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Rabl earns trip to korea, Lethbridge's new sports and social club, Inline hockey ready to roll for new season, Kodiaks have eye on futsal championship.

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February 3, 2017
Issue 9 Volume 1
Windy City Sports
Southern Alberta Sports, All The Time
University of Lethbridge goaltender Warren Shymko makes a save
as the Pronghorns face the University of Manitoba Bisons, Jan 21 at
Nicholas Sheran Arena.
It may not have been the way he imagined it, but Lethbridge’s
Nicholas Rabl will get the chance to play for a World Junior Curl-
ing title.
Rabl, Colton Geller, Kurtis Goller and Tyler Lautner represented
Alberta at the Canadian Junior Men’s Curling Championships in
Victoria. After a 3-0 start, the team ran into trouble and couldn’t
“We got off to a great start, but got a little winded after a close
loss to Mantioba,” said Rabl. “It put our backs against the wall and
we knew we couldn’t afford to lose another game. Unfortunately,
we did, and we were pretty gutted by that.”
Rabl and Colton Goller have been playing together for about ve
years. They added Kurtis to the squad three years ago and wel-
comed Tyler this season in a bid to get to the National stage.
“Tyler was a force on the Alberta Junior Curling Tour and we
thought his experience would be the boost we needed to get to
Nationals,” he said. “Our minds this season were 100 per cent on
winning a Provincial championship.”
Getting to the National stage is an accomplishment in itself, with
several high caliber teams capable of representing the province.
With the next level comes the next level of competition.
“The only knowledge we had going into the event was that every-
one there was a champion,” he said. “They all won their respec-
tive provinces, so we knew there would be strong competition.”
Despite the disappointment, Rabl excelled on an individual level,
being named a rst team All-Star after throwing 87 per cent in the
round robin. As well, he was given the Ken Watson Sportsman-
ship Award, selected by his fellow players.
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Rabl earns trip to Korea and the Worlds
Windy City Sports
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Lethbridge’s Lucas “The Wildthing”
Neufeld brought home the gold after
winning the Hard Knocks Amateur Feather-
weight title, Jan 27 in Calgary.
Neufeld, ghting out of Progressive Fight-
ing Academy in Lethbridge, defeated John
Nguyen in a unanimouse decision to lay
claim to the title.
-Photo courtesy Progressive
Fighting Academy
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“I couldn’t have dreamt a better week of personal accolades for
myself,” he said. “I’m most proud of the sportsmanship award. Hav-
ing a bunch of guys you’ve only known for a week select you as the
most sportsmanlike player is truly special.”
The honours didn’t stop there as Rabl was asked to join the Cana-
dian champion Tardi team of British Columbia to join them as an
alternate as they play for the World Championship in Gangneung,
Korea, Feb 16-26.
“Honoured doesn’t even come close to how I feel; it’s beyond
words,” he said. “This is every curler’s dream, and for a large ma-
jority of the time that’s as far as it gets.”
With a short turnaround, Rabl has been in constant communication
with Team Tardi as they prepare for Korea.
“They’re working tirelessly to coordinate everything we need,” he
said. “I plan on ying to meet them a couple days early to hang out
with the guys and get to know the way they operate on and off the
Rabl has received a tremendous amount of support from family
and friends in Lethbridge, and is excited to know there will be more
of the same as he heads overseas.
“It means the world to me,” he said. “I’m overwhelmed with the
messages pouring in and I’m trying my hardest to thank everyone
who takes the time the send congratulations.”
Rabl racks up
individual honours
Windy City Sports
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Southern Albertans look-
ing to get out and active
and meet new people
now have a new option.
The Lethbridge Sports
and Social Club opened
in late January, and is
looking for members for
a variety of sports and
Patrick McCullagh with
the club says the idea
came to him when he
rst moved to Lethbridge.
With a limited social
network, he found it hard
to get involved in groups
throughout the city which
offered a variety of
activities for several age
“When I rst moved here
I was looking for some-
thing like this,” he said.
“Sports brings camarade-
rie, a chance to challenge
yourself and understand
your full potential. We
want to help people make
meaningful connections
with each other.”
Many larger cen-
ters in Canada
have sport and
social clubs, and
McCullagh felt
there was an op-
portunity for one
in Lethbridge
after talking to
other people
about the idea.
“Generally, peo-
ple thought it was a great
idea,” he said. “It seemed
like an opportunity to
bring some people back
to sports who may have
gotten away from it.”
The club has held a
handful of events already,
including hikes in Water-
ton, ski trips and skating.
McCullagh hopes to
continue with a few more
one-off events and then
move into more struc-
tured sports.
“We want to see what
people’s interests are
rst,” he said. “We’re
going to have a few more
events and then move to-
wards more league type
The club will be a big
supporter of local busi-
nesses and already is
working towards partner-
ships with places like Es-
cape From LA and Round
Table Board Gamerie. A
launch party for the club
will also be held at Cou-
lee Brewing Company on
Feb 23.
Membership in the Leth-
bridge Sports and Social
Club is $25 per year. To
nd out more about it
and upcoming activities,
head to their webpage,
The Lethbridge College Kodiaks Women’s Basketball team continued their hot play,
sweeping the SAIT Trojans in a home and home series, Jan 20 and 21.
Sport and
Social Club
oers new
for activity
Windy City Sports
Progressive Fighting Academy
1007 3 Ave N (403)327-3744
There may still be ice in local arenas, but it won’t be long before
hockey players trade in their blades for wheels.
Roller Hockey Lethbridge is gearing up for their 2017 season and
is looking to continue to grow the game in the community.
The organization will be running clinics for kids aged seven to 10
and 11 to 14. Also, the popular adult drop in games will be a go as
Even in a hockey mad country such as Canada, group members
say they need to be out in community promoting the inline version.
“We’re just trying to keep getting out there, letting people know it’s
here and what it’s all about,” said Dave Sehn with Roller Hockey
The kids camps are a full day that focus on the basics of the game,
and introduce players to the differences between ice hockey and
roller hockey. Inline is played four on four and does away with
icings, offsides and body contact.
With so many kids these days playing ice hockey fulltime, Sehn
says inline hockey is a good opportunity for players to branch out
while still playing the game they love.
“It gives them a chance to experience something different, yet it’s
still hockey,” he said. “It’s nice that they get the chance to come off
the ice and get a little different experience.”
The adult drop ins feature between 12 to 14 players. There about
30 regular players, including the odd cameo from Lethbridge native
and Calgary Flame Kris Versteeg.
Roller hockey has continued to grow locally and on the provincial
level as well. Alberta Minor Roller Hockey Association will once
again be sending teams to State Wars in Taylor, Michigan, where
Team Alberta has had a large measure of success in the past few
years in multiple age groups.
The RHL plans to start the season in the middle of April and will
run through the summer. Teams will be taking part in a number of
tournaments throughout the season and are looking into hosting
their own event this year.
Registration is now open and more information can be found at
Inline hockey
ready to roll
into new season
Fighters of all ages battled as the Canadian Martial Arts Centre
hosted their Light Contact MMA Tournament Jan 21.
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Windy City Sports
The Lethbridge College Kodiaks are kicking up their athletic com-
mitments this year, entering both women’s and men’s teams in
the 2017 ACAC Futsal Championship tournament.
The tournament takes place from March 2 to 5 and is hosted by
Ambrose College in Calgary. The Kodiaks are one of four ACAC
clubs to take advantage of a conference-wide trial allowing teams
to compete in the conference championship without rst taking
part in a regular season tournament.
“This is a very exciting opportunity for Kodiaks athletics and the
soccer programs,” says Todd Caughlin, manager of Kodiaks Ath-
letics. “Hopefully it is something that will allow our soccer teams
to compete during both semesters, as opposed to just the rst
semester as it is now. I think that this is something very benecial
to the school, the athletics department and, most importantly, the
Futsal is a version of indoor soccer played on a smaller, hardcourt
surface with ve players, including a goaltender, on each team.
Unlike indoor soccer, the boards or walls are not in play.
This marks the fth season that futsal has been an ACAC sport.
This year’s tournament will feature eight teams on each of the
men’s and women’s sides after participation had dipped to just
four teams on each side last year. Lethbridge College will use the
tournament as an evaluation tool to help decide whether to enter
the sport as a full-time member in future years.
“It’s a chance to be part of an emerging sport and it’s something
that we’re exploring right now,” says Caughlin. “It helps promote
the school, and the college as a whole will benet from us being
able to support something like this, if that’s the route we decide to
Sean Carey, recently announced as the Kodiaks new women’s
and men’s soccer coach, will also be the head coach for both
futsal teams.
“It’s going to be a good learning curve for everybody,” says Carey.
“It’s a great game. I really enjoy playing it, I really enjoy coaching
it and I really enjoy watching it. It’s such a faster game and it real-
ly sets the players up for the outdoor season by working on their
skills and development.”
The Kodiaks are guaranteed to play three round-robin games,
with the top four teams moving on to the playoff round.
More information on the futsal tournament will be available on
the ACAC website closer to the competition. For more information
on the Kodiaks, check out their website or follow them on Twit-
ter and Facebook.
-Courtesy Lethbridge College
The Lethbridge Minor Midget Hurricanes take on the Edmonton KC
Centennials as they host their annual tournament, Jan 20 at ATB
Kodiaks have eye
on futsal championship
Windy City Sports
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Pepsi Cola; Mary Hennigar 275,
Geraldine Gamracy 202,
Belfor Restoration Mixed: Grant
Githmark 265, Don Lee 244, Re-
nee Torscher 249, Jared Schular
209, Heath Helgeson 240, Chris
Terpstra 233, Connie Lanoie 200,
Zac Cherniwchan 270, Tim Cherni-
wchan 251
Canadian Tire 55+ : Bryan Oseen
234, Tad Sakaguchi 244, Glad-
ys Larson 262, Ed DeJong 259,
Frank Toth 218, Robin Hyland 247
Holiday Bowl Ladies : Alicia
Hirsche 210, Andrea Sansom 248,
Anne Ondrus 226
Creative Awards Men: \Rob
Laperle 299, Brad Whalen 311,
Logan Burrill 282, Jason Murphy
271, Bill Barton 304, Cody Cal-
laghan 290, Bill Anderson 275, Al
Verestiuk 298, Tyler Kiefuik 287
Country Kitchen Ladies: Hilda
Walker 189, Marlene Bosch 203,
Paige Leavitt 183
Visually Impaired Bowlers:
Cavendish Farms: Jim Malcom-
son 260, Ken McDonald 300,
Shirley McKay 224, Rich Jones
300, Ray Cazal 285, George
Chmielewski 285, Simon Anderson
270, Cody Callaghan 254, Bob
Ogusuku 266
Meridian Manufacturing/Cre-
ative Awards: Gail Cook 231,
Judy Williams 213, Anne Ondrus
Ricky’s Grill 55+: Deanna Mat-
thews 217, Kelly Huxtable 216,
Eloise Ives 293, Judy Vanderkooi
209, Gus Brouwer 201, Terry Birch
203, Sharon McDermid 218, Min-
nie Groten 204
Procee Dairy/McDonald Nissan
: Bill Todd 268, Trevor Bobak 236,
George Kalesnikoff 271, Kinsey
Emard 277, Todd Yates 278, Tracy
Shipka 298, Kelly Prokop 205
Maple Ridge Floors La-
dies: Elizabeth Tokariuk 238,
Cherie Birch 238, Phyllis Hailwood
241, Sue Scullen 237
Joeys Only Seafood 55+: Bob
Cuell 198, Bryan Oseen 229, Deb-
bie Thomas 256, Diane Koenders
247, Eleanor Ross 241, Bob
Senda 215
Special Olympics : Dennis
Sapola 166, Jon Jorgenon 198,
Crystal Oldshoe 180, Chris Larson
172, Dennis Dietzen 172, Steven
Thackray 187, Joel Vanderhurst
S.Mellen/Westling Design: Diane
Albrecht 203, Janyce Sudo 216,
Drew Lepage 219, Jason Lane
232, Rory McKeown 242, Corey
Mak 212, Randy Trefan 242
Cash 1 Mixed: Tom Tsukishima
229, Jerry Flickinger 225, James
Rowley 215, Tammy Stephen 209
Smitty’s Restaurants 55+: Jack
James 219, Judy Workman 275,
Gladys Larson 247, Bob Holmes
Cash 2 Mixed: Bonnie Babki 236,
Crystal Oldshoe 192, Holly Kehler
174, Jake Tiechroeb 196
Liberty Tax: Jesse Nielson
272, Dave Purcell 365, Roxanne
Purcell 270, Jason Ives 310, Bob
Hirsche 292, Ryley Lopushinsky
270, Carter Stretch 252
Saturday Youth League(YBC)
: Ryder Hirsche 88, Mikayla
Chase 74, Morgan Bates 119,
Evan Phillips 104, Aiden Phillips
102, Sierra Westoby 90, Samuel
Peters 149, Parker Chase 120,
Mary Bernard 101
Sunday Youth League : Kayleigh
Shannon 215, Tianna Westling
209, Peyton Westoby 189, Camer-
on Labelle 256, Takara Hurst 222
Pepsi Cola; Gerald Gamracy 207
Belfor Restoration Mixed:
Melissa Cherniwchan 305, Don
Lee 303, Jody Githmark 249,
Annette Thomsen 237, Crystal Lee
239, Connie Lanoie 244,
Canadian Tire 55+ : Terry Dartnell
205, Frank Toth 227, Karl Luszak ,
Bryan Oseen 278, Sumi Tomiyama
236, Mary Shigehiro 238
Holiday Bowl Ladies : Brenda
Cervo 214, Tina Sanderson 216,
Marie Pacey 224, Anne Ondrus
Creative Awards Men: Gino Man-
gone 325, Dave Purcell 288, Terry
Godsalve 363, Jade Coslovi 277,
Brent Hasper 255, Mike Hirsche
295, Andrew Krysak 327, Elmer
Degenstein 288, Bill Todd 279,
Greg Dick 249, Travis Green 272,
Dan Price 308, Cody Callaghan
290, Tyler Kiefuik 285, Justin Lar-
iviere 270, Jason Ives 277
Country Kitchen Ladies: Barb
Andreason 232, Alma McCulloch
Visually Impaired Bowlers: Grant
Brown 129, Dana Johnston 161,
Dustin Smith 233, Kevin McBride
Cavendish Farms: Arnold Aben
244, Greg Mann 258, Robyn
Fowler 256, David Steele 257,
Rich Jones 278, Tim Mugford 296,
George Chmielewski 299, Jason
Murphy 280, Bill Duursma 244
Meridian Manufacturing/Cre-
ative Awards: Shirley Brower
214, Shirley Miechkota 236, Anne
Ondrus 258
Ricky’s Grill 55+: Anne Todd
252, Doug Cole 223, John Ondrus
250, Doreen Bock 229, John
Vanderkooi 229, Don Johnson
251, Natalie Wilson 217, Dave
Rosser 206, Bob Holmes 241,
Cherie Birch208, Liz Riske 286,
Procee Dairy/McDonald Nissan
: Karen Bader 315, Derek Lewicki
294, Mike Prokop 265, Bob Spitzer
277, Mark Prodan 248, Kinsey
Emard 274, Barrie Ferguson 290,
Jenn Hanlon 294, Bill Todd 288
Maple Ridge Floors La-
dies: Cherie Birch 223, Sue Scul-
len 222, Sue Rose 200, Jeanette
Bigford 221
Joeys Only Seafood 55+: Jude
Hooey 253, Joe Bilodeau 247John
Ondrus 241, Bryan Oseen 283,
Marj Fugita 203, Stan Dewar 216,
Liz Riske 235, Daisy Kinniburgh
Special Olympics : DeeDee
Dioszegi 112, Jean MCkay 112,
James St. Germain 277, Randy
Chandler 255, Blayne Thomas
232, Stephen Maendal 189, Jona-
than Chang, Vincent Groten 152,
AJ VandenBiggelaar 167, Casey
Davies 184, Deb Biesbroek 155,
Zach Dixon 201,
S.Mellen/Westling Design: Kyle
Polvi 279, Rory McKeown 292,
Kennedy Kreutz 284, Mike Smart
222, Juanita Burris 200
Cash 1 Mixed: Yolanda Little
Shield 177, Allan Christie 171,
Melissa Luini 212, Jerry Flickinger
205, Tammy Stephan 187, Raque;
Waldner 188, Clayton Green 174
Smitty’s Restaurants 55: Shirley
Arsenault 234, Natalie Wilson 211,
Bob Holmes 243, Gwen Fikus 203
Cash 2 Mixed: Markie Many
Shots 186, Ernie Berghout 189,
Holly Kehler 190, Fran Beresnak
226, Lisa Bauman 144, Lillian
Westling 258, Bill Blair 269
Liberty Tax: Carter Stretch 271,
Brittany Hirsche 271, Jerry Kind
278, Jason Ives 316, Dianne
Violini 396
Saturday Youth League(YBC)
: Cordy Charland 190, Morgan
Bates 107, Parker Chase 161,
Samuel Peters 140, William Van-
Riper 151, Jordan Sudo 112
Sunday Youth League : Christian
Henderson 231, Andrew Martin
262, Brady Orich 247, Alexandra
Symons 215, Samantha Labelle
166, Connor Siewert 210, Kayliegh
Shannon 192, Tyanne Hurst 229,
Kennedy Kreutz 344, Camryn
Vandenbroeke 192, Mackenzie
Jones 234
The Coaldale Copperheads battle the Medicine Hat Cubs during Heri-
tage Junior B League action, Jan 28 at the Coaldale Arena.
Windy City Sports
Men’s Bball
1/20/17-76 @ Victoria 58
1/21/17-94 @ Victoria 81
1/27/17-75 vs UBC Okan 71
1/28/17-83 vs UBC Okan 61
Women’s Bball
AAA Midget Hurricanes
1/28/17-2 vs Foothills 7
1/29/17-1 @ Cgy Bualoes 4
Bantam Val Matteoti
Golden Hawks
1/28/17-2 vs Calgary Bisons 4
1/29/17-4 vs Raiders 2
Bantam Hurricanes
1/21/17-6 vs Foothills 2
1/22/17-7 vs Wheatland 4
1/29/17-5 @ Red Deer 2
Midget Hurricanes
1/21/17-4 @ Taber 5
1/22/17-5 @ Okotoks 5
Lethbridge Minor Hockey
Pee Wee Hurricanes White
1/21/17-9 @ Cranbrook 4
1/22/17-8 vs Airdrie 2
CORA Tournament
1/20/17-6 vs Impact 4
1/21/17-4 vs Crew 5
1/21/17-8 vs Smash 9
1/21/17-2 vs Relit 5
1/28/17-9 @ Blaze 9
1/28/17-12 @ Blitz 6
Midget Headwater Hurricanes
1/28/17-0 @ Rockyview 0
1/29/17-7 vs Stampeders 5
1/31/17-10 @ SEAC Tigers 1
Atom Hurricanes Red
1/22/17-3 @ Leth White 2
Atom Hurricanes White
1/21/17-2 vs Brooks 8
1/22/17-2 vs Leth Red 3
1/28/17-8 @ Chestermere 4
1/29/17-7 @ Okotoks 3
Pee Wee Hurricanes
1/21/17-1 @ Medicine Hat 5
1/22/17-5 @ Medicine Hat 7
1/28/17-7 @ Okotoks 0
Midget Girls
1/22/17-10 vs Canmore 2
1/28/17-7 @ Canmore 5
1/29/17-2 @ GHC Silver 3
Pee Wee Girls
1/7/17-4 @ Canmore 3
1/8/17-1 @ Okotoks 2
1/8/17-1 @ Okotoks 6
1/14/17-6 vs Okotoks 3
1/15/17-5 vs Innisfail 2
Novice Red
1/20/17-2 @ Brooks 8
1/21/17-4 vs Okotoks 12
1/29/17-6 @ Okotoks 9
Novice White
1/28/17-1 vs Brooks 10
1/29/17-3 vs Okotoks 10
Novice Tier 3
1/21/17-2 vs Kneehill 11
1/22/17-3 vs Claresholm 5
1/27/17-2 @ Fort Macleod 2
Atom Tier 3
1/18/17-vs Raymond
Atom Tier 4
1/21/17-3 vs Nanton 3
1/28/17-5 vs Claresholm 4
1/29/17-9 vs Pincher Creek 0
Pee Wee Tier 3
1/21/17-1 @ Medicine Hat 3
1/22/17-4 @ Irvine 5
1/27/17-4 vs Okotoks 4
1/29/17-4 @ Okotoks 6
Bantam Tier 1
1/27/17-5 @ RMAA 2
1/28/17-3 @ Cochrane 1
Bantam Tier 3 White
1/20/17-9 vs Cochrane 2
1/28/17-3 @ Taber 5
Bantam Tier 3 Red
1/21/17-6 vs Cochrane 5
1/28/17-6 vs Warner 4
1/29/17-4 @ Duchess 4
Bantam Tier 6 White
1/21/17-5 @ Vulcan 5
1/28/17-6 vs Foothills 2
Bantam Tier 6 Red
1/21/17-4 vs Foothills 3
1/22/17-4 @ Siksika 5
1/27/17-5 @ Coaldale 3
Midget Tier 4 Red
1/20/17-2 @ Leth White 5
1/21/17-6 vs Nanton 6
1/22/17-6 @ Redcli 3
1/27/17-9 vs Warner 2
Men’s Hockey
1/20/17-0 vs Manitoba 4
1/21/17-3 vs Manitoba 9
1/27/17-5 vs UBC 2
1/28/17-8 vs UBC 7
Women’s Hockey
1/20/17-1 @ Manitoba 5
1/21/17-0 @ Manitoba 5
1/27/17-0 @ UBC 1
1/28/17-0 @ UBC 3
1/20/17-59 @ Victoria 84
1/21/17-61 @ Victoria 72
1/27/17-66 vs UBC Okan 72
1/28/17-81 vs UBC Okan 44
1/20/17-109 vs SAIT 104
1/21/17-66 @ SAIT 77
1/27/17-79 @ Red Deer 78
1/28/17-86 @ Red Deer 77
Men’s Bball
Women’s Bball
1/20/17-76 vs SAIT 32
1/21/17-85 @ SAIT 49
1/27/17-83 @ Red Deer53
1/28/17-66 @ Red Deer 50
Men’s Vball
Women’s Vball
1/20/17-0 @ Briercrest 3
1/21/17-2 @ Breircrest 3
1/27/17-3 vs Olds 0
1/28/17-3 vs Olds 0
1/20/17-1 @ Briercrest 3
1/21/17-0 @ Briercrest 3
1/27/17-3 vs Olds 0
1/28/17-3 vs Olds 1
Pee Wee Hurricanes Red
1/21/17-11 vs Red Deer 0
1/22/17-4 @ Taber 5
1/28/17-1 @ Red Deer 3
1/29//17-6 @ Taber 3
Jr Eagles Girls
1/21/17-5 @ Cochrane 2
1/22/17-6 @ Cgy Warriors 3
1/28/17-5 vs Cgy Titans 2
1/29/17-4 vs Cochrane 7
CanWest 7’s Tournament
1/21/17-19 vs UBC 12
1/21/17-7 vs Alberta 26
1/21/17-10 vs Calgary 26
1/22/17-5 vs Victoria 22
1/22/17-43 vs Fraser Valley 0
1/22/17-17 vs Alberta 24
Women’s Rugby
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of local sports
703 32 St N
Lethbridge, Alberta
1/20/17-3 @ Airdrie 6
1/21/17-5 @ Red Deer 6
1/27/17-7 @ High River 4
Picture Butte Midget Blades
1/22/17-6 vs Taber 5
1/28/17-3 @ Nanton 6
1/29/17-9 @ Okotoks 4
1/31/17-6 @ Fort Macleod 1
I watched a video the other day on YouTube called ‘The Ride
Home”. If you have not seen this video, I highly recommend
taking 90 seconds out of your day and watch it!
Being a coach in this world, I always wonder, how are
my parents to my kids after a game? Or after a prac-
tice? When your son or your daughter is nished practice,
the last thing they want to hear is a parent giving them the
gears about how they weren’t engaged or dedicated to the
sport they love to play.
We as parents have to be supportive, and if your son or
daughter is not engaged at a practice or game, maybe there
is something wrong. Come talk to the coach for feedback on
prior practices. Maybe there is something that we can do, or
get out of your athlete to answer these questions! It will also
open the eyes of the coaches to verify to see if there is any
team bullying going on that has out casted your child.
So, in conclusion on the “The Ride Home,” instead of giving
your child the gears or being a car coach, be the dad or mom
fan they want you to be and let us coaches push your kids to
be better at the sport they love playing. Talk to the coaches
if you feel they are not being pushed hard enough, as that
is what we signed up for when becoming a coach!! Your son
or daughter just wants you to be a parent, a fan of them and
make them feel happy! Don’t be the reason your kid quits
playing a sport!
The #1 reason kids quit is because sports is no longer fun.
In a 2014 study for George Washington University, research-
er Amanda Visik interviewed numerous youth athletes and
asked them why they played sports, and 9 out of 10 said the
#1 reason they played was it was fun! http://changingthe-
Head Coach
Jason Hueppelsheuser
Coaches Corner
The University of Lethbridge Pronghorns Mens Basketball squad
clinched a playoff spot with a sweep of the Univesity of British Colum-
bia Okanagan Heat, Jan 28 at 1st Choice Savings Centre.