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Weekly Prayer Target

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Prayer Target for May 21 through May 27 One of the ways that congregations and their members minister to others is through prayer. As we pray this week with a common theme, be assured that your prayers make a difference. Your prayer is intercession for God to act and be present in your city and neighborhood. One of the ways to expand this prayer focus where you live, or work is to hold your own “Prayer Walk”. A Prayer Walk is what it sounds like. For those who are able to walk, stroll around a neighborhood block or down your street and return. If you are not able to safely walk, sketch a diagram of your local neighborhood and use this as your way of picturing the neighborhood as you pray. By this time, you are probably asking, “What do I pray about?” Good question! First, as in all prayer, begin with thanks. Give thanks to the Lord for homes, for your neighbors, for their gardens and trees. If you are walking you may see neighbors, children, delivery trucks, the Postal Service letter carrier, and others. Give thanks for them, what they do and then pray for them. Pray that they are healthy, pray for their safety, pray for strength to do their work. You may not know the names of all your neighbors, but God is intimately acquainted with them. Pray for their home, family health. Continue in this vein as you walk your street. One last awareness is critical. Listen for God to speak. Listen for God to bring a word to you about your neighbors. For example, a thought about money may come to mind, so then pray for financial health for your neighbors, secure jobs, and a generous spirit. Try to do one prayer walk this week!