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 Mendelevium Hero's journey 

      One day a man was walking to his house from work. The man then got a call from his boss. The boss said ‘’ harry I need your help! Come to the lab right now.’’ The name then went to his boss’s office. Harry saw that his boss was in lab and out of nowhere there was a loud boom in the lab. The explosion caused the man to get sucked in to the newly discovered element.

     When the explosion stopped harry was on the floor. His skin glowing blue, his hair black and his clothes was black and have a MD on his chest. When harry got up he noticed he could float in midair. Harry then flew out the window and flew to his home to see how he looks. When harry looked in the mirror, he was scared and surprised of how he looks and the way his skin glows blue. Harry then went to the streets to see how they would react to how he looked. The people on the street were scared of how harry looked. Harry flew back to his boss to help him figure out a way to get rid of his new powers. Harry’s boss told him to that he knows how to help him get back to normal. The boss also told harry that he would need  some ingredients, but the ingredients that he needs are found at each conner of the erath. After hearing this harry then said '' I will try my best to find the ingredients and i want to thank you for all the help you have given me''. The boss then said '' harry i prepared a list for you of all the ingredients that you need for the potion. 

    Harry then flew to where the first ingredient is. The first ingredient is located in japan, next to a village. Harry saw that the first ingredient was on the side of the volcano, but harry had to have permission to be able to be on the volcano. Harry talked to the chief of the village and asked him if he could get access to the volcano. The chief said he would give harry access to the volcano, only if he helps the chief get his cat that is stuck on top of a huge tree. Harry was delighted with the chief’s response and helps him get his cat from the tree. After harry helped the chief retrieve his cat back. Harry flew to the volcano and retrieved the first ingredient. The second and third ingredient are located in the South Atlantic Ocean next to Brazil. The second and third ingredient were both under water and he need a scuba suit to be able to get them.

      Harry went and talked to the locals in a nearby village. Harry got information that there is a scuba club. Harry flew to the scuba clubs meeting and asked the scuba members for help. The scuba club would only help him if harry retrieves a package that they have been waiting for. Harry agreed and flew to get the packages for the scuba club. When harry came back and showed the packages to the club. The members were delighted and opened them up. Inside the packages were scuba supplies. Harry and the scuba members swam to where the second and third ingredient are located at. Both ingredients were inside a sunken ship. Inside the ship it was dark, but luckily since harry skin glows blue he was able to see inside the dark ship. Harry saw both ingredients and swam quickly to go gather them, but out of nowhere a shark came charging at him. Harry swiftly dodged the attack and got the ingredients. Harry turned around and saw five huge sharks coming after him. Harry reacted quickly and grabbed the scuba members and quickly flew out of the water. Harry flew the members of the scuba club back to their boat and thanked them for helping him get what he needed.

     Harry flew to Antarctica, where the last ingredient is located at. Harry flew around Antarctica trying to find the last ingredient. At last harry saw it, but it was inside a polar bear’s cave. Harry flew and left to catch fish for the polar bear. Harry caught about a dozen fishes for the polar bear. Harry brought the fishes and gave them to the polar bear. The polar bear saw the fishes and was filled with joy and happiness and while the polar bear was eating harry quickly went inside the cave and retrieve the last ingredient needed for the potion. Harry quickly flew out of the cave and went back the boss’s lab. Harry’s boss was happy and asked harry if he got all of the ingredients. Harry said ‘’yes’’ and handed him all of the ingredients. Harry’s boss quickly ran and started the potion for harry to turn back to normal. Harry’s boss finally finished and handed harry the potion to drink. Harry filled with joy grabbed the potion and was going to drink it, but harry thought of how many people he helped and realized that he likes his powers and loved helping people. Harry decided to not drink the potion and to fly around the world helping people in need.