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Christmount VOICE Spring 2019 Faces Places of Christmount

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Getting Ready For Our 75th In just five short years Christmount will celebrate our 75th anniversary Founded in 1948 Christmount has seen many changes and has proven to be sacred ground for hundreds of thousands of feet over this time period This is indeed a legacy worth celebrating and we are hoping to celebrate it in style with you Within the next 6 12 months we hope to complete a feasibility study hire an architecture firm and launch a capital campaign that will bring about major renovations improvements and additions to Christmount In the next 3 4 months we want to hear from you By the end of April we will post an online survey on the Christmount website that you can use to share your ideas hopes and dreams for the future of Christmount Board of Directors at Monte Vista cir 1940s FINDING YOUR JOY Theologian Frederick Beuchner once said that your vocation is found in that place where your deep joy meets the world s great need This is your calling This is what we are doing at Christmount We are looking around our communities engaging our neighbors in conversation and discovering the greatest needs And then we re getting to work Lakey Gap Adapted Programs Camp Lakey Gap Camp Sunshine Camp Brooke Christmount Mission Week Church Leadership Series SOIL Conference A quiet place to rest Beautiful areas for retreat Hospitality Welcome For all Visit Christmount org to donate online or return the enclosed envelope with your gift today Page 1 Christmount Voice Whether you leave a legacy with a planned gift or make an immediate impact with an Annual Fund donation every dollar makes a difference Together we are creating the space for the next generation to move our world toward places of healing and christmount org wholeness

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Christmount Voice Spring 2019 222 Fern Way Black Mountain NC 28711 828 669 8977 christmount org Rev Rob Morris Executive Director rob christmount org Jennifer Stevens Guest Services Director jennifer stevens christmount org Jon Blalock Lakey Gap Adopted Programs camplakeygap gmail com Chef Jason Krueger Food Services Director jason christmount org Anne McGuire Director of Community Outreach Development annemcguireasd gmail com Mark Norton Operations Director marknortoncma yahoo com 03 10 04 11 Faces Places An Update from the Executive Director History Room Making archives accessible 05 Grant Updates Anne McGuire Feature 06 Staff Profile Jamie Brame 07 Spring Summer Programs Published by Christmount Christian Assembly Inc a recognized ministry partner of the Christian Church DOC Christmount is incorporated in the state of North Carolina and governed by an Administrative Board Camp Lakey Gap Updates Hiking Trails Owen Lovejoy Volunteer Spotlight 12 Food Services New Director Jason Krueger 13 News Briefs 14 campmatters Work Opportunities 09 Camp Sunshine Updates Christmount is a nonprofit tax exempt 501 c 3 organization Donations to Christmount from individuals foundations and businesses may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes In the spirit of the Christian Church Disciples of Christ all Christmount activities are open to adults youth and children of any race nationality or family background If you no longer wish to receive this publication please send us your name and address as it appears on the label to info christmount org or call us at 828 669 8977 The Voice is also available in a cost effective digital version To change your subscription from print to digital please email info christmount org from the email address you would like to use and include your current mailing label name and address Spring 2019 Christmount Voice Page 2

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Faces Places of Christmount Rev Rob Morris Executive Director What images come to mind when you think of Christmount Perhaps it s Watters Garden with the benches and the rhododendron in full bloom Or maybe the Guastavino cellar door or the smokestack and the ruins of the kiln Maybe it s Rocky Knob Or Blackwood Haven where the air is always cool no matter the season The old camp cabins Davis Hall The ice cold water in the swimming pool or campfires and ghost stories The creeks running through the property Eddie Kootchie Ketchie and other amazing songs Or maybe you think of Aldridge Hall the Guest House rooms Rocking chairs in front of the fireplace or on the porch The mountains the trees the fresh air The laughter and squeals from the campers The front entryway Or the feeling you get when you enter the gates What faces come to mind when you think of Christmount Camp staff counselors Small group leaders Or summer camp crushes Maybe it s the faces of office staff and the people who ve greeted every guest and every day with a hearty smile Or the volunteers who give unselfishly day after day year after year The lifelong friends who began as strangers for the first 37 minutes of that event you attended years ago Keynote speakers Workshop leaders People who inspired you and people who sustained you People who reminded you what it was like to love and laugh and live in the moment This edition of The Voice is all about the faces and places that make Christmount Christmount As you turn these pages I invite you to turn back time remembering the special moments you ve shared with others or experienced in your own heart here on these sacred grounds Explore with us the connection between the past and the present and the future of Christmount Together we will see that what Christmount once was it will always be knowing memories are the treasures that no thief can steal away And together we will see that what Christmount once was it will never be again knowing time is the river that continues to flow always changing and beckoning us onward So I invite you to get lost in the pictures and stories in this edition of The Voice Fill the pockets of your heart with the treasures of memories adding these gifts to your own But don t stop there Kick off the shoes of your soul and wade deeply into the cool streams that awaken your senses to a mountain that is alive and always moving At Christmount there is much to appreciate and always much to celebrate P S Speaking of appreciation and celebrations Christmount is a just few years away from our 75th Anniversary I would love to receive your favorite memories of Christmount as well as your hopes and dreams for the future Send me your thoughts and stories via old fashioned mail 222 Fern Way Black Mountain NC 28711 or email rob christmount org

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The Old is New The New History Room at Christmount They say that a picture is worth a thousand words And I believe that to be true I don t know about you but I can find myself getting lost within and beyond the edges of a single photograph I like to wonder through old photographs I wonder who she was I wonder what that day was like I wonder what these people were doing at the time that picture was taken I am also filled with gratitude simply for the pictures and photographs from the past I am grateful that someone carried a camera and took pictures and made the time to have the film developed oh those were the days And I am grateful that someone compiled these pictures into scrapbooks in a way that tells a broader story of Christmount Thank you Rose Shivar pictures and artifacts can tell the story of Christmount in ways that words fail to convey The History Room will feature items like Guastavino tiles and bottles summer camp photos scrapbooks and even the 2010 Division I Championship basketball from Barton College a gift from the President of Barton College Delightful pictures and interesting artifacts will continue to tell the story of Christmount far better than any words ever could So next time you re staying at Christmount or just passing through come visit the newly remodeled History Room where the past never gets old I recently re discovered about 25 scrapbooks in the old archives room here at Christmount Neatly aligned on shelves in chronological order filled to overflowing with memories and stories Pages packed with laughter and 4x6 hugs Kodachrome kids and prints of princes Stories too rich to be locked away So we are celebrating the past by relocating these treasures to the old Library in the upstairs lobby of the Guest House where everyone can enjoy them The History Room will still carry a few books but the primary focus will shift to a History Archives Room where the Guastavino Ruins Spring 2019 Christmount Voice Page 4

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Jobs for the Future Expands Almost two years ago we had a brainstorm to create a job training program for young adults with autism as part of Lakey Gap Adapted Programs Armed with the knowledge that adults with autism have higher unemployment rates and higher rates of isolation than people with other developmental disabilities we saw a need and set out to develop something here at Christmount for these under served members of our community days of operation to twice weekly Interns are learning about kitchen safety inspection requirements dish washing and of course cooking Fridays at Christmount now include chicken and pasta with Alfredo sauce Mexican casserole BBQ d burgers and brats among other delicious offerings Interns share lunch with Christmount staff furthering our goals of encouraging social engagement in a safe and respectful environment We started with what we had a 2 000 grant from Wal Mart and an idea for a kitchen garden that could supplement our food pantry with herbs and vegetables grown organically right out our back door We didn t have to look far to find a crew Beacon Transitions is a private facility nearby that teaches skills to young men with autism seeking to live and work independently in their home communities What s next More funding in 2019 will allow us to launch Phase III sometime this year and to hire a project manager who can continue to build the curriculum write grants and work with our great crew We ve made our seed list for early plantings we continue to plan and prepare amazing healthy meals and we look forward to seeing Jobs for the Future continue to grow along with the gardens and lives the program sustains Though we didn t have much to show when harvest time rolled around that first year we learned and grew with the support of our community partners and volunteers In the spring of 2018 we planted we worked and we waited Herbs flourished potatoes grew as large as softballs cucumbers turned into pickles and green beans were harvested by the basketfuls Jobs for the Future had a future Fast forward to late last fall when we received a 5 000 grant from Autism Speaks to move beyond Phase I Kitchen Gardening to Phase II Food Services With this additional funding we are recruiting three new interns and increasing our Overly Friendly Anne For years my husband Kevin and daughter Molly have referred to me as overly friendly Anne as I seem to make friends with everyone from the butcher to the car repair man to the young people from Jamaica walking to work at the resort up the mountain from my neighborhood on freezing rainy mornings I can actually load nine people into my Subaru for the short trip to their workplace Maybe this affectionate rib has helped me out in my job at Christmount as Director of Community Outreach and Development I love people and am eager to learn about them in whatever ways present themselves As an autism specialist with the UNC TEACCH Autism Program for 28 years I enjoyed a rich career working with families training teachers counseling young people and developing curriculum Just this week Rob invited me into his office to meet a 25 year old man with autism who is interested in joining our Jobs for the Future program I immediately recognized him and reminded him that I first met him when he was 3 years old and I worked with him at TEACCH He smiled When I began my post retirement job at Christmount in October 2016 I set out with the personal goal of finding joy and providing service to others Surrounded by inspiring Page 5 Christmount Voice people I am living my dream I never imagined that I would have the courage to approach community leaders to ask for their support of our programs but here I am doing just that I ve met some lovely people in the process and I m honored to say that some of those people invited me to serve on the Black Mountain Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors on which I ve served for almost a year I ll likely step down from my post one day soon and will find even more ways to connect to Christmount and Lakey Gap Adapted Programs In the meantime if I see a lonely pooch on the side of the road I ll probably shake his paw introduce myself and ask about his family Anne McGuire christmount org

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Staff Profile JAMIE BRAME When Jamie Brame first came to Christmount he remembers saying at the end of the week I wish it would last forever He was only 10 years old at the time And although it didn t last forever it did last for a very long time almost 30 years in fact Originally from Eden North Carolina Jamie grew up in the Christian Church and Christmount was always an important part of his life Since 1964 there ve been only two or three summers when I was not involved at Christmount in some way he reminisces either as a camper a counselor a visitor or a staff member When he started work as Camp Director in early 1989 it was a big job With a tiny staff he hastens to add Although his title has changed over the years his work has focused on developing and running programs for Christmount for nearly 30 years One board member goes back to the mid 1950s he notes but other than that not very many people have been here that long When asked what he has loved the most about his years at Christmount he doesn t hesitate Working with college and seminary students who have been here on summer staff and watching people come and see their lives changed he says I don t know how many college kids who ve worked here have ended up going into ministry I think at least 20 or 30 The person who hired him once joked that camp was a good testing ground for ministry Anyone who could survive summer camp she told him could handle anything in the ministry Several years ago he developed an extensive training manual for staff in part to give them a history of Christmount to help them understand the place where they re working and in part to provide some concrete guidance on teaching spiritual disciplines for children How do you plan a curriculum How do you talk to kids about faith These are critical tools The manual covered the five main areas of camp the community the spiritual aspect the recreational aspect study and what the campers take home Of course there were also a few rules the most important of which was Never make a rule you don t intend to follow yourself What s the biggest change he s seen over the years The fact that we now have a year round camping facility he says proudly with the Group Lodge that opened up in 1992 Before we didn t have anything if a youth group wanted to come in the middle of winter And now that the new Dining Hall has made the possibility of good food a reality it s amazing what the place has to offer When asked what his post retirement future holds the first thing that comes to mind is music Jamie and his wife both musicians have just finished their fourth CD and are hoping to get some invitations to sing at churches or do music for large groups But in addition to music it s clear that he is not through with a life of service and is holding out the possibility of part time ministry in some capacity Who knows we might find him back at Christmount as a workshop leader or a volunteer I m fairly sure I m not through with Christmount he admits with a joyful chuckle And I don t think Christmount is through with me

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Adult Programs Spring Yoga Retreat May 3 5 Yoga teacher Beth Morris returns for a spring Yoga Retreat Go beyond yoga as exercise and explore the spiritual understanding of this ancient practice The event includes learning and practicing asanas meditation discussion and simple healthy meals Disciples College Chaplains Summit May 28 30 Christmount is providing an opportunity for Disciples Chaplains and Campus Ministers to come together to network share resources and collaborate around best practices We are hoping this event will be underwritten as a way to say Thank You to all of our chaplains for the important work they do Music Workshop June 13 16 Join others who love church music and learn singing and ringing techniques to enhance your skills The event culminates with leading worship through music at First Christian Church Black Mountain Whether you re an experienced musician or a Sunday singer there s a place in the choir for you Director Harry Gilbert will return for a second year of directing this year Theology on Tap August 16 18 Join us for brewery tours worship fellowship beer tasting campfire and discussion on deep issues affecting our world today We won t talk politics but we will talk religion and spirituality and the ever changing theological landscape undergirding our societal structures Chautauqua Comes to Christmount October 21 25 Modeled after the long running ever popular Chautauqua events in New York we have brought Chautauqua to Christmount Now in its fourth year here Chautauqua never fails to delight inspire and connect with participants Our theme this year is IDEA Inclusivity Diversity Equity and Affirmation Our featured keynote speaker is the Rev Dr William Bill Thomas Thanksgiving at Christmount November 28 Last year Christmount served Thanksgiving dinner to over 180 people It was one of the best meals we have ever shared on a Thanksgiving holiday We hope that you will be able to join us this year for this special time to share gratitude with us The meal is donation based with proceeds going to our Camp Sunshine Scholarship Fund Holiday Decorating Party November 23 and 30 This year we are hosting a Holiday Decorating Party at Christmount Come for the day or stay and play We will be stringing lights decorating trees hanging garland and getting the place ready for the season Appalachian Advent December 3 6 Celebrate the Season of Advent with a week at Christmount We will weave stories music and tastes of all things Appalachia this year Think hammered dulcimer Appalachian Storytellers homemade cornbread and applesauce cake Gingerbread House Workshop December 13 14 Join us for a Gingerbread House Workshop on either December 13 or December 14 this year We will provide all the supplies including your very own holiday apron to take home along with your lovely gingerbread house Holiday Cookie Exchange December 21 How about a Holiday Cookie Exchange at Christmount Bring a batch of your favorite holiday cookies and we ll swap with friends and neighbors Enjoy music stories and activities for all ages Page 7 Christmount Voice

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Youth Young Adult Programs SOIL Conference July 28 August 2 Register online at christmount org for nearly all events The S O I L experience explores the landscape of our faith as you have never seen it before through the lens of sustainability justice service and action On this week long journey intergenerational groups will explore complex sustainability challenges and meet churches engaged in environmental social justice in their own communities Camp Brooke July 1 5 For Middle School girls Camp Brooke gives girls guidance as they begin the transformation from young girls to young women dealing with many of the physical emotional ethical and spiritual issues that arise during this time in their lives Through group discussions games singing creative writing crafts nature study and guest speakers from the community the girls will learn more about themselves and the world in which they must live and thrive Youth Work Camp June 14 19 Work Camp is for middle school and high school youth groups who want to give back to Christmount in a significant way Campers work two and a half days with a play day on the river to go tubing Each evening will include a program recreation and worship AYM Youth Mission Camp July 7 12 and 14 19 Christmount has joined with Asheville Youth Mission AYM to provide an amazing mission experience that includes work programming and play Your mission projects are planned and led by AYM staff Create memorable moments for your group through team building activities fun and games Christian Church in NC JYF Chi Rho Camp June 17 22 Junior Camp grades 3 5 and Chi Rho Camp grades 6 8 have impacted not just the individuals attending them but the church itself as these young people have grown to become clergy and lay leaders throughout the Christian Church Disciples of Christ campmatters Christian Church in NC CYF Conference June 24 29 CYF Conference grades 9 12 is open to all high school youth We have a special Senior Discount as well as a First Time Free scholarship for anyone who registers for camp for the first time Campers build community through singing games small group and large group activities campmatters Volunteer Opportunities Camp Sunshine Adult Overnight May 19 24 26 31 Adult Day Camp June 2 7 Youth Day Camp June 30 July 5 Camp Sunshine a special overnight camp for high functioning adults and youth with special needs is a week of fun fellowship recreation and worship Overnight campers stay in the Group Lodge and are supervised by a trained staff who work with them personally to ensure that each person has a great time at camp The camp is packed with games activities singing music crafts and more Volunteers must be high school age or older We try to limit the number of Volunteers each week to 15 20 Volunteer Cost 240 person RV Volunteers Flexible Dates RV Volunteers bring their own RV and commit to an average of 25 service hours a week with projects tailored to volunteers interests and skills Each RV site includes access to 30 amp power water and sewer Volunteers also have access to free meals whenever a Christmount group has scheduled meals in the Dining Hall Volunteer services might include light maintenance carpentry landscaping painting cleaning food service office work or leadership of volunteer mission groups Adult Work Week May 5 10 Family Work Weekend May 10 12 Adult Work Week and Family Work Weekend are mission opportunities to help Christmount prepare for the summer season Raking painting weeding light construction trail maintenance preparing supplies for camp it s all part of readying Christmount for a summer of wonder where lives are changed And we have lots of fun There is a small fee to volunteer with Adult Work Week to help cover costs associated with lodging and meals Christmount Voice Page 8

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Camp Sunshine Update As Christmount said goodbye to long time Program Director Jamie Brame in February Lakey Gap Adapted Programs took on the additional role of leading Camp Sunshine s programs for adults with disabilities We hope to build on the strong legacy of service to this community that Jamie left us and we are confident that both programs can benefit from a stronger relationship with each other Last fall the directors of both programs sat down with the executive director to begin a process of assessing how to maintain program quality while ensuring sustainability into the future One of the hard truths we faced was the need for improved financial stability For years Camp Sunshine programs have been subsidized by Christmount general funds which we recognize is not practical for continued growth For the program to continue to grow it will need to become self sustaining That means tuition will need to reflect the actual costs of the program including staffing lodging meals and activities Those costs now come to 962 for one week of overnight camp a figure that has been fairly stable for several years During those same years however we have only been charging 200 tuition essentially providing every camper in the program with a 762 scholarship without having a scholarship fund in place to draw from This year we have officially established the Camp Sunshine Scholarship Fund as a way to continue providing financial assistance where needed while preserving the ability of Christmount to continue providing these vital programs As with all of our scholarships award amounts will be based on need and scholarship applications will be included in every application packet The Camp Sunshine Scholarship Fund is set up to receive funds from individual donors organized fundraisers and corporate sponsors We hope you will consider either a onetime donation or a recurring contribution to help get this new fund off the ground And if you know of any individuals groups businesses or events that would be interested in supporting the mission of Camp Sunshine please let us know so we can reach out to them with information on this exciting new opportunity One other change we re making this year is an even lower staffing ratio Camp Sunshine participants will now enjoy a 4 1 camper to staff ratio with trained paid staff We are also working with churches to provide volunteers through church service missions to supplement our paid staff These partnerships will allow us to be more involved in the community give campers more opportunities to build relationships and we hope help inspire another generation to advocate for individuals with disabilities Page 9 Christmount Voice christmount org

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Lakey Gap Time keeps on zippin zippin zippin In the fall of 2017 Camp Lakey Gap Director Jon Blalock sat down with Sheena and Jeff Greiner to discuss a transformative partnership The Greiners through their family owned Adventure Center of Asheville were trying to find a home for their Zipping for Autism program Zipping for Autism began with the goal of raising money in support of autistic people and their families in Western North Carolina Sheena and Jeff had already talked with Jon about supporting Camp Lakey Gap and wanted to do more Their daughter McAlister had been deeply involved with the program for many years and their son O Reilly is on the autism spectrum They asked Do you know anyone in the community we can partner with to provide programs for adults with ASD education and support for families and other activities during the year After thinking a moment Jon answered We do most of that and we could probably do more Lakey Gap Adapted Programs was born from that discussion with the intention to grow Camp Lakey Gap to meet the growing needs of the autistic population and their families A goal was set to increase social group offerings develop additional camp programs increase vocational opportunities and provide parent support and training Since those initial discussions much has been accomplished The Greiner family shows some of the many faces behind a growing base of support for Lakey Gap Adapted Programs These community partnerships provide much needed financial support to ensure that these programs can continue to thrive and grow ultimately serving more people in more ways Camp Lakey Gap and Lakey Gap adapted Programs are grateful for all of the support they receive and are continually seeking opportunities to collaborate with agencies and individuals to better serve the community To participate in Zipping for Autism visit www ZippingForAutism com There you will find all the details about this event how to participate and ways you can support Lakey Gap Adapted Programs through Zipping For Autism In cooperation with Western Carolina University a weekend camp was held in the fall of 2018 with plans to offer similar programs in the fall of 2019 and spring of 2020 Social Groups continued and expanded the reach into the community through communication with other local service agencies The Jobs for the Future program received a 5 000 grant from Autism Speaks to expand the content of the program and increase community impact Lakey Gap Adapted Programs will host its first workshop for parents and caregivers on Autistic Self Knowledge and Self Advocacy in May 2019 Presenters will be Catherine Faherty and Jade McWilliams and money raised through Zipping for Autism will provide scholarships for parents to attend Spring 2019 Above The Greiner Family L to R McAlister O Reilly Sheena and Jeff Christmount Voice Page 10

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Volunteer Spotlight Owen Lovejoy Owen is a longtime Christmount resident whose dedicated work maintaining our hiking trails has allowed thousands of people to enjoy them over the years We spoke with him recently about his many years here and what this work has meant to him My wife and I moved to Christmount in 1976 to work on summer staff and we loved the area so much we decided to stay That first year my responsibilities included managing the swimming pool and leading groups on hikes So I guess that means I ve been hiking the Christmount trails for 43 years When we first moved to Christmount my wife s grandparents Perry and Ruby Stone lived here Her grandfather Daddy Stone was very knowledgeable about the fauna and flora of the area and more than willing to share his knowledge with anyone who had an interest We did And we soaked it up My wife and I still remember many of the things he taught us Christmount residents Ken and Mary Durant were good friends of the Stones and it was Ken Durant who actually made most of the trails here He started the process in his 60s after he had retired He invited me to accompany him on his regular rounds of clearing hiking trails and boundary trails and it didn t take long for me to get hooked on hiking I have great memories of those days working with him on the trails I have so many favorites here favorites for various reasons and at various seasons Some of them like Rocky Knob Trail offer inspiring vistas and others have wildflowers and other bloomers at different times in the spring summer and fall The Wildflower Cove Trail boasts thousands of trilliums in the early spring and the Lee Moore Trail has a section covered with mountain laurel blooms later in the spring Then in June a portion of the Azalea Trail is filled with bursts of pink rhododendron a real delight for the eyes I also have sentimental favorites The Blue Ridge Trail is where I first introduced my children to the Christmount wilderness area many years ago and where I now walk with my grandchildren hoping they will love these footpaths as much as I have One of my heartfelt hopes for these trails is that our grandchildren will always love to come to our home at the place we call Christmount I hope they will value for years to come the beauty of God s creation I hope they ll have fond memories of walking through quiet glens with Papa me seeing pileated woodpeckers admiring the rhododendron in full bloom collecting bright leaves of red and gold to bring to their grandma and playing in the mountain brooks I hope they and others in their generation will care for these trails so that their children and many more will have the same opportunity to enjoy God and cherish His creation as I have Page 11 Christmount Voice christmount org

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New Food Services Director Jason Krueger Meet Jason Krueger Christmount s new Food Services Director as of January 2 2019 Jason comes to Christmount with excellent experience having served as chef for restaurants in Asheville and surrounding areas for years Jason says that he is most excited about doing something he has never done before preparing meals for groups in a camp conference or retreat setting He loves to cook teach and serve dishes that bring smiles to the faces of those sitting down to a good meal Jason specializes in healthy meal options and is happy to accommodate any special requests or dietary needs He will be bringing his own style to the Christmount Sunday Brunches which are open to the public every Sunday from 11 00 a m to 2 00 p m each week Easter to Thanksgiving As a trained chef Jason also looks forward to hosting weddings banquets and receptions in a picture perfect setting at Christmount We are currently looking at ways to renovate Aldridge Hall to be used as an event venue for parties and celebrations The trees the mountains the flowing creeks and an outstanding chef on hand who wouldn t want to create special memories in a place like this Culinary Internship Available Jason is currently looking for an intern who wants to expand his or her culinary arts portfolio by working with him at Christmount This position has a flexible time frame from three to nine months could include housing if needed and will include a small stipend Opportunities associated with the internship include teaching community classes collaborating with local organizations organic gardening and orchestrating catered events such as weddings For more information contact Christmount Spring 2019

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News Briefs Scholarship Funds Corporate Sponsorships November 2018 Board and Council Highlights We believe that every Christmount event should be within reach for everyone who wants to attend which is why we established Scholarship Funds for all of our Christmount programs We currently have separate scholarship funds for Camp Lakey Gap Camp Sunshine and general Christmount programs Our goal is for each of these to provide assistance to anyone who needs it There s not enough space to list all the highlights from the last Board and Council Meetings but here are a few standouts Camp Lakey Gap and Camp Sunshine are currently seeking businesses and organizations who would like to help us underwrite the cost of these two programs If you know of a company that might be interested in this philanthropic opportunity please put us in touch with them The Board authorized staff to contract with a local IT professional to assess our needs and advise on solutions and plans for the future We ve gotta get better wi fi people The Board approved formation of a Capital Campaign Committee to be appointed by the Executive Director and Board Moderator and authorized it to oversee a Feasibility Study for starting a capital campaign over a period of three to five years The Executive Director was also authorized to hire an architect to start drawing up a plan for a new multi use building to replace Davis Hall Fellowship Hall The new facility will include sleeping rooms offices meeting space and parking We are also in the process of appointing a Planning Team to help with plans and logistics for the upcoming 75th Anniversary celebration in the Fall of 2023 If you are interested in being a part of this team contact Christmount to submit your name Housekeeping Vehicle and Golf Carts Needed Guest House Remodeling Update In our Guest House face lift project we are currently remodeling our second set of suites and renovating our first single room Both projects are being made possible by the generosity of two donors Bob and Ida Anne Clarke are responsible for the Suite and Linda Whitmire is responsible for the single room All the rooms are getting new windows new PTAC heating and air units new carpeting new walls some new furnishings and new bathroom vanities Our goal is to renovate all of the rooms in the Guest House If you are interested in a naming opportunity for a room or a suite contact the office for more information Page 13 Christmount Voice Christmount is looking for a good vehicle to use for our Housekeeping department If you have a used vehicle you would like to donate or sell at a reasonable price please let us know We are also looking for two or three golf carts to use with our special needs camps this summer so staff can transport campers with mobility issues If you re interested in loaning or leasing a golf cart this summer please contact the office to discuss the details NEW Pickleball and Gaga Ball We re adding a Pickleball Court and a Gaga Ball Pit to our recreation area this summer Pickleball is a game akin to tennis played on a smaller court with hard plastic paddles and wiffle balls It s fast paced fun and very addictive Pickleball leagues have sprung up all across the country Gaga Ball is a game like dodgeball and handball played in a octagonal pit Players try to slap the rubber kickball at their opponents knees It s a crazy fun game and the kids love it A local Eagle Scout is building the Gaga Ball Pit for his Eagle Scout Merit Badge christmount org

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campmatters at General Assembly About two years ago Christmount kicked off a small campaign called campmatters to raise awareness of the importance of summer camping programs The idea was simple Summer camp has a positive impact on kids Kids return home and have a positive impact on their church Excited churches in turn have a positive impact on their regions Excited regions have a positive impact on the denomination An excited denomination has a positive impact on the world And it all starts with summer camp Camp Matters Permanent Fund This summer Christmount will host a campmatters booth at the General Assembly of the Christian Church Disciples of Christ Our goal is to celebrate and raise awareness of ALL camp and conference centers affiliated with the Christian Church across the United States and Canada We hope to have information from as many of the Disciples camp and conference centers as possible We are also looking for someone to help put together a slideshow for the booth that will highlight all camping programs and facilities reminding everyone of the importance of why campmatters This past year Christmount launched a Camp Matters Permanent Fund which will be used to provide small grants to Disciples camp and conference centers for the purpose of helping with initiatives involving people staff programs and property Donations made to the Camp Matters Permanent Fund are split 50 50 with half going to the Permanent Fund and half going directly to the Disciples camp and conference center of the donor s choice Currently the fund balance is 13 340 with checks having been sent to 18 different Disciples camp and conference centers so far For more information on the Camp Matters Permanent Fund please visit www christmount org and click on the Camp Matters link Work Opportunities Summer Staff May 15 August 9 The Summer Staff experience features a wide array of opportunities and responsibilities In addition to receiving specialized training for coordinating the Camp Sunshine Programs you will also work with traditional camps and mission groups Summer Staff will have the option of working in other departments around Christmount including Food Services Maintenance Housekeeping and Guest Services depending on your interests Summer Lifeguards May 15 August 31 Christmount is looking for five or six CERTIFIED Lifeguards for the summer season You must have current Lifeguard certification as well as CPR First Aid certification or be willing to secure these by May 15 Our summer pool season runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day but you do not have to commit to the entire season in order to be considered for employment You will lifeguard for swimmers and non swimmers participants Spring 2019 with autism and participants with developmental disabilities as well as others We strive to have a minimum of two lifeguards on duty at all times Short Term Internships Flexible Dates Choose from a 3 month 6 month or 9 month internship at Christmount We will help develop an internship based on your specific goals skill set and passions Some options might include Hospitality Recreation and Tourism Culinary Arts Food Service Social Media Marketing and Sales Landscaping Organic Gardening Event Planning Special Education Lakey Gap Autism Programs Sunshine Programs Grant Writing and Development and Eco Justice and Social Justice In addition to responsibilities onsite at Christmount interns also have opportunities to network with community organizations and local congregations Internships include lodging and meals and a small monthly stipend Internships available any time of year for Young Adults ages 21 28 Christmount Voice Page 14

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Christmount Christmount Christian Assembly 222 Fern Way Black Mountain NC 28711 9771 Switch your subscription from print to digital help us save Nonprofit Organization U S Postage Paid Permit 44 Black Mountain NC