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November 4, 2016
Issue 3 Volume 1
Windy City Sports
Southern Alberta Sports, All The Time
Southern Alberta may not seem the like the place for a water-
sports champion, but Lethbridge’s Brittney Nyrose is doing her
best to make it a reality.
Nyrose nished sixth in the World Wake Surng Championships,
Sept 22-24 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, after nishing third in
Canada earlier this year.
After water skiing and wakeboarding, the 27-year-old took a shot
at wake surng six years ago and developed an afnity for the
“It just kind of happened,” she said of her switch to the sport. ‘I
saw a chance to try it and loved it.”
Nyrose has been to all the local lakes and waterways in South-
ern Alberta as she honed her craft, practicing to be a part of the
elites in the sport.
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Wake surfer no
sh out of water
Picture Butte High School take on St. Mary’s during the COLJHAA SV
League Finals, Oct. 29 at Picture Butte High School.
Derby Dame
eyes Team Canada
For many athletes, a chance
to represent your country is a
dream. For one Lethbridge roller
derby player, that dream is in
Madison Stocker, known as Mad
Dawg to her Deathbridge Derby
Dames team mates, has made
it to the nal cuts for the nation-
al program. The 20-year-old
jammer, she attended tryouts in
Calgary, Oct. 23 and made it to
the nal stages.
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Windy City Sports
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“We’ll head out to Stafford Lake, St. Mary’s, into B.C.,” she said.
“Wherever I can nd water.”
Nyrose competed in the World Series of Wake Surng pro circuit
this year, competing in ve of the tour’s 10 events. Her top ten
standing earned her an invite to Fort Lauderdale.
“It was a really cool experience, I had never competed there be-
fore,” she said.
The new experiences included competing in waters known for
having a little added danger to them, things denitely not native to
“We were warned about alligators and snakes in the water so it
was very different,” she said. “It’s denitely good motivation not to
With the offseason now upon her, Nyrose is looking to next year’s
events. With sponsorship secured from Just Liquid Watersports,
Centurion Boats and Phase 5 Wakesurf Boards, Nyrose has time
to ponder 2017 goals.
“It’s a long ways away, but I’d like to win nationals and make it
world’s again,” she said. “I’m just going to work as hard as I can
and try to get better.”
Brittney Nyrose competes in the World Wake Surng Championships in
Fort Lauderdale.
-Photo courtesy Brittney Nyrose
Gators and snakes new obstacles
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“It was pretty stressful but this has been my
dream,” said Stocker. “I’ve always wanted
to be on Team Canada.”
Stocker began roller derby four years ago
and quickly distinguished herself on the
junior Windy City Wipeouts. She was pro-
moted to the Derby Dames, and the rest as
they say is history.
The Team Canada tryouts included a two
hour skills practice, followed by a scrim-
mage. Stocker admits to having a few
butteries before taking part.
“There were so many girls there that I’ve
looked up to,” she said. “Even though I
thought I did well I didn’t really think I had a
Stocker made the initial cut from 60 skaters
to 34. She now will wait for the nal deci-
sion to be made.
“It’s pretty stressful to have to sit and wait,”
she said.
Since its rebirth a few years ago in Leth-
bridge, roller derby has steadily grown in
the city. Stocker enjoys the family aspect
her team mates provide, as well as the
chance to become her alter ego.
“It allows me to become another person
when I’m out there,” she said. “I like the
physical aspect and it’s fun to go out and
play a sport that you’re pretty good at.”
Dates and locations for the 2017 World
Cup of Roller Derby are yet to be deter-
mined, Canada nished fourth in the Dallas
tournament in 2014 and won silver in the
inaugural 2011 event in Toronto.
For more information on roller derby in Le-
thbridge, visit
Mad Dawg
ready for
national team
The University of Lethbridge Pronghorns ringette team takes on Mount Royal University, Oct.
22 at Henderson Lake Arena.
Windy City Sports
Canada’s longest running MMA promotion is motoring along, pre-
senting Rumble In The Cage 53.
Several local ghters will enter the cage to display their skills and
take on tough opponents.
Owner Lee Mein started the organization in 2000 with the goal to
give local ghters a chance to train and hone their skills. Little did
he know they would still be at it 16 years later.
“We started because there was nowhere for us to ght,” said Mein.
“We wanted to have an event where guys could actually see what
they had been training for.”
As the sport of mixed martial arts has gained in popularity, Mein
has seen more locals take it up. Many have the skills and talent to
move on and Mein wants to help them achieve those goals.
“For many the ultimate goal is UFC, but how do they get there,”
he said. “There are many things that they can be groomed on so
that when they eventually get the call they will know how to do it
because they’ve done it before.”
In addition to the physical training RITC ghters experience the
crowds, interviews, lights and other distractions that they can ex-
pect later in their careers.
“There are a lot of things you don’t think about but it’s very import-
ant that their comfortable with these things when they go on to face
tougher ghters.”
RITC will feature 17 ghts in various weight classes. As well as
local ghters, the card features several from across Canada and
the United States. Mein says RITC has remained a popular stop
for ghters.
“We have one who took a ght on short notice,” said Mein. “Within
two hours of getting in touch he said he’d come. We want the guys
to have a really good time and make them feel comfortable when
they come here.”
As the ghters gain experience and move on, more need to be
ready to take their place. Mein says the sport remains popular and
new ghters continue to train.
“We have a whole new crop of people coming through and a lot
more local ghters.”
In addition to supporting local ghters, RITC continues to help out
local charities. RITC 53 will help promote Youth One in Lethbridge.
“It’s a great cause and we like to do our best to give back to the
RITC 53 takes place Nov 5 at Exhibition Park. The doors open
at 6 pm with the ghts beginning at 7. For more information visit
RITC providing
opportunity for
young ghters
Young curlers get introduced to the game during the Lethbridge
Curling Club’s Little Rockers and Junior Curlers, Oct. 26.
The Lethbridge Pee Wee Hurricanes Red celebrate a goal versus
Taber Golden Suns, Oct. 23 at Henderson Lake Arena.
Windy City Sports
Top Dakota Ruttan lands a roundhouse kick to Ty Todd of Bozeman.
Dakota lost a decision. Both Saje Pitre and Lucas Neufeld won by rear
naked choke. Saje is left he beat Kota Greenwood of Eureka Montana in
1st round. Lucas beat Matt Sanders of Bozeman in the third round. Matt
and Lucas was the ght of the night - Courtesy of Progressive Fighting
Courtesy Lethbridge Speed
Skating Association
12 skaters compete in the Med-
icine Hat Meet on October 29th
and 30th.
Jasmine Belisle - She skated in
Division 2 and nished 11 out
of 12 skaters. Jasmine skated
personal best times in two of her
races: 0:23.09 in her 200m and
6:40.86 in her 3,000m.
Preslee Muller - She skated in
Division 2 and nished 12 out
of 12 skaters. Preslee skated a
personal best time of 6:28.39 in
her 3,000m.
Riley Vanderburgh - He skated in
Division 3 and nished 7 out of
15 skaters. Riley skated person-
al best times in two of his races:
0:48.08 in his 400m and 3:11.68
in his 1,500m.
Mikka Eaves - She skated in Di-
vision 3 and nished 10 out of 15
skaters. Mikka skated personal
best times in two of her races:
0:49.35 in her 400m and 3:21.73
in her 1,500m.
Jasmine Sinclair - She skated
in Division 3 and nished 13 out
of 15 skaters. Jasmine skated
personal best times in two of her
races: 0:50.30 in her 400m and
3:35.46 in her 1,500m.
Braeden Kremenik - He skated
in Division 4, and won the Gold
medal for nishing in rst place
in the division of 8 skaters. He
also skated personal best times
in two of his races: 0:24.81 in his
200m and 0:50.07 in his 400m.
Mitchell Wesseling - He skated
in Division 4, and won the Silver
medal for nishing in second
place in the division of 8 skat-
ers. He also skated a personal
best time in his 400m race at
Zakhary Adelman - He skated in
Division 5, and won the Bronze
medal for nishing in third place
in the division of 12 skaters. Zak
skated a personal best time in
his 400m race of 0:58.62.
Carson Love - He skated in Di-
vision 5 and nished 5 out of 12
skaters. This was Carson’s rst
speed skating competition.
Denise Wesseling - She skated
in Division 5 and nished 9 out
of 12 skaters. Denise skated
personal best times in two of her
races: 0:36.17 in her 200m and
1:11.23 in her 400m.
Isla McDonald - She skated in
Division 5 and nished 12 out of
12 skaters. This was Isla’s rst
speed skating competition.
Zoe Wesseling - She skated in
Division 6 and nished 4 out of
7 skaters. Zoe skated personal
best times in three of her races:
0:24.07 in her 100m, 0:42.42
in her 200m and 1:42.53 in her
Divisions 2 and 3 skated the
following races:
1,500m heat
1,500m nal
400m heat
400m semi
400m nal
200m heat
200m semi
200m nal
(Division 2 only) 3,000m Super-
nal (for fun, not included in the
standings or times)
(Division 3 only) 2,000m Super-
nal (for fun, not included in the
standings or times)
Relay (for fun, not included in the
standings or times)
Divisions 4 and 5 skated the
following races:
500m heat
500m nal
200m heat
200m nal
400m heat
400m nal
(Division 4 only) 1,000m Super-
nal (for fun, not included in the
standings or times)
(Division 5 only) 800m Super-
nal (for fun, not included in the
standings or times)
Relay (for fun, not included in the
standings or times)
Division 6 skated the following
500m heat
500m nal
200m heat
200m nal
400m heat
400m nal
Bucket Relay (for fun, not includ-
ed in the standings or times)
The divisions are based mixed
age and gender, and are based
on each skater’s seed (prior
best) time going in to the com-
Skaters excel in Medicine Hat
Lethbridge Speed Skating Club members are all smiles after a good
showing in Medicine Hat.
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Windy City Sports
21 Southgate Blvd S
Lethbridge, Alberta
403 393 9286
2482_Lethbridge_Logo.indd 1 2016-09-27 4:12 PM
Lethbridge Sport Council is excited
to announce their Call for Nomi-
nations for the 7th Annual Leth-
bridge Sport Council Achievement
Awards. These awards recognize
and showcase excellence and
spirit in sport including athletes,
coaches, ofcials, volunteers, and
sport leaders.
2016 was a signicant year for
sport development in Lethbridge.
Not only did our city play host to
a number of events, including the
Tour of Alberta and the Southern
Alberta Summer games, but we
watched as local athletes partici-
pated and excelled on the Olympic
Stage. New facilities opened their
doors, and organizations are thriv-
ing. In the background are many
dedicated volunteers and adminis-
trators that help give our athletes
a home advantage and the rest of
us something to cheer about, not
to mention the business com-
munity that continues to provide
nancial support for athletes and
“The Achievement Awards are a
celebration of how volunteers have
contributed to sport, achievements
in sport and the demonstration of
character on and off the eld of
play. We encourage individuals
and clubs to submit nominations
for achievements at every level
of competition, from grassroots
to high performance.” said Susan
Eymann, Executive Director of the
Lethbridge Sport Council.”
5 Award Categories include:
Athlete Performance (Junior Male
and Female, Senior Male and
Female, Master, Athlete with a Dis-
ability, Special Olympics Athlete,
Amateur Team, Partners)
Corporate (Business and Sport
Sport Excellence (Coaching, Ofci-
ating, Volunteer in Sport)
Leadership (Shaun Ward Sport
Champion, Sport Administrator,
Sport Organization)
Spirit in Sport Awards (Outstanding
Sport Citizen, Knud Petersen Spirit
in Sport Award)
Online nominations forms, award
guidelines as well as information
about sponsoring an award are
available at http://www.leth-
ment-awards. Any person that is
a member of a Lethbridge sport
organization, trains at a Lethbridge
sport facility, or is a resident of
Lethbridge is eligible to be nomi-
The deadline for nominations is
January 31, 2017. The Awards
Ceremony will be held on Thurs-
day April 6, 2017 at the Canadian
Western Bank Lounge in the EN-
MAX Centre.
For more information, contact
Tanya Whipple, Program and
Communication Coordinator, Leth-
bridge Sport Council
ca, 403-320-9371
October 22 – October 23
Early in the “seeding round” of the CAHL pre-season , the Lethbridge
United Rentals Hurricanes(Red) in the Atom Tier 1 division, are nding
success in their quest for the bragging rights with their division rivals.
This weekend the Hurricanes faced their traditional competitive oppo-
nents. On Saturday they met the Brooks Tier 1 team and as has been
recently, the trend was again in play. The game went right to the nal
buzzer to declare a winner, with Brooks scoring the nal goal late in the
third period to scrape by with a narrow victory. Final score: Brooks 6,
Hurricanes 5.
Leading the Lethbridge Hurricanes in scoring was Carter Cunningham
with a hat-trick. Other markers came from the sticks of Cole Clymer and
Bowen Weaver. The Hurricanes had the only power play in the game.
Casey Russel l had two assists for his multi-point game. Preston Walker
was in net for the Hurricanes.
On Sunday, the Hurricanes (Red) hosted the Okotoks Raiders(Gold) and
early on the game looked like a blowout in the making. The Hurricanes
jumped out to a quick 5 – 1 rst period lead but the Okotoks pride began
to take shape in the middle frame outscoring the Hurricanes 4 – 1 to be
down 6-5 after two. After a fresh ood and a team strategy the Hurri-
canes came out and put in a strong team period by managing the puck
and any serious threats. In addition, they potted two more goals to put
the game on ice, 8 – 5 for the Lethbridge Hurricanes.
Hurricane marksmen were led by Casey Russell with a hat-trick. The rest
of the goals were scored by Carson Young, Dayton Tailfeathers, Riley
Hillaby, Zane Rajcic and Dominic Grieco. Multiple point games were
turned in by Bowen Weaver (3 Assists), Dayton Tailfeathers (1goal, 2
assists), and Ryan Neufeld (2 Assists). Brenner Fyfe was in the net for
the Hurricanes.
Atom Hurricanes solid in seeding round
Award nominations
now accepted
U of L Pronghorn Brett Campbell slides one just wide of the Saskatche-
wan net in University hockey action, Oct. 21 At Nicholas Sheran Arena.
Windy City Sports
Oct 16 – Oct 22/16
Pepsi Cola League: Robert Miklos
Jr. 243, Sally Sanderson 242
Belfor Restoration – Eloise Ives
266, Maria Jerebica 204, Heath
Helgeson 264, Annette Thomsen
253, Don Lee 289, Jeff Weiss 210
Canadian Tire 55+ - Tad Sakaguchi
220, Rosemary Kitagawa 232, Terry
Dartnell 195, Norman Stelter 199
Holiday Bowl Ladies: Anne Ondrus
224, Yvonne Rombough 192
Creative Awards Men: Dave Purcell
292, Geoff Farn 263, Mike Hirsche
303, Bill Barton 300, Otto Pankotay
280, Dave Cervo 264, Ward Mer-
rick 252, Bill Todd 280
Country Kitchen Ladies: Paige
Leavitt 205, Loretta Akerman 211,
Marlene Bosch 225
Cavendish Farms Mixed: Neil
Hnatiuk 232 , Bill Barton 290, Shir-
ley McKay 209, Greg Mann 265,
Nathan Koch 260, Robynn Sander
261, Val Mangone 224, Koryn Mur-
phy 225, Jason Murphy 302/852
Meridian Manufacturing/Creative
Awards Ladies: Pat Bodnar 216,
Gladys Larson 244, Shirley Miech-
kota 228
Ricky’s Grill 55+: Gordon Manville
203, Liz Riske 220, Klaas Tenhave,
Don Johnson 205, Minnie Groten
Procee Dairy/McDonald Nissan
Mixed: Derek Lewicki 273, Jennu
Morrell 218, Shirley Miechkota 258,
Bob Spitzer 240, Trevor Bobak
270, Karen Bader 263, Hayley Todd
253, Tracy Shipka 308
Maple Ridge Floors Ladies: Phyllis
Hailwood 253, Linda Lubbers 201,
Teresa Holtrop 206, Marilyn Hem-
broff 230, Pauline Martin 220
Joeys Only Seafood 55+: Marj
Fugita 201, Bonnie Johnson 202,
Dale Wilson 241, Daisy Kinniburgh
Val Gregor 216, Mary Ambrosi
223, Larry McConnell 226, Isabelle
Spencer 238, Bryan Oseen 241,
John Ondrus 236
Special Olympics: Lyanne McCul-
ley 148, Kyle Polvi 241, Brayd Paul
207, Scott Nickel 180, Jean Delaice
201, Fabian Pard 211, Steven
Thackray 160, Brielle Gauthier 160,
Boyd Sorrell Horse 184, Don Cofell
121, Dennis Dietzen 154
S. Mellen/ Westling Design Mixed:
Stacey Mellen 280, Randy Trefan
267, Lillian Westling 235, Don
Genert 209, Andrew Krysak 265,
Lisa Kreutz 221
Cash 1 Mixed: Kevin Shot Both
Sides 244, Jerry Flickinger 246,
Gabor Mihaly 186
Smitty”s Restaurant 55+: Wendy
Headlam 247, Reg Arsenault 228,
Gladys Larson 253
Liberty Tax Mixed League: Tracy
Shipka 323, Dave Purcell 264, Mike
Laycock 255, Brad Whalen 327
Cash 2 Mixed: Fran Beresnak 212,
Shannon Kehler 150, Bonnie Babki
Saturday Youth (YBC): Aiden Phil-
lips 91, Andrew Seiller 114, Samuel
Peters 140,
Sunday Youth (YBC): Alexandra
Symons 249, Taylor Vandenbroeke
237, Peyton Westoby 231, Kolby
Kreutz 283,
Kennedy Kreutz 257, , Tyanne
Hurst 207, MacKenzie Jones 208,
Brady Orich 256, Kayleigh Shan-
non 199
OCT 23 TO OCT 29
Pepsi Cola Mixed: Mary Henni-
ger 223, Karen Selkirk 209, Matt
Bridges 203
Belfor Restoration Mixed: Charlie
Madarasz 245, Dylan Cherniwchan
201, Chris Terpstra 209, Saylor Lee
Canadian Tire 55+ : Gladys Larson
238, Chuck Mears 235, Richard
Thompson 199, Sumi Tomiyama
Bill Oriold 216, Sherry Sedrovic 195
Holiday Bowl Ladies: Katrina
Cowan 206, Alicia Hirsche 223, Lin-
da Lukens 203, Anne Ondrus 246,
Liz Sera 201, Tina Sanderson 230
Creative Awards Men: Gino
Mangone 289, Rob Laperle 335,
Mike Hirsche 302, Jason Ives 281,
Andrew Krysak 309, Jason Murphy
312, Cam Kahl 286, Louis Dejager
256, Dave Shannon 250, Dan Price
294, Rob Price 283, Tyler Kiefuik
278, Mike Auger 237
Country Kitchen Ladies: Barb An-
dreason 213, Marlene Bosch 232,
Visually Impaired Bowlers: Calvin
Dewitt 194, Dana Johnson 154,
Robin Hilmer 144, Darlene Rourke
Cavendish Farms: Becky Aben
260, Craig Scharf 207, Kim Mann
231, David Steele 271, Darrell
Rapuano 243, Tim Mugford 271, Si-
mon Anderson 261, Jason Murphy
295, Mark Burris 276, Dan Price
299, Rob Price 311
Meridian Manufacturing/Creative
Awards: Gladys Larson 237, Judy
Williams 220
Ricky’s Grill 55+: Juanita Chipman
206, Judy Workman 240, Minnie
Groten 239, Henny Raats 200,
Klaas Tenhave, Don Johnson 218
Procee Dairy/ McDonald Nissan:
Nick Zadan 244, Jeremy Vautour
255, Vicki Perret 263, Bill Todd 291
Maple Ridge Floors Ladies: Sue
Scullen 250, Elsa VanDyk 213
Joeys Only Seafood 55+: Bryan
Oseen 276, Debbie Thomas 210,
Isabelle Spencer 213,Stan Dewar
227, Vi Knox 224, Bob Cuell 232
Special Olympics: Randy
Chandler 208, Stephen Maendal
205, Vincent Groten 176, Jordan
Svennes 184, Brittanie Bland 169,
Jackie Durham 150
S.Mellen/Westling Design: Randy
Trefan 254, Nathon CrazyBull 217,
Kennedy Kreutz 321, Mike Caswell
Cash 1 Mixed: Jayden Bird 198,
Tim Stryker 201, Jerry Flickinger
Smitty’s Restaurants 55+:Reg
Arsenault 249, Cathy Jessop 238,
Anne Todd 215, Judy Workman 202
Cash 2 Mixed: Bill Blair 231, Va-
nessa Rieswik 150, Lillian Westling
Liberty Tax Mixed: Dave Purcell
291, Jessie Nielson 274, Jason
Ives 317, Michele Manton 280, Di-
anne Violini 306, Brad Whalen 270,
Jerry Kind 316
Saturday Youth League(Y-
BC): Cordy Chardlan 165, Kayley
Bates 150, Riley Frame 147, Mary
Bernard 122, Parker Chase 113,
Michael Misener 141, Dakota Hurst
Sunday YBC – Brady Orich 263,
Skyler Battey 133, Peyton Westoby
185, Takara Hurst 248, Taylor Van-
denbroeke 225, Rebecca Lippa 187
The Junior Rams take on the Coaldale Spartans in Bantam football action,
Oct. 22. The Rams won the contest 41-13
-Photo courtesy Ronda Nielsen
Windy City Sports
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Photos, Submissions
Phone (403)892-0853
Phone (403)795-0802
Welcome to the rst addition of Coaches Corner! Here we will have coaches
share their experiences and training tips, as from a coach’s point of view.
I will start the rst addition off with “Love of the Game”. There is a reason why
people, like you and me, coach... and it is for the love of the game. It is not
for the wins and losses, nor the dream of making it to the big leagues. It is to
impact kids’ lives in the most positive manner possible. I have seen all types
of coaching, from my playing days, watching my daughter be coached, and
listening to other parents talk about their coaches.
One thing I know to be true, at the grass roots level, the kids do not under-
stand the concept of sitting out! They do not understand the fact they are not
good enough, as they just want to play and learn the game they love. We, as
coaches, need to recognize this and put the kids in situations that set them up
for success, rather than failure, rewarding them with positive feedback. If there
is some way they could improve, coaches need to strive to help them in the
tough situations. That is our duty! Even in the non-elite programs, we as coach-
es have to give all we have to offer, as the kids will feed off our passion for the
sport and hopefully play the game forever. You never know, one those kids
might be a coach, giving back one day, and using one of your teaching tech-
niques to his/her kids.
For the “Love of the Game” in whichever sport you coach... teach with passion,
teach with fairness, and give all the kids the opportunity to play!
Looking forward to hearing some of your stories, thoughts and tips!
Coach Jason Hueppelsheuser
Coaches Corner
1 Which sport awards the Ryder Cup?
A Football
B Baseball
C Hockey
D Golf
2 Where was the Grey Cup Played in 2015?
A Edmonton
B Winnipeg
C Toronto
D Ottawa
3 Which NFL player had the nickname “Sweetness?”
A Tom Brady
B Earl Campbell
C Damon Allen
D Walter Payton
4 Where was former Major League Baseball outelder
Jose Canseco born?
A Spain
B Mexico
C United States
D Cuba
5 Which of these horses holds the record for winning
the most money?
A John henry
B Silver Charm
C Lava Man
D Curlin
6 Which of these games used to be played with a live
animal serving as a ball?
A Soccer
B Golf
C Polo
D Croquet
7 What is the maximum number of clubs that a golfer
can carry in a tournament?
A 9
B 6
C 12
D 14
8 What team did soccer great Pele join in 1975?
A Cosmos
B Knights
C Strikers
D Rooks
9 When was Sports Illustrated rst published?
A 1954
B 1983
C 1965
D 1971
10 In 2004 how many times was Barry Bonds walked?
A 328
B 401
C 157
D 232
11 Which famous athlete was born Ferdinand Lewis
Alcindor Jr?
A Leon Spinks
B Tiger Woods
C Muhammad Ali
D Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
12 Which of the follow-
ing cups might you win
in yacht racing?
A Stanley
B America
C Norris
D Silver
13 After the United
States, which country
claims the most profes-
sional baseball players
in the MLB?
A Cuba
B Dominican Republic
C Peru
D Russia
14 What position did
football great Franco
Harris play?
A Tight end
B Quarterback
C Cornerback
D Fullback
15 Who lost the World
Series in 2015?
A Kansas City Royals
B Toronto Blue Jays
C Baltimore Orioles
D New York Mets
16 Which of these
events is not part of the modern pentathlon?
A Swimming
B Fencing
C Show Jumping
D Javelin
1 Golf 2 Winnipeg 3 Walter Payton 4 Cuba 5 Curlin
6 Polo 7 14 8 Cosmos 9 1954 10 232 11 Kareem
Abdul-Jabbar 12 America 13 Dominican Republic
14 Fullback 15 New York Mets 16 Javelin
A big collision as the Midget AAA Hurricanes take on St. Albert Raid-
ers, Oct. 22 at Nicholas Sheran Arena.
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Men’s Hockey
10/21/16-2 @ Sask 3
10/22/16-5 @ Sask 3
10/28/16-3 vs UofC 5
10/29/16-1 @ UofC 2
Women’s Hockey
10/21/16-2 vs Sask 4
10/22/16-0 vs Sask 2
10/28/16-4 @ UofC 3
10/29/16-2 vs UofC 1
Men’s Soccer
10/20/16-3 vs UofC 2
10/23/16-0 vs MRU 0
10/28/16-1 @ UBC 2
10/16/16-2 @ Alberta 0
Women’s Soccer
10/21/16-0 @Trin West 2
10/22/16-0 @ Fras Vall 2
10/21/16-12 vs UofC 50
10/23/16-27 vs Alberta 36
Women’s Rugby
Men’s Bball
10/28/16-103 vs Regina 90
10/29/16-67 vs Carroll 93
Women’s Bball
10/21/16-54 @Mont St 74
10/22/16-44 @ UGF 70
10/28/16-40 @ Carroll 76
10/29/16-32 @Mont St 66
10/22/16-3 vs Med Hat 1
Women’s Soccer
10/22/16-0 vs Med Hat 2
10/22/16-9 vs Cochrane 3
10/9/27-5 @ Med Hat 2
Men’s Soccer
Men’s Vball
Women’s Vball
10/21/16-0 vs Red Deer 3
10/22/16-0 vs Red Deer 3
10/28/16-3 @ Ambrose 0
10/29/16-3 vs Ambrose 1
10/21/16-3 vs Red Deer 2
10/22/16-1 vs Red Deer 3
10/28/16-1 @ Ambrose 3
10/29/16-2 vs Ambrose 3
Picture Butte Midget Blades
10/21/16-0 @ Brooks 6
10/22/16-5 @ Leth 2
10/23/16-1 vs Med Hat 11
10/28/16-4 @ Stathmore 4
10/29/16-4 vs Redcli 3
AAA Midget Hurricanes
10/22/16-1 vs St Albert 1
10/23/16-0 @ Cgy Royals 4
10/29/16-2 @ Cgy Flames 7
10/30/16-4 vs Red Deer 4
Midget Headwater Hurricanes
10/22/16-2 @ Blackhawks 4
10/23/16-7 vs Red Deer 1
10/29/16-4 vs Blazers 4
10/30/16-8 @ Stampeders 1
Bantam Val Matteoti
Golden Hawks
10/22/16-8 @ Leduc 0
10/23/16-5 @ Red Deer 0
10/29/16-2 @ St Albert 4
10/30/16-4 vs Lloyd 0
Pee Wee Hurricanes Red
10/22/16-9 vs Taber 3
10/23/16-5 vs Leth White 2
10/28/16-3 vs Chestermere 3
10/30/16-10 @ Foothills 1
Bantam Hurricanes
10/22/16-4 @ Olds 5
10/30/16-4 @ Strathmore 2
Midget Hurricanes
10/22/16-2 @ Med Hat 4
10/23/16-1 @ CBHA Hawks 4
10/30/16-1 @ Wheatland 8
Lethbridge Eagles Jr Female
10/22/16-3 @ Calgary 2
10/23/16-6 vs Irma 3
10/29/16-2 @ Edmonton 1
10/30/16-1 @ Sher Park 2
Lethbridge Minor Hockey
Pee Wee Hurricanes White
10/21/16-6 vs Med Hat 4
10/23/16-2 @ Leth Red 5
10/29/16-8 vs Airdrie 3
10/30/16-4 vs Okotoks 4
Novice Red
10/15/16-8 vs Okotoks 8
10/16/16-7 @ Airdrie 14
10/22/16-3 vs Brooks 8
10/23/16-13 vs Strathmore 4
10/29/16-1 vs Drumheller 7
10/30/16-3 @ Cochrane 7
Novice White
10/15/16-2 vs Okotoks 9
10/16/16-6 vs Okotoks 10
10/22/16-14 vs Indus 2
10/23/16-2 @Chestermere 20
10/29/16-18 @ Coaldale 3
10/30/16-13 @ Strathmore 1
Atom Red
10/15/16-8 vs Indus 5
10/16/16-2 vs Okotoks 2
10/22/16-5 @ Brooks 6
10/23/16-8 vs Okotoks 5
10/29/16-10 vs Airdrie 2
10/30/16-7 @ Leth White 6
Atom White
10/15/16-4 @ Chestermere 3
10/22/16-11 vs Okotoks 3
10/23/16-6 vs Brooks 8
10/29/16-9 @ Cochrane 7
10/30/16-6 vs Leth Red 7