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Information about Walt Disney

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     Walt Disney  1901-1966


 Luis Guilherme Guimaraes Silva



 Walt Disney was born in December 5th ,1901, Chicago.  In 1911 he started traveling and painted to sell paintings for money for is family. When it came to summer, Disney spent his summer selling snacks for money. He got a lot of money, he was selling objects so he could attend college. Walt went to McKinley High School in Chicago. Finally in 1919 he started developing cartoons like Laugh Shows. He saved plenty of money from his shows and moved to Hollywood with his brother. Thats when he first created Osawld, The Lucky Rabbit. They won money from it and they first created Disney Bros'. After some years, They were thinking about Oswald the Rabbit, they didnt like it anymore, it hadn't become a big success. So Walt Disney created Steamboat Willie, and thats where he got the big idea for Mickey Mouse. Mickey was very sensational for those years because Walt was Mickey's voice. After Mickey becoming a success, that's when Walt started bauilding up the Mickey Mouse family. Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck, etc. In 1933 The Three Little Pigs came out. It was the first show in that year of Walt Disney. On 1937, Snow White and The 7 Little Dwarfs came out in Los Angeles. The Disney Bros' had won more than 1,399 thousand dollars. Then other movies came out. (Pinocchio 1940) (Fantasia 1940) (Dumbo 1941) (Bambi 1942). Disney opened a new campus for movies in 1939 because many Disney's animators resigned. In 1951, Walt could finally find new animators. That is when new Walt Disney's movies came out. (Alice In Wonderland 1951) (101 Dalmatians 1961). In 1955 Disney and the company 1st opened Disneyland, where the children could enjoy there favorite characters' rides. All this time Disneyland has expanded all over the world. When it was 1966, they were finishing plans for new theme parks in Disneyland, when it was underconstruction, Walt Disney was diagnosed with lung cancer. He died in December 15th, 1966. When Walt died, his brother finished Walt's ideas for new theme parks. His brother finally named the new park as The Walt Disney World.





 I chose this animator because he is the one that has inspired me to watch all of these famous shows that was created by him and he made one of the most famous characters in the world. I consider him a animation pioneer because he has made many characters that people enjoy and he has made many good options, he has made more than a thousand children be inspired with his characters and animation.