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Waynne Michelle

Midnight Lullabies

The worst kind of goodbyes

Sung from deep within

An apology for what's been

Filled with guilt and no compassion 

Tearing down everything we've built

Goodbye, you said.

With tears streaming down your face

We'll meet again

In another place

A place of peace, serenity, and kindness

Where only angels like you may lay

Goodbye, I say.

May we meet again someday

Don't Cry

Staring off into the pale blue sky

Through my window

I could cry

But the soft sanctuary of my tears

Won't help me outrun my fears

It's My Last Desire

Let me taste the blood on your lips

The sting of your kiss

It's my last desire

Before I'm engulfed in the fire

This man, he beckons me

I come when I'm called

He tells me the story

Of his downfall

To save his lover 

He had to betray another

To choose between them was no easy feat

Till he thought of whom he had to keep

So he betrayed his Maker, his King

To save the woman whom he bestowed 

upon a ring


You hold such a strong allure 

For someone so impure

Oh, What I'd do to reach you

Climb mountains to meet you

Defeat armies to save you 

And brave the monsters who enslave you

Black Ice

The way he immediately looks away

While my lingering gaze strays

How I flinch at his very touch

But my mind can't get enough

I should be afraid

But my allure cannot be swayed 

Every chance I get to run

My mind can't find a reason to, none


Whispers of want send shivers down my spine

Never have I heard a melody so divine

Like the melodious hum of wind chimes

The entrancing monster calls me to the dark side

To come along for the ride

Unable to resist temptations

I cut off all other relations

To be with the one of great sensations

Endless Cycle

I leave and come home

Same thing everyday

The thoughts and actions replay

On a constant loop

But one thing is different

The act of foul play

From Sabotage to complete Domination

The options are endless

I can't escape

Only in the solitude of utter silence

Is where I find myself revied

A Silent, Stunning Figure

A silent, stunning figure graced my presence. 

Engulfed in dark drapery, it slowly began to approach.

Gradually, the sinful shape revealed itself.

Overwhelmed by sadness and unmistakable fright, 

I will never forget what happened that night.

Thoughts faded,

Within the darkness they lay.

It had come to deliver.

Allure and alarm I felt to no end.

She who delivered the kiss of death 

was none other than my friend.