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 Wartime Children

By: Andrew Barajas, Alexander Cisneros, Oscar Pedrero, and Andrea Garcia

Period 8


johnny a boy who was humble, living with his family, and joined the war due to family pride, patriotism and adventure. He always had an intrist in war. His pride and joy in his country made him so egar to fight and participate on war territory. He enlisted multiple times ar age nine, and was roughly about four feet tall. In 1861 and 1862 hw applied to try to enter the war, but it was not till 1863 when he actually enlisted. His curiosity got the best of him when he heard lincoln first issued volunteers. He saw this opportunity as a chance to earn a good reputation for his family, and to make his country. proud. He also had in his eyesight an election banner a year about Lioncoln trying to be vice president and one that more previous made.

Johnny ran away from home after his mother died in a train accident, and tried joining a Michigan Rigiment army. The first time he attempted to enlist they rejected him because of his size. He tried a second time, and fefused to let him join. On the third time he was adopted to be a drummer boy, as his first role, hs purpose was to signal different commands from officers to troops, and was getting paid $13 a month.

Johnny wasn't the only youngest on the battlefield. There were kids who said goodbye to their family members to join themselves. About twenty percent of the civil war soldiers were younger than 18. Many of the young soldiers were enlisted as musicians. Many of these musicians, including Johnny, did not fight in the war. but once a battle started these kids often armed themselves, to try and save theirselves. By doing so, they saved other lives, such as their friends, and fellow men who were on the same side.

Johnny too action and shot a confederate officer who had ordered his to surrender. Soon after that Johnny became famous. This was a moment of importance for him, because he went from a kid to a man, metally, from one action. Yes he was witnessing death in front of him, even before, but this time it was different, because it was him who was behind the gun. He made a choice in which resulted in death. It was a brave move for a nine year old. Most kids his age would have surrenderd or freeze under all the presure. He did it for his family and for the love of his country. In all the fame he was able to find many more companions and a lot of recognition. He stood out lin an alien. That was what made him unique and special for commiting to his country.

They turn out to be going the same way. They decide to give him a lift, and hid him. Although it was packed they made it work. 

 The confederate officer spotted Clem, who was armed with a musket modified for his size and demanded that he surrender. Johnny ran, making his way back to the union. While he was running back he had adrenaline and different thoughts rushing through his head and body. Sixteen days later, confederates capture Clem, and was exchanged as a prisoner of war. He escapes on a carriage of a slaved family. He tells them his story and the direction he is trying to go.

While the story was going around, he encountered a young girls in a Mourning Dress holing a picture of her dad against her chest. Her father was also participating in the war. She talks to him about how she passes time knitting with her guardian, counting down the days her father has been gone. He later was approached by another person who asked who else was fighting in the war. Johnny answered that there were a number of different males, races and different skilled people, from healers, drummers, and engineers

After he was awarded with a medal, his fame grew. Johnny cotinued to serve in the union army. After that he went to Carlinville where he started school. But the war remained very much in his mind. He wrote, "I am going to school here and I am very uch pleased with my institution and my schoolmates. Please tell my Colonel to write to me as soon as he can." and "If any officers are willing to write to me. I would be very pleased to hear them."

Sumerization of the story 

Johnny unsuccessfully enlisted three times, at age nine, an was roughly about four feet tall. He enlisted on the third try in May 1861, after lincoln first issued the call for volunteers. He earned about $13 a month. He gained fame for his bravery on the battlefield and for killing an officer. Then decided he wanted to go to school, and wrote a letter to his officer in his former unit.