 


     Do you feel differently about these shoes now that you know more about them? If you do, can you think of the specific reasons why you don't like them? Maybe now you can make your own list or book of the shoes you don't like. You can also think about why you don't like them.


  •  Matte: Pronounced Matt-not shiny


  • Peep-toe: a shoe that has an open toe


  • Minimalist shoe: a shoe used for running


  • Ball: the part of your foot that connects to your toe




  • Schietekat: Ski-te-ka


  • Levi: Lehvi (not Leyvi)


  • Vinschgau: Vinshgaw


  •  Louboutin: Louie-baton


  • Zhejiang: Jer-geon




Shoes People actually love!

  • Converse


  • Quilted slip-on shoes


  • Light-up sole shoes


  • Ugg slippers


  • Nike sneakers (Roshe runs especially)


  • Toms


  • Stan Smith


  • Birkenstocks


  • Vans