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Voice Enable Any Website or Mobile App
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Differentiate Your Product, Create New Revenue Streams, and Increase ARPU
1-800 numbers revolutionized the way consumers connected decades ago,
today, TACTAL is reinventing the way businesses & consumers engage online
Your customer clicks Your phone rings – It’s that simple
Voice Enable Any Website or Mobile App
Web-Based Toll-Free Call Buttons can be added to
any website, app, or digital touchpoint to seamlessly
connect customers, suppliers, partners, and
employees, from any device, anywhere in the world.
Visual IVR menu allows customers or employees to
navigate to the correct department or individual within
the company to avoid time-consuming IVR systems
and address their needs faster.
Geo-Location | Smart Call Routing to specific
representatives, departments, or offices around the
world based on time of day/week, native language, or
location of caller.
Call Wait Queue enables you to answer more calls
than lines or agents available and holds them in queue
until an agent is ready to take their call.
Leverage New Data Pipeline to access caller
information in real-time - IP address, call initiation
source, time to answer, plus much more.
Intuitive Analytical Dashboard provides strategic
insights into caller behavior to optimize marketing
campaigns and increase ROI.
CRM | Contact Center Integration enables you to
leverage customer profiles and caller history for faster
problem resolution and superior service.
Live Interactive Call Buttons can be added to your
e-marketing campaigns for customers to instantly
connect to your business while remaining engaged
with the digital content.
End-to-End Encrypted calling structure provides
secure communications to protect your sensitive
information and that of your customers.
Highly Versatile Admin Portal with user friendly
dashboard for account management.
TACTAL, empowers businesses to leverage their internet
presence by adding real-time web-based communication
services. Businesses looking to transform their customer
experience can add call buttons to their website or
mobile app, to boost call volumes, increase sales, and
improve customer satisfaction.
What is TACTAL?
How Does TACTAL Work?
Plug & Play SaaS solution with full mobile
No additional hardware or infrastructure to support
Works with any legacy TDM/IP-PBX system and
integrates with CRM/Contact Center solutions
VoIP calls are placed through secure WebRTC
communication channels
Adding a call button to any website is as simple as
copying and pasting a single line of code
No number porting or PIC
No downloads, plugins, or logins required
Customers Simply Click and Connect!
Business Benefits
Maintain a Seamless Connected Experience that keeps
customers online and uses real-time customer session
data to increase call handling efficiency and improve
customer satisfaction.
Increase brand loyalty and improve customer satisfaction.
Reduce website abandonment and improve conversion
Expand global reach, Eliminate high telco costs, and
Increase revenues.
Affordable and Secure cloud-based calling solution.
Partner Advantages
Differentiate your product portfolio, open up new areas
of growth, and create new revenue streams
Grow your business, brand, and profits
Fortify your margins, customer base, and increase ARPU
Our patented software - your network for call
Issued Patents:
United States: #8,520,661 Granted August 27, 2013
Japan: #529781 Granted June 21, 2013
Canada: #2,633,648 Granted June 23, 2015
European Union application filed
Partner with i-Comm Connect