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WWW.SLWGS.ORG April 2023 THE NEWSLETTER OF THE ST. LOUIS WATER GARDEN SOCIETY 1 Water Word, April 2023 The Art of Ikenobo Don’t Miss This! What: The Art of Ikenobo Who: Rita Zeitz, Member and Master Gardener When: Tuesday, April 18th, 7p.m. —9 p.m. Where: Kirkwood Community Center 111 S Geyer Rd, Rm #200 A/B Kirkwood, MO 63122 Our April meeting will feature a demonstration of Ikebana by Rita Zeitz. Ikebana has been around for over 600 year’s and was the original practiced and taught schools by Buddhist priests in Kyoto. Rita has been a student of Japanese floral arranging for 10 years. The local chapter of Ikenobo International has been around for over 60 years, the third chapter to be organized in the world! There are over 500 different schools in Ikebana. Rita will show us how to use Ikenobo school techniques, using material from her yard. Ikenobo school teaches us how to enhance materials, flowers, and branches in our arrangements. You will also learn a little history of its origin in Japan Rita has been a Master Gardener since 2009 and grows flowers and shrubs for her floral arrangements. She has been on our Pond-O-Rama Tour several times. Have you noticed a little spring in your step as the weather gets warmer? Spring has sprung too, and the trees and plants are beginning to show their beauty. Speaking of beauty, we are thrilled to have Rita Zeitz as our guest speaker this month. She will present the art of Ikebana, the traditional Japanese style of arranging flowers and other natural elements. As we will learn, there is much more to this art form than just placing flowers in a vase. Join us for her demonstration and an evening of fellowship and refreshments. April Meeting Theme Pastels

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2 Water Word, April 2023 Pond-O-Rama 2023 – June 24-25, 2023 This year we are excited to tour 23 water gardens. Many are new members and new hosts this year. We welcome all the new SLWGS members and hosts. The brochures and posters are being distributed to our retail locations the second week of April. The ticket book is being created and will be available to our members in May. Member tickets can be picked up at the May Board Meeting on May 9th, the June Board Meeting on June 13th, or the General and Host Meeting on June 20th. Tickets can also be mailed to members for a $3.00 fee per ticket. Information will be on the new website soon. We have been busy publicizing the tour in online calendars and local magazines. We are also working with River Benders to create a commercial that will air on their stations and podcasts. We will promote the tour in the May/June timeframe on their air podcast. We encourage all our members to spread the word about Pond-O-Rama, June 24-25, 2023, from 9-5 pm daily. Tickets books are $20 or for groups of 10 - $10 each. If you would like a poster or brochure to promote at a location you frequent, please contact Ginny Mueller, 314-808-7000. The 2023 Pond-O-Rama tour will be great! We always appreciate the support and assistance of our membership. Thank you.

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3 Water Word, April 2023 SLWGS President’s Corner I will be optimistic and say that Spring has finally sprung. What a time of the year to witness the awakening of nature and the garden and welcome back old friends in the yard. I have temporarily moved many of the orchids and house plants outside as the temperatures fluctuate from just right to just too cold. Hopefully, our weather will stabilize soon, and the ponds will be active with hungry koi. On other matters, Kathy Soehngen has finalized the SLWGS program and activities agenda. Please join us on the third Tuesday of each month to hear some interesting speakers, and enjoy good food and fellow pond owners. Please mark your calendars accordingly. Please be aware that the May membership meeting has been changed to the third Thursday, May 18th, to accommodate dinner at Lorenzo’s and Missouri Botanical Garden viewing of the Chihuly Glass exhibit. Even if you have seen this one-of-a-kind exhibit, the illumination should be spectacular. Plans have been made to begin opening the water lily display at the Jewel Box on the first Saturday in May. The hardy lilies will be transferred from the winter holding pond into the Jewel Box ponds. Help is always welcome, and it is an excellent time to take home a few new water lilies when the old plants are split. Don’t forget, come help us out on May 6th. We begin around 9:00 AM, and doughnuts will be available. Special thanks to all our returning members in 2023, the board’s dedication for it’s hours of planning and discussion, and our volunteers both at the Jewel Box and the annual Pond -O- Rama pond tour. Enjoy your ponds! Bob Henson President, St. Louis Water Garden Society

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4 Water Word, April 2023 St. Louis Water Garden Society Calendar of Events 2023 Membership meetings in 2023 will be held on the dates and at the locations listed below between 7 and 9 p.m. Meetings will be held on Tuesdays at the Kirkwood Community Center, Room 200 A/B. There is an elevator. April 18th—The Art of Ikebana by Rita Zeitz She will be demonstrating the art of Japanese floral arranging. May 18th**Thursday Night Missouri Botanical Garden Chihuly at Night Meet for Dinner at Lorenzo’s Trattoria on the Hill. June 20th— What’s all the Buzz about Bees? By Jane Sueme July 18th — Annual Auction— Come one, come all. August 15—Annual Banquet at the Jewel Box November — Budget—Election of President and Secretary **** Meeting Location **** Kirkwood Community Center Rm# 200 A/B 111 S Geyer Rd Kirkwood, MO 63122

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5 Water Word, April 2023 May’s 18th General Meeting Meet Me At MOBOT Plans are in progress to bring us all together for an evening of good food, friendly conversation, and one-of-a-kind artwork on Thursday, the 18th of May. We will begin the evening with dinner at Lorenzo’s Trattoria on The Hill and then tour the Chihuly Glass exhibit at MOBOT. Mark your calendar now. More details about transportation, tickets, and dinner will follow soon. Please consider joining us for a evening of good fellowship. Just a few pictures from other Chihuly exhibits around the United States

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6 Water Word, April 2023 Water Word is usually published by the St. Louis Water Garden Society 10 times annually and is distributed to all members. The newsletter contains information about water gardening and sh-keeping, as well as information about SLWGS meetings and activities. Contributions of articles and photos are welcome and should be sent to the Water Word editor listed below. Documents should be in common text formats, and photos should be in high resolution (300 dpi or higher) jpeg format. The deadline for submissions is the rst of each month. Information about the Society, including how to join, can be found at our website, or from any of the ocers and board members listed: 2023 SLWGS Officers President Bob Henson (314) 495-4233 Vice President Greg Heck (314) 302-0273 Treasurer Jerre Baynes (314) 775-5453 Recording Secretary Sophia Cluck (636) 530-1726 2023 Board Members Publicity Chairman Ginny Mueller (314) 808-7000 Special Events Chair Laurel Walle (314) 898-7216 Kathie Soehngen (314) 894-0981 Society Shirt Sales Chairman Gail Abernathy (314) 427-7076 Membership/E-mail Chairman Gail Abernathy (314) 427-7076 Jewel Box Chairman Kay Miskell (618) 344-6216 Water Word Editor Gail Abernathy (314) 427-7076 Website Chairman Ginny Mueller (314) 808-7000 Pond-O-Rama Chairman Ginny Mueller (314) 808-7000 Parliamentarian Carol Greminger (314) 487-9119 Historian Betsy Meier (636) 405-1120 Hospitality Chairman Bev Maschek (314) 954-8616 Member-at-Large Carolyn Haus (314) 993-0985 Keith Haus (314) 993-0985 Jim Haegele (636) 349-5511 Find resources at! Out on a Limb and need some help?

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7 Water Word, April 2023 International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society Here is the link to their site and the login information. Login: SLWGS Password: slwgs20 Membership Bonus Happy Birthday to All April Members below and not listed Ginny Mueller 4/10 Sally Byran 4/10 Dianne Ritter 4/16 Paul Miskell 4/20 Ron Greminger 4/21 Brian Moellenhoff 4/22 Doug Vander Waal 4/26 Members’ Corner: Webster Groves Garden Club is looking for help. They are having their annual plant sale at the end of April. They have good procedures and have leaders for all their tasks but are looking for some additional hands to dig or pot, mark plants and work at their sale. If interested, please call Dorothy Lockard (314) 369-7528 to help. Help Wanted Jewel Box Opening Day May 6th @ 9a.m. We will be moving the hardy lilies from the mud bottom pond. We need lots of bodies to help. You could even take home a lily when they get split up. Please come. It’s lots of FUN. Bring shovels, hatchts, gloves, buckets to take plants home in, a cart to transport plants from staging area to the ponds.

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8 Water Word, April 2023 Japanese floral arranging, also known as Ikebana or Ichibana, is an ancient Japanese art form that involves the creation of floral arrangements using minimalism and harmony with nature as its guiding principles. Ikebana dates back to the 7th century when floral offerings were made at Buddhist altars. Over time, it evolved into a more artistic practice that emphasized the beauty of nature and the principles of balance and harmony. Today, Ikebana is practiced as a hobby and as a professional art form. The essential elements of Ikebana include the container, the floral materials, and the lines or shapes created by the arrangement. The container is often a simple vessel made of ceramic, glass, or metal, and the floral materials used are typically fresh or dried flowers, branches, leaves, and other plant materials. The lines or shapes created by the arrangement reflect the natural forms in the surrounding environment, such as mountains, rivers, and trees. Ikebana is about creating a beautiful arrangement, connecting with nature, expressing oneself, and finding inner peace. It is a meditative practice that requires patience, attention to detail, and an appreciation for the beauty of the natural world. Ikebana Japanese Floral Arranging

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9 Water Word, April 2023 Events Around Town Tips to Help take Stunning Photo’s May 14— Iris Show, Missouri Botanical Garden May 2– October 15 — Chihuly in the Garden, Missouri Botanical Garden Photos of spring flowers can be an excellent way to capture the beauty of nature. 1. Choose the right time of day: The best time to take photos of flowers is during the golden hour, the hour after sunrise, or the hour before sunset. The light is softer and warmer during this time, which can help bring out the vibrant colors of the flowers. 2. Get close to the flowers: To capture the intricate details of the flowers, it's essential to get up close and personal with them. Use a macro lens or switch to the macro mode on your camera to get a close-up shot. 3. Use a shallow depth of field: A shallow depth of field can help blur the background and make the flowers stand out. Use a wide aperture (low f-number) to achieve this effect. 4. Pay attention to the background: Ensure the background doesn't distract from the flowers. Look for a clean, uncluttered environment, or use a wide aperture to blur it out. 5. Use a tripod: A tripod can help you keep your camera steady and ensure your photos are sharp. It's essential when using a slow shutter speed or taking close-up shots. 6. Experiment with different angles: Try shooting from different angles to find the most interesting composition. Get low to the ground, shoot from above, or try shooting from different sides of the flower. 7. Wait for the right moment: Flowers can be affected by wind and weather conditions. Wait for a calm day or a lull in the wind to take your photos or use a faster shutter speed to freeze any movement.

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10 Water Word, April 2023 SLWGS Water Word 10922 Killdare Ct St. Ann, MO 63074 Photo of the Month Inside this edition: The Art of Ikenobo ...……………….…...Page 1 April Meeting Theme—Pastels ………..Page 1 Pond - O - Rama 2023 June 24 & 25 .….. Page 2 President’s Corner …. …...……....………... Page 3 SLWGS Calendar of Events…………..….. Page 4 May 18th General Meeting …..………..……... Page 5 2023 SLWGS Officers & Board Members…. Page 6 Jewel Box Opening Day …...………….……. Page 7 Help Wanted ………………………………...Page 7 Members Corner …..……….………………….Page 7 Ikebana Japanese Floral Arranging .. ………. Page 8 Tips to help take Stunning Photo’s ………Page 9 Events Around Town ……………………….....Page 9 Photo of the Month ………..……………..... Page 10