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A virtual assistant or VA, is a person who provides
professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance
exclusively to clients from a remote location. A dedicated
virtual assistant can also further provide personal assistance
should the client need it.
Most virtual assistants are typically independent contractors
and hiring one through Boomering will give you financial
flexibility because you won’t be responsible for any
employee-related taxes, benefits or even insurances.
Virtual Assistant?
What is a
What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?
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Duties and
responsibilities of a
dedicated virtual
assistant include, but
are not limited to;
Email Management: A virtual marketing assistant will organize your mail while
you’re gone. Services include filtering emails, spam management, editing follow-up
emails and responses, sending newsletters, updating your contact database, and
chat support.
Transcription Services: will transcribe both audio and video files you may require.
Customer Information Management: A virtual assistant can assist with CRM
services to help you increase sales and drive your revenue. They will update
important contacts via CRM and aid you in building relationships with your
Data Management: A VA can provide high-quality management services that
include updating and maintaining records in your database, creating new entries in
Word, Excel, etc.
Research and Documentation: A virtual assistant can conduct research and gain
access to vital information on anything you might like on various industries such as
eCommerce, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, real estate and more.
We utilize the talents of our human resources to transform any set of data into well-
written reports as Keynote/Powerpoint presentations.
Itinerary Organization and Planning: A VA will be able to calculate your travel costs,
check flight schedules, book train/plane/bus tickets ahead of your travels, scouting
for the best places to visit and make hotel bookings. So you can have a hassle-free
and enjoyable trip.