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A Triumphant Return to Competition, Breaking Provincial Record. PFA fighter goes for title. Lethbridge Hall of Famer Honoured. Skaters bring home some gold. Free golf for juniors.

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January 20, 2017
Issue 8 Volume 1
Windy City Sports
Southern Alberta Sports, All The Time
Cohen Nemecek stretches for a shot as his Lethbridge Novice Red
team battles Chestermere, Jan 6 at Adams Arena.
In 2015, Alyssa Fraser was out of weightlifting, mere months after
competing at Canadian Nationals.
Pain in her hips had become so severe she was unable to per-
form the simplest of exercises. Nothing eased her discomfort. It
was almost a year before doctors diagnosed what was wrong.
She had cancer.
Last week, 17-year-old Fraser returned to the Canadian Nation-
als in Brossard, QC, nishing with a 56 kg snatch, 71 kg clean
and jerk for a 127 kg total, enough to set six provincial records in
the youth and junior age categories.
“To come from where she was to where she is now is unheard
of,” said her coach, Chad Brandt of the Action Weightlifting Insti-
tute. “We couldn’t be prouder of her.”
It was a long two years for Fraser. Unable to compete, she
watched for results of competitions and wondered if she would
ever be able to lift again.
“I did a lot of creeping the stats,” she laughed.
In summer 2016 Fraser began light training with her brother. She
felt relatively pain-free and after surgery to remove ve tumors
in her hip, began working out in earnest. In three months she
earned her spot at Nationals, even though she had no expecta-
“I was just pumped to qualify,” she said. “When I decided to come
back I really didn’t know how I would do.”
Fraser had the backing of the eight-member Action team. Numer-
ous texts and emails spurred her on and motivated her to keep
striving towards her goals.
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Triumphant return to competition for weightlifter
Windy City Sports
Progressive Fighting Academy
1007 3 Ave N (403)327-3744
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“We have an amazingly supportive team,” said Brandt. “For her
to make the National Team, she had already won in my eyes.”
Now with spring competitions on the horizon and her eyes set
on a return to Nationals, Fraser plans to keep working to get
stronger and improve on the totals that have made her one of
the best in the country.
“I just want to increase my totals and get ready for the coming
competitions,” she said.
But underneath the calm exterior, lies a tough competitor says
her coach.
“I think she’s hungrier than ever before,” said Brandt. “She has a
lot of goals that she keeps to herself.”
Fraser isn’t revealing those goals, but rest assured she knows
what she wants to do.
“We just need to stick to the plan and hopefully break more
records at the next competition.”
Provincial records
fall at Nationals
Lethbridge’s Lucas Neufeld will
have the opportunity to take the
next step in his mixed martial
arts career later this month.
Neufeld will take on Calgary’s
John Nguyen Jan. 27 at Cal-
gary’s WinSport Centre for the
vacant Hard Knocks Amateur
Featherweight title. For Neufeld,
it’s the culmination of a long two
years of training.
“This has denitely been a goal
of mine for a long time,” said
Neufeld. “Hard Knocks is a pre-
mier promotion and it would be
an honor to win the title.”
Coming in at 5’7” and 145 lbs.,
and training at Progressive
Fighting Academy, Neufeld has
compiled a record of 6-1. His
one loss was also a title shot,
this time in Montana, and one
he looks to avenge.
“The guy just outwrestled me,”
he said. “In any ght, you have
to gure out your opponent’s
strategy very fast and I didn’t do
that last time.”
He hopes to not repeat that
mistake. Neufeld has watched
tape of Nguyen, who holds a
5-2 record, and feels he knows
what to expect from his oppo-
“I’ve seen some of his ght and
know he’ll be a good adver-
sary,” said Neufeld “He’s a very
good striker so I know I’ll have
to disrupt that as best as I can.”
Neufeld gives credit for his
success to the team at PFA and
trainer Brad Wall.
“Brad’s an incredible trainer and
just a fountain of knowledge,”
he said. “PFA ghters denitely
have a great reputation.”
Neufeld continues to look to im-
prove all aspects of his game.
He recently added his blue belt
in ju jitsu to his list of accom-
“It’s denitely given me a new
condence and makes me want
to strive for more,” he said. “I
also want to work more on my
visualization and work on im-
proving everything. It’s all about
being balanced.”
A win next week would be a big
stepping stone for Neufeld who
has aspirations of taking his
ght game to the professional
level in the near future.
“It’ll be sooner rather than later,
but it’s not something you want
to rush into,” he said. “This is
for real. It’s something I want to
take as seriously as possible.”
Hard Knocks HK53 takes place
Jan 27 beginning at 6:30 p.m.
Tickets and Pay Per View can
be purchased at hardknocks-
LCI Clippers take on the Chestermere Lakers during the Chinook High
School’s SV Girls Basketball tournament, Jan 13.
takes aim at
Featherweight Title
A Lethbridge Sports Hall of
Fame member was part of
the festivities as the San Jose
Sharks honored the original
Bay Area NHL team, the Oak-
land/California Seals.
Gary Simmons tended goal
for the expansion Seals from
1974 to 1976 before the team
was relocated to Cleveland.
Simmons, Bert Marshall, Den-
nis Maruk, Gilles Meloche,
Norm Ferguson and Ernie
Hicke were all on hand as the
Sharks honored the 50
versary of the NHL expansion
Seals on Jan 7 and received
a rousing ovation from fans.
The event came about af-
ter Seals PR staff member
and team historian Leonard
Shapiro was approached by
the Sharks. Other original ex-
pansion teams, Los Angeles,
Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and
St. Louis also recognized the
anniversary this year.
“With 50 years since expan-
sion, I’m sure the Sharks just
didn’t want to be left out,” said
Simmons from his home in
Lake Havasu, Arizona.
Although the Seals were
much maligned during their
time in the Bay Area, they still
managed to earn a hardcore
following, many of whom were
in attendance at the game,
including original superfan,
Crazy George.
“It’s amazing but the Seals
still have a fan club that meets
regularly,” said Simmons. “A
lot of them made the trip here
just to go to the game.”
Simmons says he was a little
surprised at the reception the
alumni received considering
the team left town 40 years
ago and the Sharks haven’t
paid much attention to their
NHL roots.
“I’m sure half the people there
weren’t even alive when we
played here,” he chuckled.
The Seals were done in partly
due to poor ownership and
partly due to outside politics. A
proposed arena in San Fran-
cisco never materialized and
the Seals players were soon
off to Ohio. Simmons says
the success of the Sharks
is not surprising considering
the size of the area and the
team’s location in San Jose
rather than Oakland.
“There’s a lot of hockey fans
there but in Oakland everyone
was a basketball or football
fan,” he said. “It’s too big
an area not to have an NHL
team. If it wasn’t for politics
we never would have left.”
Simmons says the chance
to visit with old teammates,
especially his goaltending
tandem-mate Meloche, was
special, but meeting the fans,
both young and old, was the
part he enjoyed most.
“We had six and seven-year-
old’s whose parents weren’t
alive when we played asking
for autographs,” he laughed.
“It was a nice event and the
recognition is nice, but sports
are all about the fans and
that’s always the best part
about things like this.”
Windy City Sports
University of Lethbridge’s Jessica Bachynski ghts for a loose ball as
the Pronghorns battle the University of Saskatchewan Jan 13 at 1st
Choice Savings Centre.
Lethbridge Hall of
Famer honoured
by NHLs Sharks
Lethbridge native and Sports Hall of Fame member meets with San Jose
Shark netminder Aaron Dell before the Jan 7 game honouring members
of the expansion Oakland/California Seals.
-Photo Courtesy Len Shapiro Collection
Fourteen skaters from the
Lethbridge Speed Skating
Association competed at the
Alberta Long Track Cham-
pionships held in Calgary
January 14 & 15. Over 200
skaters from Alberta, Sas-
katchewan, British Colum-
bia, Manitoba and Alaska
competed at the event. The
meet was the qualier for
Alberta skaters to attend the
Canadian Age Class Long
Track Championships which
are being held in Edmonton
February 4
& 5
Many skaters achieved
personal best times in their
events and four individuals
qualied for the Canadi-
an Age Class Long Track
Championships in their
respective age class:
Preslee Muller
T2T 12 Female
Jasmine Belisle
T2T 13 Female
Seth Muller
T2T 13 Male
Aaron Cooney
Open 15-29 Male
Results for all Lethbridge
Speed Skating members are
listed below:
Division 1
Riley Vanderburgh 10
Braden Kremenik 16
Mikka Eaves 18
Division 2
Carson Love 3
Mitchell Wesseling 16
Division 4
Tristan Urquhart 6
Denise Wesseling 21
Division 5
Abigail Reimer 8
Zoe Wesseling 20
T2T 11/12 Girls
Preslee Muller 6
Jasmine Sinclair 18
T2T 12/13 Boys
Seth Muller 11
T2T 13/14 Girls
Jasmine Belisle 6
Aaron Cooney
3000m Jr/Sr/Master 5
500m Jr/Sr/Master 6
Members of the Lethbridge Speed Skating Association compete in
Calgary during the Alberta Long Track Championships, Jan 14 and 15.
-Photo courtesy Lethbridge Speed Skating Association
Windy City Sports
21 Southgate Blvd S
Lethbridge, Alberta
403 393 9286
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Skaters impress
at championships
Members of the Lethbridge Bowbenders Club take aim during their
annual Ironman event, Jan 13-14 at Exhibition Park.
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Windy City Sports
Congratulations to the winners of the Coaldale Granite Curling
Club’s We’ve Got the Spirit Ladies Spiel, Jan 13-14
A Event - Team Davies; B Event - Team Pronghorns
C Event - Team Wauters; D Event - Team Nadeau
The Lethbridge Skating Club
had four teams competing at the
Rosebowl Invitational Synchro-
nized Skating Competition at the
Max Bell Arena in Calgary Jan
The Beginner team had a great
skate (the beginner categories
are not ranked against one
The Elementary team compet-
ed against 3 other teams and
brought home Gold medals.
The scores were:
Lethbridge Ice Angels Elementa-
ry: 15.33
Black Gold (Calgary): 13.96
Edmonton Ice Dream: 13.91
Cochrane Swift Edges: 13.83
The Pre-Novice team compet-
ed against 4 other teams, and
brought home Gold medals.
The scores were:
Lethbridge Ice Angels Pre-Nov-
ice: 33.90
Edmonton Ice Eclipse: 29.78
Mile 0 Crystal Ice-Ations: 21.35
Saskatoon Slick Ice: 17.99
Ponoka Ice Sensations: 16.93
The Intermediate team compet-
ed against 1 other team in their
category and brought home
Gold medals.
The scores were:
Lethbridge Ice Angels Intermedi-
ate: 83.74
Saskatoon Silver Edges: 66.62
The Pre-Novice and Interme-
diate teams will travel to Burn-
aby at the end of the month to
compete at the 2017 Mountain
Regional Synchronized Skating
The Lethbridge Skating Club’s Elementary team competes at the Rosebowl
Invitational Skating Competition, Jan 13-14 in Calgary.
-Photo courtesy Lethbridge Skating Club
Skating Club brings
home the gold
Windy City Sports
Lethbridge Hurricanes’ Giorgio Estephan serves up dinner during the
Tip A ‘Cane Night, Jan 16 at Mr. Mike’s Steakhouse Casual. Tips raised
by members of the Hurricanes were donated to the United Way of
Lethbridge and South Western Alberta.
Pepsi Cola: Lisa Henniger 217,
Sally Sanderson 288
LeagueBelfor Restoration: Lar-
ry Gorda 251, Chris Conte 261,
Eloise Ives 248, Crystal Lee 235
Canadian Tire 55+: Robin
Hyland 236, Terry Dartnell 242,
Gladys Larson 229, Bryan
Oseen 223, Sumi Tomiyama
227, Tad Sakaguchi 206, Mary
Shigehiro 206, Rosemary
Kitagawa 233
Holiday Bowl Ladies: Anne On-
drus 225, Alicia Hirsche 203
Creative Awards Men: Terry
Godsalve 306, Francois Laro-
che 314, Jason Ives 305, Jerry
Kind 285, Bob Ogusuko 304, Bill
Barton 304, Rob Price 285, Al
Verestiuk 279
Country Kitchen Ladies: Judy
Williams 217, Jenny Feher 205,
Barb Andreason 214
Visually Impaired Bowlers: Cal-
vin Dewitt 180, Kevin McBride
235, Kelly Tower 177, Ken
Cavendish Farms Mixed: Becky
Aben 222, Barry White 219,
Darrel Sander 272, Darlene
Johnson 208, Rich Jones 270,
Ray Cazal 241, Richard Janko-
wiak 294, Jim McLean 230, Ken
DesRoche 228
Meridian Manufacturing/Creative
Awards Ladies : Gladys Larson
268, Lois Seaman 220
Ricky’s Grill 55+: Liz Riske 231,
Don Johnson 215, Klaas Ten-
have 241, Charlotte Wolowich
222, Anne Todd 225
Procee Dairy/McDonald Nis-
san Mixed: Joanne Hiebert
225, Randy Ambrosi 262, Leon
Wensman 226, Trevor Bobak
210, Mike Prokop 250
Maple Ridge Floors Ladies:
Sue Scullen 221, Elsa VanDyk
202 Pat Sayers 198, Elizabeth
Tokariuk 202
Joeys Only Seafood 55+: Bob
Pawlowski 248, Liz Riske 295,
Sandra Hunt 255, Eleanor Ross
22, Marj Fugita 205,
Special Olympics: Randy
Chandler 221, Scott Nickel 148,
Rika Vanderleest 162, Stephen
Maendel 198, Fabian Pard 203,
Geoff Martin 153, Carissa Burch
163, Kassy Heine 146, Lara
Watt 158
S. Mellen/ Westling Design
Mixed: Shirley Trefan 223, Jan
Johansen 226, Kyle Polvi 267,
Mike Caswell 225,
Cash 1 Mixed: Mike Vanden-
hoek 219, Jerry Flickinger 223
Smitty”s Restaurant 55+: Judy
Workman 224, Alan Kittleson
283, Reg Arsenault 275, Bob
Holmes 240,
Liberty Tax Mixed League: Bob
Hirsche 354, , Brad Whalen
274, Mike Laycock 304,
Cash 2 Mixed: Lillian Westling
208, Bill Blair 218
Sunday Youth (YBC): Taylor
Vandenbroeke 325, Tyanne
Hurst 259, Christian Henderson
196, Emma Labelle 187,
Takara Hurst 245
Holiday Bowl
Hi Scores
Windy City Sports
Men’s Bball
1/6/17-82 vs Northern BC 71
1/7/17-76 vs Northern BC 63
1/13/17-83 vs Sask 89
1/14/17-82 vs Sask 86
Women’s Bball
1/5/17-7 @ Med Hat 2
1/6/17-3 @ Mtnview 5
1/7/17-2 vs Cochrane 3
1/13/17-4 @ Cochrane 8
1/14/17-5 vs Okotoks 6
AAA Midget Hurricanes
1/7/17-2 @ Sherwood Park 3
1/8/17-2 @ St Albert 5
Bantam Val Matteoti
Golden Hawks
1/7/17-3 @ Calgary Flames 1
1/8/17-6 vs Cgy Northstars 1
1/15/17-9 vs Southeas 0
Bantam Hurricanes
1/6/17-8 vs Red Deer 3
1/7/17-5 @ Airdrie 4
1/13/17-2 vs Med Hat 0
Midget Hurricanes
1/7/17-2 @ West Central 7
1/8/17-4 vs Red Deer 7
1/14/17-3 vs Olds 4
1/15/17-7 @ CNHA Blazers 2
Lethbridge Minor Hockey
Pee Wee Hurricanes White
1/7/17-4 vs Olds 8
1/8/17-5 vs Red Deer 7
1/13/17-4 vs Taber 4
1/14//17-7 @ Airdrie 1
1/15/17-7 @ Calgary 8
1/15/17-7 @ Impact 6
Midget Headwater Hurricanes
1/7/17-4 @ AC Avalanche 2
1/8/17-5 @ NWCAA Bruins 5
1/14/17-6 vs NWCAA Bruins 0
1/15/17-7 vs Leduc Oil Kings 0
Atom Hurricanes Red
1/7/17-6 vs Airdrie 4
1/8/17-4 @ Indus 3
1/14/17-12 vs Okotoks 2
1/15/17-7 vs Airdrie 7
Atom Hurricanes White
1/7/17-8 @ Brooks 4
1/8/17-6 vs Airdrie 6
1/14/17-8 vs Airdrie 2
1/15/17-7 @ Airdrie 5
Pee Wee Hurricanes
1/5/17-7 vs Canmore 1
1/6/17-5 vs Canmore 1
1/7/17-5 @ Olds 0
1/13/17-7 @ Canmore 4
1/14/17-7 @ Red Deer 2
1/15/17-5 @ Red Deer 1
Stories, Results,
Photos, Submissions:
Phone (403)892-0853;
Phone (403)795-0802
Midget Girls
1/7/17-2 vs GHC Silver 7
1/14/17-3 @ Olds 3
1/15/17-8 vs GHC White 2
Pee Wee Girls
12/3/16-2 @ Innisfail 3
12/11/16-0 vs Airdrie 6
12/17/16-5 @ Okotoks 3
Novice Red
1/6/17-1 vs Chestermere 7
1/8/17-2 vs Chestermere 12
1/13/17-5 vs Leth White 6
1/14/17-11 vs Foothills 5
Novice White
1/7/17-0 vs Chestermere 19
1/8/17-1 @ Brooks 10
1/13/17-6 @ Leth Red 5
1/14/17-4 vs Brooks 8
1/15/17-13 vs Foothills 4
Novice Tier 3
1/6/17-6 @ Magrath 9
1/7/17-3 vs Crosseld 14
Atom Tier 3
1/6/17-4 vs Raymond 7
1/7/17-4 @ Coaldale 6
1/8/17-4 vs Brooks 4
1/13/17-9 @ Taber 5
1/14/17-7 vs Irvine 7
Atom Tier 4
1/7/17-4 @ Chestermere 1
1/8/17-6 @ Claresholm 3
1/14/17-6 @ Indus 5
1/15/17-12 vs Okotoks 1
Pee Wee Tier 3
1/6/17-2 vs Chestermere 3
1/7/17-6 vs Irvine 5
1/13/17-5 @ Chestermere 5
1/14/17-5 @ Airdrie 5
1/15/17-9 vs Strathmore 3
Bantam Tier 1
1/7/17-4 @ Okotoks 6
1/8/17-5 vs Cochrane 2
1/14/17-1 @ Medicine Hat 3
Bantam Tier 3 White
1/13/17-5 @ Warner 3
1/15/17-2 @ Coaldale 2
Bantam Tier 3 Red
1/13/17-5 @ Coaldale 2
1/15/17-6 vs Duchess 5
Bantam Tier 6 White
1/14/17-8 vs Siksika 5
Bantam Tier 6 Red
1/14/17-2 vs Vulcan 4
Midget Tier 4 Red
1/14/17-4 vs Fort Macleod 7
1/15/17-5 vs Redcli 2
Men’s Hockey
1/6/17-3 @ Calgary 4
1/7/17-4 vs Calgary 5
1/13/17-2 @ Mount Royal 6
1/14/17-3 vs Mount Royal 5
Women’s Hockey
1/6/17-1 vs Calgary 2
1/7/17-2 @ Calgary 1
1/13/17-1 vs Mount Royal 2
1/14/17-2 @ Mount Royal 3
1/6/17-89 vs Northern BC 70
1/7/17-73 vs Northern BC 69
1/13/17-63 vs Sask 75
1/14/17-53 vs Sask 88
1/13/17-90 vs Ambrose 64
1/14/17-89 @ Ambrose 72
Men’s Bball
Women’s Bball
1/13/17-88 vs Ambrose 36
1/14/17-96 @ Ambrose 41
Men’s Vball
Women’s Vball
1/6/17-2 @ SAIT 3
1/7/17-2 vs SAIT 3
1/6/17-2 @ SAIT 3
1/7/17-0 vs SAIT 3
Pee Wee Hurricanes Red
1/7/17-4 @ Central Alberta 3
1/8/17-3 @ Olds 5
1/14/17-16 vs Cranbrook 2
1/15//17-11 vs Medicine Hat 4
Jr Eagles Girls
1/7/17-4 @ Calgary Titans 8
1/8/17-5 vs Edm Wolves 2
1/14/17-5 vs Cgy Warriors 4
1/15/17-2 vs Calgary Chaos 4
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Windy City Sports
Players get all tied up as the Picture Butte Midget Blades take on
Drumheller during their home tournament, Jan 14 at Picture Butte
The Picture Butte Golf Club is giving junior golfers a chance to try
the game for free this year.
PBGC announced that they will be giving free memberships to
interested juniors this season. Executive Professional Dean Sk-
larenko says the number of junior members dropped to eight last
year and the club was looking at ways to get them back into the
“We were looking at ways to give the kids some opportunities to
play here,” he said.
Due to PBGC’s rural location, it’s just not possible for juniors
to get to the course by themselves. Sklarenko says the course
hopes having this incentive will help get some numbers back up
We’re not a course that a kid can just jump on his bike and come
out here,” he said. “We hoping that this will be something that will
grow some interest.”
Junior members will be able to play in the junior league, receive
instruction and swing classes and have access to the course,
although some restrictions will apply. The program will be made
available through the course’s fundraising program.
“We want to be known as a family friendly facility,” said Sklarenko.
“We want to be able to help grow the game and the future of golf.”
For more information on Picture Butte Golf Club’s junior program
call the course at 403-732-4157.
Butte oers free
golf to entice juniors
Lethbridge College Kodiaks go for the block as they take on SAIT, Jan 14
at Val Matteoti Gym.
Proud supporter
of local sports
703 32 St N
Lethbridge, Alberta