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Anne Frank Diary

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By: Evan Babiash & Shawn Noris


World Peace

Here is Miep with Mr. Frank 

Act 1, Scene 2

I think I would be able to be a protector like Miep. I would be able to because I would hopefully be good friends of who I was protecting like Miep and Mr. Frank were. I think I would be a good protector because I am sneaky and I would be able to get them what they needed. In my opinion it would probably be easier protecting the Franks and the Van Daans than any other families because they had a good hiding place and it was well thought out by Mr. Frank. if I was a protector like Miep I would try to get them food every day because I would feel bad if they didn't eat anything for a day. Even if I knew I would suffer the same fate of the Jews I  would still try to protect them the best I could and would hope they didn't get caught.

-Evan Babiash

Here is Anne when she was young 

Act 1, Scene 3

I think Anne would be the hardest to get along with. She would be the hardest because she doesn't really get the idea that they really need to be careful about what they do and the noises they make. It would be hard to get along with her because she is always trying to do something to keep her occupied. I would find it hard to keep her quiet during the day and she would get on my nerves at night because she would always want to talk. It would be hard to sleep because she is always tossing and turning and she has nightmares so she would wake me in the middle of the night. She also acts like she is the best compared to everyone else. She can do something to you, but if you do it back she whines about it. Overall Anne would kill me on the inside.

-Evan Babiash

Here is the bookself that was on a hinge that led to the attic.

Act 1, Scene 5

My favorite holiday celebration is Christmas. This holiday would be very hard to celebrate stuck in an attic. It would be hard to celebrate because you can't get a Christmas tree up there. It would also be hard because there wouldn't be many presents that would be given and even if there were presents they wouldn't be very nice presents. The only thing that wouldn't be different about celebrating Christmas in an attic is that you're with your family and that is what Christmas is all about. My family would probably celebrate it by giving a few gifts and just simply saying I love you to one another.

-Evan Babiash

Here is an old classroom, one that Anne was in before hiding

Act 2 , Scene 2

As I prepare for high school, I have prepared many goals, but there is one that stands out; graduating. A person is nothing without education and a big part of that education is that high school diploma. Another goal I have preparing  for high school is being a successful athlete. In my case, education always comes before sports. In part of this goal for being a successful athlete is getting a scholarship to a college in the athletics department. Something that might cause these goals to change is that athletics don’t go the way I plan. I am expecting a lot from myself and that may not happen. For example, I am expecting myself to start on the varsity football team in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade, and I am also expecting to be a top of the line runner in track. All these things I am expecting may not happen but there is a chance they do.

-Shawn Noris


Here is a picture of an old telephone

Act 2, Scene 4
Mr. Frank did not answer the telephone when it rang three times in a row. It’s hard to tell whether he made the wrong decision or not. He could have made the wrong decision because it could have been Miep trying to warn them, like Dussel had said. It could have also been the wrong decision because it could have been the Gestapo agents telling them they had found where they are located. I would have not done the same, I would have answered the phone. I would answer the phone because if it is Miep, it could give you time to be ready for them and maybe make a run for. Same thing goes for the Gestapo agent, when they call you can pack your bags and run.

-Shawn Noris

This is a picture of a star the Jews wore so the could be identified

Act 2, Scene 5

After reading this play, it is important for students to keep reading about Anne Frank. The reason it is so important is because it tells us about World War II.  It shows us how Hitler was a gruesome leader of the Nazis and how mean he and they were. At one point, the Nazis were just shooting Jews in the street. Reading more about Anne Frank will also give us a firsthand experience in how Jews were treated, and how they had to live.Jews could barely survive because they struggled to get food, whoever helped the Jews was treated like one and so luckily the Jews have Miep but when the food supplier she gets food from for the Franks and everybody else there is caught, they are left with little food. Reading more will also show us how the Americans and the Allies were just the slightest bit late to save the Franks and many others. Students our age should really read more, because Peter and Anne are around our age so it shows us where we would have been if we were Jews.

-Shawn Noris

Here, a picture of Hitler in his prime

Act 2, Final Choice
If I could talk to Anne and have a conversation with her, boy would I have a lot to talk about. I would first ask how she felt about Hitler and the Nazis. I would also talk about everyone else, if she and everyone else survived what would she say to them especially Peter and her mom. I would ask her what it felt like when the Van Daans first moved in, being with a bunch of strangers to her.On that topic, I would talk about living 25 months with those strangers. With the final question, I would ask her what she would say if she got one last chance to say something to each of whom she lived with.

-Shawn Noris


Sadly, Margot and Anne died in their consentration camp and here is the picture of their gravestone.

The End 

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