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A patent protected, WebRTC | VoIP calling solution that
enables secure, instant communications within any web
Imagine, if your customers and prospects could
seamlessly call you while browsing your website. The
result would be more calls, more sales, and increased
customer satisfaction.
Proactively Engage with your customers and own the
entire digital experience.
Get a Call Button for Your Site, it can be static or floating,
and your client doesn't have to leave your site to call you.
Add the Human Touch to your website, mobile app, or
digital media to deliver richer real-time communications.
Increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.
Seamlessly and Instantly connect employees, customers,
suppliers, and partners from anywhere.
Reduce website abandonment and improve conversion
rates by offering real-time assistance.
Patented SaaS Solution packed with powerful features.
Expand global reach, Reduce high telco costs, and Increase
Affordable, Scalable, and Secure cloud-based calling
Embeddable Call Buttons
Worldwide Toll-Free Call Button with visual navigation
can be added to websites, apps, email signatures, and e-
marketing campaigns for customers to instantly connect
to your business while remaining engaged with the digital
Visual IVR Menu guides inbound callers to a web-based
support experience that seamlessly connects customers
to support/sales specialists that can solve their inquiry on
first contact.
Intelligent Call Routing to specific representatives,
departments, or offices around the world, based on,
native language, geo-location, agent skill set, or other
select criteria.
Powerful Analytics leverage new data pipeline for
strategic insights into caller behavior to optimize
marketing campaigns and increase ROI.
Call Queue with visual notification of where you’re at in
queue, enables CSRs to answer more calls than lines or
agents available and holds them in queue until an agent
is ready to take their call.
Highly Versatile Admin Portal with user friendly
dashboard for account management.
CRM/Contact Center Integration enables businesses to
leverage customer profiles and caller session data for
faster problem resolution and superior service.
Mobile Visual IVR takes any call flow and presents it
visually to smartphone users via their screen.
End-to-End Encrypted Calling provides secure
communications to protect your sensitive information and
that of your customers.
Customer Clicks - Your Phone Rings, It’s That Simple!
Out-of-the Box embeddable calling solution that
seamlessly integrates into any business environment
Easy to setup, manage, and embed into corporate
websites and/or mobile applications
No equipment to purchase, No infrastructure to
support, and No numbers to port
No downloads, plugins, logins or pre-registration
Does not require expensive IT support
Works with DTMF and speech IVRs, legacy TDM, IP- PBX,
and CRM solutions
Works on any device (desktops, laptops, tablets, and
smartphones (Apple and Android)
Highly scalable and secure WebRTC/VoIP solution
Robust set of APIs and SDKs tools
The New Dial Tone
Agent Program
The Agent Program allows you to expand your
market position by delivering an innovative service
at the forefront of the customer service industry,
while earning some of the most generous residual
commissions. As a trusted advisor, we want you to
bring the most advanced solutions to your
customers that fit their needs so they will continue
to do business with you.
White Label Program
The White Label Program allows you to grow your
business, brand, and profits by adding TACTAL to
your product offering. This program lets you focus
on your core competencies, customers, and bottom
line by adding an innovative new service under your
brand. You own the customer relationship, set your
own profit margins, and handle support and billing,
while we support you.
i-Comm Connect’s Global Partner Program is as innovative as the products we bring to market. It has been
designed around partner profitability, ease of doing business, and assisting partners with creating
opportunities to grow their business. TACTAL makes you stand out from the competition by elevating the
entire customer communications experience. It is the solution that your clients want today!
i-Comm Connect is a SaaS technology company with a mission to transform the customer service industry through
innovative products that allow businesses to seamlessly engage, convert, and retain customers at every stage of
their online journey. As a market leader with global reach, our focus is on developing cutting-edge WebRTC/VoIP
technologies and driving the shift to innovative online customer engagement solutions.
+ Unique Market Opportunity to offer the industry’s only
patent protected and secure web-based toll-free calling
solution with visual navigation on the market today.
+ Designed for Partners who want to manage their client
relationships as a trusted advisor or own the customer
relationship as a white label partner.
+ Grow your Business, generate new revenues and
increase ARPU (anyone with a website or toll-free number
is a potential customer).
+ Marketing & Technical resources are available to help
you sell and support TACTAL.
+ Embeddable toll-free call buttons are easy to set up and
use - No number porting/Service activated immediately.
+ Sell More with quick wins for you and lasting wins for
your clients.
+ Zero Financial Commitments | No Quotas
+ Residual Compensation
+ Rediscover your website as a valuable tool to boost
call volumes, increase sales, and improve customer
+ Turn your website into a two-way interactive sales &
support tool with TACTAL embeddable call buttons.
+ Real-time conversations right at your customer’s finger
+ Communicate instantly with prospects during their
highest level of interest, while keeping them engaged
with your content.
+ Reduce Costs & Expand Reach with web-based toll-free
call button.
+ Reinvent how you interact with customers online
Voice Enable Your Website.
+ Turn customer engagement into a competitive
advantage. Customer experience is the most powerful
differentiator in business.
Changing the Status Quo
of Customer Engagement
Customer Benefits Partner Benefits
Real-Time Communications
partner DRIVEN
Case Study
Auto Europe is an international car rental services provider based in Portland, ME that
focuses on delivering white glove service to its customers around the world. There are over
20,000 locations in 180 countries with three major call centers that provide 24/7
Sales/Support Challenges Before TACTAL
Improve the customer experience while reducing
Reduce website abandonment and increase
conversion rates
International toll-free numbers are limited and very
Website customer support experience using chat
negatively affect sales and service quality
Unable to support customers from countries that do
not support toll-free calling
Customers outside of U.S. must scroll through list of
toll-free/ toll numbers to find contact information
Limited customer data captured from inbound calls
Inability to identify new sales and upsell opportunities
The Results with TACTAL
Auto Europe eliminated their online chat feature
after 1 week of implementing TACTAL. They
immediately saw a significant increase in
worldwide call volumes/sales, lower operating
costs, and more direct accessibility to the right
CSR from callers in 150+ countries.
Enhanced customer satisfaction and brand
loyalty with real-time assistance
Reduced website abandonment, elevated call
volume, and improved conversion rates
Expanded global reach and improved sales
with web-based toll-free button on website
or app
Increased accessibility of sales and support
Improved first call resolution and CSR
Immediate and substantial savings on telco
costs, shortened average hold times and
reduced call durations
Enhanced data capture and analytics for
better service, support, and upsell ability
Smart call routing based on caller geo-
location/native language reduced call hand-
offs and streamlined service
TACTAL gives our customers a convenient way to reach us whether they are
making a reservation in the U.S. or traveling around the globe. This solution makes
it easy for us to deliver the highest level of customer service.”
- Imad Khalidi, CEO, Auto Europe
Leverage New Data Pipeline
+ Caller Location
+ Time to Answer
+ Call Duration
+ First Time Caller
+ Session ID
+ Average Calls per Day
+ IP Address
+ Calls in Queue
+ Mobile/Web Call Ratio
+ Browser Type
+ Peak Calling Time
+ Plus Much More
Greater & Faster Insight
Through Data Visualization
A N A LY T I C S = A G I L I T Y
Call Origination Points