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Lunch menu from the Waterfront in Whitehaven - Spring 2017

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Pressed game terrine - £6.95
Sourdough. Celeriac, pickled mushrooms, golden raisins
Crispy salt & pepper squid - £7.50
Tomato & red chilli ragout, crispy rocket, toasted pine nuts
Smoked haddock - £6.50
Chive croquette, caramelised cauliflower, light curry emulsion
Baked camembert- £6.95
Toasted ciabatta soldiers, home-made chutney
Mature cheddar cheese beignet - £6.75
Golden beetroot, piccalilli, walnut & parsley pesto
Cumbrian breakfast £8.50
Square sausage, quail egg, pancetta crisp, mushroom puree
Black pudding, confit tomatoes, Waterfront brown sauce
Dry cured salt beef- £6.95
Rye bread, pickles, Swiss cheese, celeriac remoulade
Home marinated southern fried chicken - £6.50
Red cabbage & parsnip slaw, chipotle
Served with mixed leaves, house dressing and coleslaw, on a choice of ‘closed’
white or brown bloomer bread or ‘open’ on toasted ciabatta
- Seared rump steak of Cumbrian beef, horseradish, red onion marmalade-
- Honey roast ham, mature cheddar cheese, Cumberland honey mustard -
- ‘Posh fish fingers’, smooth tartare mayonnaise, rocket - £6.95
- Cold roast chicken, crispy Parma ham, marinated tomato, Dijon mayo -
- Glazed goats cheese, red onion marmalade, sun dried tomatoes - £5.95
Served with mixed leaves, house dressing and coleslaw
- Shredded duck, stir fried veggies, hoi sin sauce -£7.50
- Spicy fajita with guacamole, sour cream & tomato relish
Vegetable - £5.25,
Chicken - £6.25
Why not add a bucket of hand cut skin-on beef dripping chips for £1.95
The Burger Bar…
All home-made Cumbrian steak/ brisket burgers served with toasted brioche bun,
Tomato relish, pickles and hand cut skin on chips…. On its own @ - £11.95
Why not try @£13.50
Spanish style with melted Manchego cheese, crispy chorizo & olives
Best of British mature cheddar or blue cheese, smoked bacon & beer battered onions
The French Way with gooey camembert, caramelised red onions, and garlic
Tex-Mex with spicy fajita sour cream, chilli cheese and chipotle
Or @£12.50….
Home marinated southern fried chicken chipotle mayonnaise, red cabbage 'slaw,
Chilli chicken cucumber & spring onion, guacamole, sweet chilli jam
Chicken and avocado with smoked bacon, and melted brie
Veggie @£9.50…
Roasted mushrooms with glazed goats cheese & red onion marmalade
Home made falafel with avocado puree, cucumber & mint
Sides @ £3.50
Rocket & parmesan salad, olive oil, balsamic
Caesar salad anchovies, parmesan, garlic croutons, creamy Caesar dressing
Beer battered onions
Cumbrian Classics…
(With a little Waterfront twist…)
Beer battered Solway Cod fillet - £12.95
Hand cut skin on chips, mushy peas, smooth tartar sauce
Parmesan breaded chicken breast - £14.50
Roast garlic and herb butter, Champ mash, leek & smoked bacon cream
Wild boar Cumberland sausage - £12.50
Caramelised onion mash, honey roast roots, stock pot gravy
Sweet cured loin of Cumbrian Gammon - £12.95
Crispy free range egg, Spiced pineapple relish, hand cut skin on chips
Pulled brisket cottage pie - £14.50
Braised red cabbage, glazed roots
Beer battered onions - £3.50
Rocket & parmesan salad, olive oil, balsamic - £3.50
Caesar salad, anchovies, parmesan, garlic croutons, Caesar dressing - £3.50
From the Grill…
All served with slow roast pesto tomato,
Rocket & parmesan salad & hand cut skin on chips
Rump of Cumbrian beef steak - £16.50
Sirloin of Cumbrian beef steak - £18.50
Fillet of Cumbrian beef - £24.50
Corn-fed Chicken breast - £13.50
Sides & sauces…
Beer battered onion rings - £3.50
Sautéed mushrooms with garlic & herb butter - £3.50
Peppercorn and Brandy sauce - £2.95
Blue cheese & port sauce - £2.95
Creamy garlic mushroom sauce - £2.95
Sticky toffee pudding - £6.25
Date puree, Butterscotch, salted caramel ice cream
Apple & mixed berry crumble - £5.95
Vanilla egg custard, vanilla ice cream
Warm triple chocolate brownie - £6.50
White chocolate ice cream, espresso gel, white chocolate sauce
Tonka bean crème brulee - £7.50
Passion fruit epsuma, coconut, banana bread, dark rum
Assiette of chocolate- £8.50
Mini fondant, white chocolate parfait, aerated chocolate, cherry gel
Rhubarb & custard- £6.95
Poached rhubarb, fool, vanilla bavois, jelly
North of England Cheese - £7.95
Celery, grapes, Mrs Haslam’s chutney, biscuits