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By: Shajaira GIl-Salgado

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This agency was started in 1980 , by Candy Lightner in California : because she had a daughter and was killed by a drunk driver and she didn't want it to happen to other people. And the word MADD stands for Mother's Against Drunk Driving. The purpose of this agency is to save lives and prevent accidents.

There mission is to stop drunk driving and prevent underage drinking so there won't be no more accidents.

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You need to support this organization because it is really helpful it saves lives and they've been around for 36 years helping people, that's there job. When your in an accident call them and they will help you.

MADD also supports drunk and drugged driving victims and survivors with no charge through local MADD.

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In 1980, Candace Lighter work really hard to change the laws of drunk driving in her home state. MADD holds it's ffirst national press conference: October 2, 1980 in Washington, DC


In 1981, MADD marched in front of the state capitols toget new drunk driving laws passed.


In 1983, NBC aired a made-for-TV movie called "The Candy Lighter Story" which strengthen attention of this issue.


In 1986, the project of Red Ribbon known as "Tie One For Saftey" starts it's a campaign which everyone is asked to tie a ribbon on anywhere on their vehicle as a pledge to never drink and drive and remind the other people to do the samething, especially in Holidays.


In 1997, MADD gets online at


In June 2015 "MADD helps to pass all offender ignition interlock laws in 25 states".


In 2015, MADD has helped to save nearly 300,000 lives.



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The three steps to stop drunk driving is : to Support high visibility law enforcement to catch drunk drivers and discourage others from driving drunk, Check that the driver isn't drunk and don't speed when driving, 

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This is a campaign to eliminate drunk driving and having helpful advice. When driving and the person who is  drunk don't drive for the saftey of you and others.


Everyday, 28 people are killed by drunk driveres.

Every 51 minutues drunk driving ends a life.

Drunk Driving is a 100% that your going to hava na accident/ crime.

The website has stories about young teens dying when driving and they get hit by a drunk driver.

You can help MADD by volunteering or dontaing for this cause or join them and help others so they won't go through the same thing as they did.

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By: Shajaira Gil