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Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 20161
The Victus Way
Welcome to Victus Catering. We look forward to having YOU be part of our dynamic
team. We believe in you as an individual and will work with you to achieve your goals. The
Victus Way is one of integrity, open mindedness, and flexibility and first and foremost
respect. This is the respect we show our clients, our colleagues, and the world around us.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
This employee handbook is a summary of policies, procedures and practices related to human
resource management at Victus. We strive to provide a better understanding for new and existing
staff of what they can expect from Victus and what the Company expects of them.
It covers the general terms and conditions of service, benefits, rules and regulations governing
staff employed under Victus.
Victus will review the contents of this Handbook from time to time as and when necessary.
As in any handbook, this handbook cannot cover every possible situation and therefore, for doubts
on individual situations not covered, employees should to refer to their immediate superiors,
department heads or the H.R. Department for clarification.
You are asked to observe extreme discretion on any information you acquire in the context of your
activity at Victus. You are by this document and your engagement letter bound to corporate
confidentiality even after your departure from the company.
Open Door Policy
The Company has an open door policy and takes employee concerns and problems seriously. The
company values each employee and strives to provide a positive work experience. Employees are
encouraged to bring any workplace concerns or problems they might have or know about to their
supervisor or some other member of management.
Business Ethics
Victus expects its managers and other employees, regardless of any legal requirements, to
perform according to the highest standards of business ethics.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
Victus wishes to maintain a work environment that fosters personal and professional growth
for all employees. Maintaining such an environment is the responsibility of every staff person.
Because of their role, managers and supervisors have additional responsibility to lead in a
manner, which fosters an environment of respect for each person.
It is the responsibility of all staff to:
•Foster cooperation and communication among each other
•Treat each other in a fair manner, with dignity and respect
Promote harmony and teamwork in all relationships
•Strive for mutual understanding of standards for performance expectation
•Encourage and consider opinions of other employees or members, and invite their
participation in decisions that affect their work and their careers
•Encourage growth and development of employees by helping them achieve their personal
•Seek to avoid workplace conflict, and if it occurs, respond fairly and quickly
•Administer all policies equitably and fairly, recognizing that jobs are different but each is
important; that individual performance should be recognized and measured against
predetermined standards; and that each employee has the right to fair treatment
•Recognize that employees in their personal lives may experience crisis and show
compassion and understanding
Redefining Food Services through nourishment with taste and integrity
Inspiration * Integrity * Sustainability * Partnership * Respect
Inspiration: We want to inspire the world around us to hold higher standards when it
comes to feeding the world.
Respect: We respect and value our teammates, our customers, and our suppliers.
Integrity: We deliver on our promises, we do things the right way, and we are honest
with our stakeholders and each other.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
Letter of Appointment
Every new employee hired by the Victus will receive a letter of appointment stating the terms
and conditions of employment in addition to those contained in this Handbook. All new staff
employed may be subject to the successful passing of a medical examination.
This document will be used to evaluate performance both during the probation period and
after. If an employee is unsure of its contents, they should not hesitate to ask for
From time to time, it may be necessary to amend an employee’s job description. These
amendments will be discussed with the employee in advance however; management will
make the final decision on implementation.
Submission of Documents
Upon employment, all staff will be required to submit documents, etc. certificates,
references, photographs (passport size) and any other information as may be required by
Employment Equity
Victus is an equal opportunity employer and employs personnel without regard to race,
ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, language, citizenship, creed, religion, gender,
sexual orientation, age, marital status, physical and/or mental handicap or financial ability.
While remaining alert and sensitive to the issue of fair and equitable treatment for all, Victus
has a special concern with the participation and advancement of members of four
designated groups that have traditionally been disadvantaged in employment: women,
visible minorities, aboriginal peoples and persons with disabilities.
All new employees in Victus shall receive an orientation session, which will encompass an
overview of general policies, procedures and operations. This will also provide employees,
new to either a position or to Victus, an opportunity to learn the performance expectations
management has with regard to the position in question. They will be given a copy of this
Employee Handbook and will be expected to learn its contents. Employees will also be
made aware of policies such as, Code of Ethics, and asked to sign off on their adherence to
the same.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
Personnel File
Victus does collect personal information for inclusion in personnel files. This information is
available to the employee, the Executive Director and HR Manager. This information is kept
in a secure location, and is not shared with members of our Board or with our funders.
Information which is contained in an employee’s personnel file includes the following:
résumé, letter of offer, performance reviews, amendments to job descriptions, disciplinary
notices, tax forms, copies of enrolment forms for benefits and approved leave requests.
Employee’s probationary period, unless otherwise stated in your letter of appointment, is
normally three months. Such probationary period may be extended up to a further three
months, if performance is unsatisfactory or if the three months have been insufficient for
evaluation. During your probationary period, either you or the company may terminate the
employment relationship by giving one (1) calendar week’s (5 days) notice, or the equivalent
of one (1) calendar week (5 days) salary in-lieu of notice, unless otherwise stated in your letter
of appointment.
At the completion of the probation period, the employee and employer shall meet and
review progress to date. At this time one of three things will occur:
i. Probation will end with employment-terminated
ii. Probation may be extended for an additional six months
iii. Employment will be confirmed
The period of probation may be extended or reduced at the discretion by the Company’s
assessment of the employee’s performance during the said period. Notice shall be served
prior to any such extension.
On or before the expiry date of the probation period, the Company can and will inform
the employee in writing that:
- He is confirmed as a full-time employee
- His probation is to be extended for a further period of not more than (3) months; or
- His service is terminated
Either party by giving notice period set out in the Letter of Appointment may terminate
employment at any time, or in lieu of notice, settle for a sum equivalent to the stipulated
notice period indicated above unless otherwise stated.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
If an employee uses his annual leave to offset the notice period of termination of contract,
he would be paid for this period as per the Employment Act.
If an employee does not wish to lose his unconsumed annual leave, he should apply to take
his leave during the notice period. However, the approval of his leave application is at the
discretion of the Company.
Staff Uniform
A deposit of S$50 will be deducted from your first month salary for the uniform tops and
apron. If a staff resigns, all uniform, POS cards, apron and/or wine opener must be returned
on the last day of work or the deposit shall be forfeited.
A staff that has tendered their resignation is not allowed to requisite for new uniforms /
equipment. All staff uniform requisition remains the property of the Victus and must be
returned when requested to do so.
Annual Salary
Victus shall pay employees as stated in their contract, less the usual and necessary statutory
and other deductions payable in accordance with the Employer’s standard payroll practices.
These payroll practices may be changed from time to time at the Employer’s sole discretion.
As far as possible whenever a vacancy exists which provides an opportunity for internal
promotion and where the prerequisites for the job are present in existing employees, every
effort will be made to fill that vacancy from within the Victus.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
When representing Victus, staff should dress and behave appropriately. Employees should
choose to dress in a manner, which presents a professional image to the public and is
respectful of others. Excessive use of profanity is neither professional nor respectful to co-
workers and will not be tolerated. We aim to provide a pleasant working environment for all
staff. For this reason, every employee has a responsibility in ensuring that the work premises
remain orderly and clean.
Dress code for all staff
We want to project an image of a professional image, with professional staff. Though we
appreciate that each staff has his/her own personality, a well-groomed appearance is key to
the our success and well being of the clients. Staffs will need to observe the dress code below.
Do read carefully and ensure you are dressed this way at the workplace failing which you will
be sent home at your own expense to change accordingly.
Wear Victus issued white polo shirt & black pants for service staff
Wear dark jeans
Wear ONLY black shoes / no designs/ no colours
Do not wear flip flops/crocs etc. Only closed shoes for safety.
Hair should be neatly clipped or tied
No loud hair coloring or highlighting is allowed (e.g.: purple, blond, red, green, blue
Nails to be short and clean
Male: No long nails on any fingers / Female: No loud nail colours allowed
Any body piercing or tattoos on face or body should be covered with appropriate
Bare and revealing tops are not permitted.
Slogans on any attire must not be offensive etc. to any race, culture or belief.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
Tracksuits are not suitable.
Any body piercing or tattoos on face or body should be covered with appropriate
dressing. Certain cultures have historical or cultural adornment
Wear chef white, protective shoes, and hat
Hygiene for all staff
We remind all staff, to take care of their personal appearance as well as personal hygiene as
we are the image of the restaurant.
We remind you to:
Hands washed / nails clean
Ensure that hands are washed after visiting the
toilets and after smoking
In the event that your uniform is destroyed or aged in some way please approach your direct
manager and request a new set of uniforms. Any staff arriving inappropriately dressed will be
sent home at his/her own cost to change
Staff Uniform
A deposit of S$50 will be deducted from your first month salary for the uniform tops and
apron. If a staff resigns, all uniform, POS cards, apron and/or wine opener must be returned
on the last day of work or the deposit shall be forfeited.
A staff that has tendered their resignation is not allowed to requisite for new uniforms /
equipment. All staff uniform requisition remains the property of the Company and must be
returned when requested to do so.
Non-uniformed staff
Non-uniformed staff should conform to the personal hygiene rules and wear appropriate
o Respective uniform has to be worn during working hours.
o Feet should be appropriately covered. No slippers allowed.
o Hair should be neatly clipped or tied.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
Payment of Salary:
Employees are to provide a bank account number (the bank must be on the GIRO scheme)
for direct deposit of their salaries, allowances & other payments.
Your salary will be paid to you once a month into your bank account on the last day of each
All overtime must be authorized by the Executive Director in advance, employees will be
provided with time off in lieu of overtime pay at straight time for all hours worked after forty-
four (44) hours per week. After forty-four (44) hours worked in a week, employees shall
accumulate time off in lieu or be paid the part time rate. Time in lieu of overtime pay must
be taken in the twelve (12) months following it being earned.
• Work hours have to exceed 9 hours a day or 44 hours a week;
•You require approval BEFORE overtime is performed;
•Your immediate supervisor has to sign off on the timesheet;
•Time sheet will be submitted to the H.R. Department before the 20th of the following
month so that payment can be processed in time for that month’s payroll;
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
Discipline at Victus shall be progressive, depending on the nature of the problem. Its purpose
is to identify unsatisfactory performance and / or unacceptable behaviour. The stages may
i. Verbal Notice
ii. Written Notice
iii. Dismissal
Some circumstances may be serious enough that all three steps are not used. Examples of
these types of situations are theft, assault or willful neglect of duty. In all cases, documentation
should be included in the employee's personnel file.
Attendance & Absenteeism
Work is to continue up to the time assigned unless permission to leave early has been granted
by your immediate superior. To ensure that the work schedule in your Department is not
disrupted, you must keep your immediate superiors informed of your whereabouts during
working hours. If you are unable to report for work due to emergencies, you must notify your
immediate superior at once and if possible at least 2 hours prior to your shift.
Failure to notify your absence will risk cessation of your salary for the period of absence. It will
be deemed that you have voluntarily left the Victus employment, ff the absence continues for
more than two continuous days without prior approval or reasonable excuse. All medical
leave must be reported and medical certificates are to be handed in to your Department
Heads immediately on the day after your sick leave. If this is not possible, the medical
certificates must be submitted within 48 hours after the leave is granted.
Supervisors and employees should interact with mutual respect and common courtesy.
Employees are expected to take instruction from supervisors or other persons of authority.
Failure to comply with instructions or unreasonably delaying compliance is considered
insubordination. Acts of insubordination are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including
If an employee disagrees with a supervisor, the employee should first try to mediate the
situation by explaining their position. If possible, a compromise might be met and accusations
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
of insubordination avoided.
Resignation/Termination of Employment
Unless otherwise stated in your letter of appointment, both parties may terminate the
contract of service at anytime by giving the required notice or payment in-lieu.
For Probationary Employees:
One week notice in writing or such other period as may be specified in the letter of
appointment or payment in-lieu of notice without assigning any reason for such termination
by either party.
For Confirmed Employees:
One calendar month’s notice in writing.
Earned or accrued leave or unconsumed public holidays shall not be used to offset any
portion of the period of notice without the approval of the Management. However, Victus
reserves the right to waive the full notice or part of the period of notice in special
circumstances. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company reserves the rights to
terminate without notice, the service of any employees found guilty of misconduct
inconsistent with the fulfillment of the expressed or implied conditions of service.
Return of Company’s Property
On termination of employment, any other properties belonging to the Company must be
returned to the H.R. Department on your last day of work.
Income Tax
Victus has the right to withhold remaining wages due to a foreign employee who has ceased
employment until he/she has cleared his/her payment with the Singapore Income Tax
Authority or when the Singapore Income Tax Authority gives its instruction to pay the
employee concerned.
The purpose of this rule is to enable Victus to operate in an orderly and efficient manner,
employees to work well together and to respect your rights and interests.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
Your manager/chef is the best source of information regarding specific rules that apply to
your employment.
To avoid disciplinary action, you should NOT:
Be absent from work without prior approval from your
Report to work late without prior notification.
Refuse to comply with your manager/chef
Violate fire or safety rules established by any
government agency
Failure to report any injuries sustained while at work.
Use vulgar or abusive language.
Receive excessive personal telephone calls or
personal emails while at work.
Encourage or participate in gambling of any kind.
Violate any Victus policies or rules as outlined in
other sections of this handbook
Be disobedient or display insubordination, e.g. fail or
refuse to perform work assigned.
Commit theft, dishonesty, and embezzlement and
accept any monies or gratuities
Get into fights or altercations while on the Victus
Be involved in criminal acts resulting in conviction
regardless of where the act occurs, on or off Victus
premises, or while an employee is on or off duty.
Be absent from work without prior approval from your
Report to work late without prior notification.
Refuse to comply with your manager/chef
Fail to perform assigned duties satisfactorily and
Violate fire or safety rules established by any
government agency
Failure to report any injuries sustained while at work.
Use vulgar or abusive language.
Receive excessive personal telephone calls or personal
emails while at work.
Encourage or participate in gambling of any kind.
Violate any Victus policies or rules as outlined in other
sections of this handbook
Be disobedient or display insubordination, e.g. fail or
refuse to perform work assigned.
Commit theft, dishonesty, and embezzlement and accept
any monies or gratuities
Get into fights or altercations while on the Victus
Be involved in criminal acts resulting in conviction
regardless of where the act occurs, on or off Victus
premises, or while an employee is on or off duty.
Engage in immoral or indecent conduct.
Engage in sexual harassment.
Engage in illegal activities.
Create or contribute to the creation of an intimidating,
hostile or offensive work
Report to work under the influence of intoxicants
Drink alcohol or be in possession or distribution of drugs
on the premises
Smoke in a non-smoking designated area.
Disclose confidential information, such as: Salary, Outlet
Menus, Kitchen Recipes, Outlet Sales
Target/Turnover/P&L, Costing of Goods, Contracts,
Suppliers’ Details
The above list is not exhaustive and may change at the Victus discretion.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
Termination for Cause
An employment contract may be terminated by Victus at any time for cause, without notice
or payment in lieu of notice or severance pay whatsoever, except payment of outstanding
wages, overtime and vacation pay to the date of termination. Cause includes, but is not
limited to, any act of dishonesty, conflict of interest, breach of confidentiality, harassment,
insubordination, or careless, negligent or documented poor work performance.
Termination Without Cause
An employment contract may be terminated by Victus at any time and for any reason on a
without cause basis, upon the provision of notice or payment of notice instead, and
severance pay if applicable, as is minimally required by the Republic of Singapore, as
amended from time to time
After completion of the probationary period, employees must give Victus two (2) weeks
notice of resignation. Victus may waive the resignation notice period in whole or in part at
any time by providing payment of regular wages for the period so waived.
Operation requirements are subject to change based on workload and the funding levels
received on an annual basis. All efforts will be made to keep staff in a position similar, in
scope and salary, to that they have become accustom to. If Victus is unable to do this, then
employees will receive one (1) week notice for each year of service, as required by the
Republic of Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower.
Employer Property
Upon termination of employment for any reason, all items of any kind created or used
pursuant to the employee’s service or furnished by the Employer including but not limited to
computers, reports, files, manuals, literature, confidential information, or other materials
shall remain and be considered the exclusive property of the Employer at all times, and shall
be surrendered to the Executive Director, in good condition, promptly and without being
requested to do so.
Exit Interview
The company may request an exit interview upon notice of termination. The purpose of the
exit interview is to complete necessary forms, collect company property and discuss
employment experiences with the company.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
Annual Leave
You are entitled to paid annual leave in accordance with the Company’s existing provision
laid in this Handbook as follows:
14 working days per year (1st to 4th year’s service)
16 working days per year (5th to 7th year’s service)
18 working days per year (8th to 10th year’s service)
An employee is entitled to only a pro-rated number of days annual leave, in accordance with
the entitlement stated in the letter of appointment, if he/she does not complete a full year’s
service during his/her first year of appointment.
Applications for annual leave can be made by electronically or the prescribed application
form to your Department Heads through your immediate superior.
Annual leave will normally be granted on your application, but Victus reserves the right to
change the period to facilitate the re-arrangement of work schedules.
Leave not taken during the year in which it is due may be carried forward up to a maximum
of ten (10) working days leave to the following year. Such accumulation shall only be
permitted for one year. Any such leave not taken after this period will be forfeited except in
cases where approval has been given by the Management to accumulate such leave for a
further period.
Vacation Time and Vacation Pay
As vacation is designed to give employees a chance to rest and rejuvenate, Victus
encourages therefore taking vacation. For this reason, employees may only carry five (5)
days from one year to the next, this can be evaluated with your direct supervisor if you are
unable to clear your leave due to your position or in the eventuality the company requires
your services.
Sick Leave
Employees will be entitled to twelve (12) days of sick leave per calendar year accumulated on
the basis of 1 day per month. Moreover, regardless of the amount of sick leave
accumulated, sick leave will not be paid out upon resignation, retirement, or termination of
employment for any reason.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
Victus also reserves the right to request a doctor’s note for Medical leaves, if no Medical
certificate “MC” is provided the leave day will be converted to a day annual annual leave.
Unconfirmed staff on medical leave will have a day deducted from their pay.
Matrimonial Leave
The Company shall grant every confirmed employee three (3) continuous days paid
matrimonial leave on the occasion of his/her legal marriage.
Application for such leave must be submitted to your immediate supervisor at least one
month prior to the commencement of leave and supported by a marriage certificate.
Compassionate Leave
Victus will grant up to three (3) working days per event on the occasion of a death in the staff
member’s immediate family. Immediate family is defined as: parent(s), step parent(s), foster
parent(s), sibling(s), grandparent(s), spouse, step child(ren) or ward of the staff member,
father-in-law or mother-in-law.
Additional compassionate leave may be granted at the discretion of the Executive Director
for reasons not covered elsewhere in this manual. These requests should be discussed in
person with the ED and followed by a written submission.
Military Service / Reservist
An employee will be entitled to paid time-off for military service or reservist training or
routine report. He must inform his immediate supervisor as soon as he knows the dates of
his absence or received the notification from the authorities.
Maternity, Parental and Adoptive Leave
Maternity/Parental/Adoptive and other government supported Leave shall conform to the
provisions of the Republic of Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower.
Unpaid Leave
Employees may take unpaid leave with the written consent of the Executive Director. During
periods of unpaid leave, medical coverage shall continue to be paid by the employer,
vacation shall continue to accrue and seniority shall be maintained.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
Statutory Holidays
Every employee is entitled to paid holidays gazetted by the Government during the time
that he/she is employed.
If a public holiday falls on Saturday, 1 day will be credited to your annual leave immediately
after the public holiday. This substitute leave must be taken within the same year and it
cannot be carried forward to the following year.
If your employment requires you to work on a Public Holiday a day off in lieu will be credited
to your annual leave balance. If the eve of major public holidays such as Christmas, New
Year, Chinese Lunar Year, falls on a working day, the company will close officially at 3.00 p.m.
As stipulated by the Government, an employee who absents himself from work without prior
notice on the working day immediately preceding or succeeding the Public Holiday shall not
be eligible for the holiday pay.
In the event that employees are not able to utilize their off in-lieu for any outstanding Public
Holiday, within the year, it will be forfeited when the employee leaves the service of the
All Public Holiday and Off in-lieu application have to be submitted as a leave application at
least 1 week in advance and subject to the outlet manager/chef approval.
In the spirit of family, the Executive Director reserves the right to close the office between
Christmas and New Year’s to enable employees to spend time with their families. This will be
reviewed annually and will depend on operational requirements. These non-statutory days
will have no impact on employee vacation or lieu time.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
Victus offers its employees group benefits provided by a reputable medical insurer.
Outpatient Medical Consultation & Treatment
You shall be eligible for payment or reimbursement by the company when you receive
outpatient medical treatment in accordance with the company’s policy at any of the
registered medical practitioner or a Singapore government medical officer.
Specialist Consultation/Treatment
For specialist consultation/treatment, you are required to obtain referral advice from the
registered medical practitioner or a Singapore government medical officer. Such referral
advice has to be obtained before you seek such specialist medical consultation/treatment.
For every referral case, a letter stating the appointment and reason for referral should be
obtained from the doctors for submission to the H.R. Department or his appointed officer
Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance Plan
The Company covers all employees and their immediate family for Hospital and Surgical
Insurance Plan (subject to insurability).
Workmen’s Compensation
Victus provide employees with Compensation Insurance. This policy covers employees who
sustain personal injury by accident or disease arising out of the course of their employment.
Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
Sum insured is based on 26 times monthly salary of insured employee. Age limit is 65 years
and coverage is worldwide on 24-hour basis. This is subject to insurability.
Group Term Life & Total Permanent Disability Insurance
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
Victus will issue a standard letter giving dates of employment and position held; anything more
should be done on a personal and individual basis by the immediate supervisor.
Birthday Leave
Employees who have passed their probationary period are entitled to birthday leave. This leave is
an extra day off for your birthday and will be given on the day of your birthday if your schedule
Long Service Awards
This will be awarded to employees who have attained service periods with the company for every
5, 10, 15 and 20 years of service with the company.
Extra Financial Reward
Service crew, cooks, chefs, canteen rank & file staff are entitled, after probation to an additional
$100 per month for Zero absences from work whether they are medical leaves or unplanned
urgent leave. Staff having applied for holiday leave will still benefits of the additional $100 if there
are no unaccounted absences during the months.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
At the discretion of the Executive Director, employees may be able to attend conferences,
courses, seminars and meetings, identified through annual work plans and performance reviews,
which may be beneficial to the employee’s professional development. If these opportunities are
directly related to the employee’s position, or are suggested by the Executive Director, Victus] will
cover the cost of registration, course materials and some travel expenses.
If Victus has agreed to pay for a course the fees will be paid on evidence of successful completion.
If Victus sponsors a course (or courses) and the employee departs Victus within a year of
completion, the course fees will become repayable in full.
Performance Appraisals
The performance review document will be a living document for each employee. Each employee
will be responsible for developing his or her respective work plan for the year. This plan will be
reviewed by Management and amended as necessary. At the time of the performance appraisal,
the employer and employee will review the objectives and the results achieved. Throughout the
year, the employee and employer may refer to this document to track progress made toward
objectives, highlight areas of concern and indicate challenges identified along the way.
Performance reviews, for all employees, are the opportunity to set personal goals, an opportunity
to voice the Employees concerns or observations, and a clear plan for personal & professional
growth. Employees should prepare for this meeting by preparing a draft work plan for the coming
year. This meeting is to review successes and challenges from the preceding year, and to
establish the objectives for the coming year. This would also be the opportunity for either party to
identify and recommend professional development opportunities that may assist the employee in
their day-to-day work or to grow within the organization. Once complete, both parties shall sign
off on the final document and it shall be added to the employee’s personnel file.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
Confidential Information
From time to time, employees of Victus may come into contact with confidential information,
including but not limited to information about Victus’s members, suppliers, finances and
business plans. Employees are required to keep any such matters that may be disclosed to
them or learned by them confidential. Furthermore, an employee for personal gain or to
further an outside enterprise must not use any such confidential information, obtained
through employment with Victus.
Intellectual Property
Any intellectual property, such as trademarks, copyrights and patents, and any work created
by an employee in the course of employment at Victus shall be the property of Victus and
the employee is deemed to have waived all rights in favor of Victus. Work, for the purpose
of this policy refers to written, creative or media work. All source material used in
presentation or written documents must be acknowledged. An employee who leaves the
company has the obligation to return these documents, without keeping copies. All other
employer owned equipment or items not mentioned above should also be rendered.
IT Information Storage and Security
Any storage devices (CD’s, USB’s) used by employees at Victus, located at Victus address,
acknowledge that these devices and their contents are the property of Victus. Furthermore,
it should be understood by employees, that company equipment should be used for
company business only during normal working hours. Downloading of personal materials
on company equipment can be harmful to said equipment and should not be done.
No Expectation of Privacy
You are expressly advised that in order to prevent misuse, Victus reserves the right to
monitor, intercept and review, without further notice, every employee’s activities using the
company’s IT resources and communications systems, including but not limited to social
media postings and activities, and you consent to such monitoring by your
acknowledgement of this policy and your use of such resources and systems. Employees
should have no expectation of privacy over files or documents, emails ect used on company
account, with reference to the company & co-workers.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
Victus along with its employees must take reasonable precautions to ensure that the workplace is
safe. The organization complies with all requirements for creating a healthy and safe workplace in
accordance with the Ministry of Manpower in the Republic of Singapore
Employees who have health and safety concerns or identify potential hazards should contact the
HR Director.
Alcohol consumption or illegal drug use is not permitted during work hours on the premises.
From time to time, with the Executive Director’s permission, alcohol may be used to celebrate an
Employee Health Reporting Requirements for Food Service Employees
I understand it is my responsibility as a food service employee to notify my supervisor and/or
manager when I am unwell during working hours.
Air Quality
Indoor air quality can lead to many health issues. Victus recognizes this and attempts to minimize
the risks associated with indoor air quality and the effects on its employees. Issues pertaining to
air quality should be reported to the Manager, Finance and Administration.
Smoke Free Environment
All Victus offices, or embedded operations at 3rd party locations are Smoke free.
As odours from building materials and noise levels for tools can cause discomfort to employees,
renovations will be scheduled to have a minimum impact on employees. This may include
renovating during non-work hours (evenings & weekends) and ensuring direct ventilation to
control fumes. Carpets should be installed and cloth furniture unwrapped late in the day so
emissions may occur during non-working hours.
For an extensive over view on Health & Safety matters refer to the Victus
Victus Code of conduct Manual
Victus Standard Operations Manual
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
Victus wants to provide a harassment-free environment for its employees and volunteers.
Mutual respect, along with cooperation and understanding, must be the basis of interaction
between members and staff. Victus will neither tolerate nor condone behaviour that is likely
to undermine the dignity or self-esteem of an individual, or create an intimidating, hostile or
offensive environment.
There are several forms of harassment but any person can define all as any unwelcome action,
whether verbal or physical, on a single or repeated basis, which humiliates insults or degrades.
“Unwelcome”, for the purposes of this policy, refers to any action which the harasser knows or
ought to reasonably know is not desired by the victim of the harassment. Sexual harassment is
any unwanted attention of a sexual nature such as remarks about appearance or personal life,
offensive written or visual actions like graffiti or degrading pictures, physical contact of any
kind, or sexual demands.
Workplace violence can be defined as a threat or an act of aggression resulting in physical or
psychological damage, pain or injury to a worker, which arises during the course of work.
Further to the definition of violence, is the definition of abuse. Abuse can be verbal,
psychological or sexual in nature. Verbal abuse is the use of unwelcome, embarrassing,
offensive, threatening or degrading comments. Psychological abuse is an act, which provokes
fear or diminishes a person’s dignity or self-esteem. Finally, sexual abuse is any unwelcome
verbal or physical advance or sexually explicit statement.
Victus has a zero tolerance limit with regards to harassment and violence. Employees or
volunteers engaging in either harassing or violent activities will be subject to discipline, which
may include termination of employment, removal from Boards or committees and possibly
criminal charges.
Regrettably, conflict can occur in any working environment. In an effort to resolve conflict in
an expedient, yet fair manner, Victus recommends the following process for conflict or dispute
resolution. Speak to the person you are having the dispute with. Many times disputes arise
due to misunderstandings and miscommunications. If speaking to the individual does not
work, speak to the direct supervision to assist in resolving the dispute.
Confidential - Victus Catering Pte Ltd - Employee Guidelines @ 2016
I, acknowledge that I have received a copy of
the Employee Handbook. I understand that I am responsible for reading the information
contained in the Handbook.
I understand that the handbook is intended to provide me with a general overview of the
company’s policies and procedures. I acknowledge that nothing in this handbook is to be
interpreted as a contract, expressed or implied, or an inducement for employment, nor does it
guarantee my employment for any period of time.
I understand and accept that my employment with the company is at-will. I have the right to resign
at any time with or without cause, just as the company may terminate my employment at any time
with or without cause or notice, subject to applicable laws.
I understand that nothing in the handbook or in any oral or written statement alters the at-will
relationship, except by written agreement signed by the employee and [enter authorized person’s
I acknowledge that the company may revise, suspend, revoke, terminate, change or remove,
prospectively or retroactively, any of the policies or procedures outlined in this handbook or
elsewhere, in whole or in part, with or without notice at any time, at the company’s sole discretion.
As it is not possible to cover all items in this policy statement, you are requested to check with
your immediate supervisor or the H.R. Department if you have further questions/clarification.
Anything not covered in this statement will be subject to the provisions of the Singapore
Employment Act. In the event of any inconsistency between your employment letter and any of
the above clauses, your employment letter will prevail.