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Fall 2022 Fundraising Catalog

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© MADE IN A PEANUT FREE FACILITY | 888.465.5141NEW PRODUCTCheck out the newest items in our fundraising lineup.FREE SHIPPINGIn-hand sellers offer free shipping & immediate satisfaction.PEANUT-FREEAdditional variety packs have been added to the peanut-free family.ANYKONFECTIONSLeaders in Product Innovation for Fundraising Since 2000Spring 2022

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Look for the badge! Starting in 2022, all in-hand $1 and $2 sellers qualify for this exciting promotion! Mix & match to reach case quantities faster. This ongoing promotion, along with FREE SHIPPING, has proven to be successful in driving sales and increasing profitability ($240 value). *Exclusions apply.BUY 20 GET 1 FREEPROMOTIONONE FREEWITH 20PROMOTIONFundraising Made Easy

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15 Chocolate Bits15 Cookies & Cream15 Birthday Cake15 Salted Caramel#44003 | $1 Fortune Cookies 4/60NET WT. 0.7 OZ. (20G)15 Chocolate Bits15 Crunchy Toffee15 Rainbow Sprinkles15 Salted Caramel#61024 | $1 Pretzel RODS 4/60NET WT 0.75 OZ. (22G) MADE IN A PEANUT FREE FACILITY ONE FREEWITH 20PROMOTIONONE FREEWITH 20PROMOTIONShop our entire collection. VANWYKCONFECTIONS.COM MADE IN A PEANUT FREE FACILITY New Certified Peanut FreeNew Certified Peanut Free

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16 Creamy Caramel16 Milk Chocolate Almond12 Crispy Rice8 Milk Chocolate8 Dark Chocolate Almond#62758 | $1 America’s Variety 4/60NET WT. 1.5 OZ. (42.5G) MADE IN A PEANUT FREE FACILITY ONE FREEWITH 20PROMOTIONCall 888.465.5141Largest $1 Bars in Fundraising at 1.5 oz!Creamy Caramel Straight Pack#13307 | $1 ONE DOLLAR BAR 4/60ONE FREEWITH 20PROMOTION MADE IN A PEANUT FREE FACILITY NET WT. 1.5 OZ. (42.5G)Straight Pack Now AvailableNew Straight Pack

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Sour Variety Pack Includes:Nuclear SqwormsSour Jacks WatermelonSoft & chewy mouth-puckering gummies.#75172 | $2 Main Street Sweet Shoppe 2/52NET WT. 2.85 OZ. (81G)The Mixed Fruit variety features a delicious combination of mouthwatering flavors.NEW 4/30 count, 4 flavor pack.#23049 | $2 Welch’s Fruit Snacks 4/30NET WT. 2.25 OZ. (64G)$2 Sellers Oer Higher ProfitsShop our entire collection. VANWYKCONFECTIONS.COMONE FREEWITH 20PROMOTIONNon-Chocolate Variety PacksONE FREEWITH 20PROMOTIONNew Case Count and Box Count

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18 Creamy Caramel18 Milk Chocolate Almond14 Crispy Rice10 Milk Chocolate#94001 | $1 Chocolatiers 4/60NET WT. 1.3 OZ. (37G)10 Creamy Caramel8 Milk Chocolate Almond6 Dark Chocolate Almond6 Crispy Rice#92862 | $2 Chocolatiers 4/30ONE FREEWITH 20PROMOTIONNET WT. 2.25 OZ. (64G) MADE IN A PEANUT FREE FACILITY MADE IN A PEANUT FREE FACILITY ONE FREEWITH 20PROMOTIONCall 888.465.5141Extra Large BarsNew Carrier same great tasting bars

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Shop our entire collection. VANWYKCONFECTIONS.COM!Sea Salt | Movie Theater Butter | Kettle Corn | Jalapeño Blue Cheese | Honey Chipotle | Chaos MixWhite Cheddar | Black and White Drizzle | Peanut Butter Cup Drizzle | Cold Stone Cake BatterTen Delightfully Disruptive FlavorsTMNONGMONON-GMOCORN AND OILBag Sizes Range from 5.5oz to 7.5oz. Made in the USA• NON-GMO POPCORN •POPPED IN COCONUT OIL$12perbagMade with REAL IngredientsWITH OTHERNATURAL FLAVORSfamily size bags

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Nationwide Distribution from Multiple WarehousesMailing Address:Van Wyk ConfectionsPO Box 370Castle Rock, CO 80104Customer Service: Contact our associates in Customer Service at 1.888.465.5141 Mon-Fri 7am-4pm MST or email Fax: 303.346.9453FREESHIPPINGVANWYKCONFECTIONS.COM888.465.5141 | 7AM-4PM M-F (MST)INFO@VANWYKCONFECTIONS.COMFAQShipping: Shipping is FREE unless weather is above 76ºF. Your order can be sent to you or drop-shipped directly to your customer, anywhere in the 48 states, when temperatures allow. If shipping during the hotter months, there may be additional fees.Delivery Information: Your order will ship in a variety of ways, depending on the size, and can be directly drop-shipped to your customer. Smaller orders will typically arrive by UPS Ground. For larger orders, delivery will be made by a carrier who brings the product to the location on a pallet. In order to guarantee factory sealed fresh product, we cannot accept returns on our fundraising items. Peanut-Free Products: Van Wyk chocolate bars, pretzel rods and fortune cookies are all certified peanut-free. This means they are manufactured in a peanut-free facility and are 100% certified.Availability of Products: Van Wyk Confections gives our best efforts to make sure products are in stock. Occasionally our nationwide warehouses can run low or run out temporarily. We will do our utmost to fulfill the order as soon as possible and offer alternative products or flavors to sell.How to Place an Order: Email orders to or call our associates at 1.888.465.5141. Same day or next day shipping available on orders placed before 10am MST on most products, weather permitting.Flyers & Brochures Available: Product sales flyers are available for purchase. Graphics can be found under the distributor portal on our website to print yourself or to update your website showing our products. Contact our marketing department for custom flyers and graphics.