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Do you need the inspiration to create the lifestyle you've 

always wanted? 

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We have two ways you can run your business, online, offline or of course, a combination of both. Over the next few pages, we will explain in more detail.

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Welcome, in the next few minutes we aim to inspire you to take the opportunity to create the lifestyle you desire.

Simple steps on how you can discover a new way of working based from home, working the hours to suit you and your family.

Whether you are looking for a new career, pension top-up, additional income or to work around the children. We believe VivaMK is an incredible opportunity that will enable you to make more friends, have fun and earn money at the same time.

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VivaMK started in June 2018 and it's had explosive growth. Incredibly, Team SUMMIT who is are a major part of the VivaMK Network grew to over 3000 distributors within 2 months of registration.

Michael Khatkar the sole owner of VivaMK, has over 25 years of experience in the Network Marketing industry. His experience and expertise along with a great team of people are why today VivaMK is known as 'The People's Business'. 

With real people, earning real incomes this business is inspiring so many to create the lifestyle they have always dreamed of.

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Working Offline

Running your own VivaMK business couldn’t be more simple.

Our catalogue method is our primary and most lucrative way of earning money. This simple, proven method of retail has been used for over 50 years both here in the UK and Ireland. You can generate phenomenal orders without actually having to be a salesperson.  In fact, you can build a customer base without having any sales background at all. 

All you need to do is deliver our VivaMK catalogue through doors in your local area every 4 weeks, customers can browse through the book and then leave the book back outside the door, with or without an order.

It's such a simple and effective concept, more and more people are shopping from home. People want a safe and easy way to receive their good, VivaMK distributors offer just that, the personal service with door to door free delivery. 

**We also have a comprehensive system in place for any distributor who wishes to sell products purely online. Please ask for more details.

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Catalogue Examples

Please click a catalogue and you will be able to browse some of our products

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Work Virtually Anywhere

You can work your VivaMK business based purely online selling products via, eBay, amazon, shpock, Facebook etc.

We have a full and comprehensive training programme for you to kick start your business, Basic knowledge on how to navigate online is essential.

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With such a wide selection of products available to sell online and via our brochure method, you’ll never be left wondering what to promote next. 

VivaMK pride themselves on offering the latest, trending and every day essential items to suit all pockets.

VivaMK has the famous Kleeneze brand of cleaning products as part of their portfolio and we are very pleased to announce we have complete exclusivity, meaning you will not be able to purchase this range of cleaning products from anywhere else. 

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For simplicity, your initial retail commission will be 25% of the catalogue price.  

The more volume you or your team generate (sales) you will receive an additional bonus at the end of the month, on top of your 25%.

For example:

£0 - £499 =  25%


£100 (Catalogue price)  £75 (Cost to you) = £25 Retail Profit

£500/€600 - £999= 3% additional bonus

£1000/€1200 - £2000 = 5% additional bonus

£2000/€2400 - £4000/€4800 = 7% additional bonus

The VivaMK Plan allows you to earn additional bonuses as you grow your team.

Volume Profit (VP) - enhances your income as a commission payment and this will now include retail sales of your team members and be awarded on group volume. 

Royalty Bonus (RB) - which is earned from breaking new Premiers within your team. Paid out on up to 5 generations in depth.

*VP & RB will be explained in more detail by a distributor.

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It's not often that when you start up a new business that you are offered your own business mentor. 

As part of Team SUMMIT, you'll get just that. Your sponsor will be working with a team of experienced mentors who will help, guide and support you in the business.

As part of your ongoing support you can also expect:

Getting started induction

One to one training

Our teams exclusive 'Universal Retail Training'

Access to our teams innovative 'The Social Selling System'

Team training online via zoom

Access to all events, Workshops, Showcases & House Meetings

Ongoing contact & communication from your sponsor

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Option 1 - WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR - SAVE MONEYSave 25% on all products There is a one-off joining fee to allow access to wholesale pricesYou could make some money by ordering for friends and family and charging (RRP) Option 2 - VIVAMK RETAIL DISTRIBUTORDepending on your volume of sales you could receive between 25 - 35% on all orders.Show many more customers your range of products using either social media and/or catalogues delivered in and around your local area. Earn yourself between £100 - £1000+ extra per month dependant on the number of orders you receive Option 3 - VIVAMK DISTRIBUTOR - RETAILER & NETWORKERRetailHelp support and train others to build an independent VivaMK businessYou will receive full training and support to build a team, using our simple systemReceive Team Leader bonusesPotential earnings £100 to £4000+ per month, depending on how much time you are able to give your business


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Catalogue & Online 

VivaMK Network Standard Starter Kit £25 / €30

Your new starter will get instant access to the full distributor back office with the ordering system, invoices for all purchases and a personalised shop and recruitment link. They will also be sent a starter kit that will include:

100 House Proud version 3 catalogues

100 Summer catalogues

100 Personalisation catalogues

100 Beauty Catalogues

100 Snap Bags

100 order forms

100 Personalisation order forms 

Hand sanitiser 

3 disposable Face Masks 

A package worth £51.75 for just £25.00 with FREE delivery. 

A saving of £26.75


It's so simple and easy to get started.

The person taking you through this website will be able to send you a registration link and you will then be able to fill in the form.

Online Only Starter - £5.00 / €6.00

This will give your new starter instant access to the full distributor back office with the ordering system, invoices for all purchases, and a personalised shop and recruitment link. No catalogues are included in this kit but can be purchased at the normal distributor prices at any time from joining.

Catalogue & Online

VivaMK Network Executive Starter Kit £45 / €54.00
Your new starter will get instant access to the full distributor back office with the ordering system, invoices for all purchases and a personalised shop and recruitment link. They will also be sent a starter kit that will include:
200 House Proud version 3 catalogues
200 Summer catalogues
200 Personalisation catalogues
200 Beauty Catalogues
200 Snap Bags
200 order forms
200 Personalisation order forms
Hand sanitiser
3 disposable Face Masks

A package worth £95.75 for just £45.00 with FREE delivery.

A saving of £50.75

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