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Introductory Horsemanship Clinic 2 held at Unicorn Park, Ballarat on August 10th - 11th 2013 with Senior Quantum Savvy Instructor Mel Peacock.

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Mel is a Senior Instructor, Grade 3 Horse Trainer and Agent for Sunraysia


 Mel also holds an Advanced Diploma of Applied Science in Horse Management and with over 8 years experience studying and teaching Quantum Savvy Horsemanship, she has become the highest ranking Instructor world wide.   Her experience with teaching and horse training gives Mel the intuition to quickly find solutions for her students to coach them to success with horses.

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The Quantum Savvy Programme teaches good horsemanship skills to horse owners from all disciplines by building rapport, understanding equine behavior and looking at the world from the horses point of view. 

This is the second of a series of 3 x 2 day Clinics that cover elements of Level 1 in the Quantum Savvy Foundation Programme which focuses on building safety & clear communication between you and your horse.


In this Clinic you will discover safe and easy float loading skills that will ensure your horse will load better every time you put him on.  Learn how to make effortless transitions from your body energy and encourage your horse to follow your focus.  Start riding with two reins and learn how to go backwards and sideways with ease.

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Introductory Horsemanship Clinic 2

Open to any horse or rider with any level of experience

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10th - 11th Aug 2013

At Unicorn Park
Ballarat,  Victoria


Time: 9am - 5pm


Cost: $500 Non Members

$420 QS Members


Non members will receive a 12 month Bronze Membership and enjoy VIP benefits!

With Senior Instructor,

Mel Peacock

Go home with a clear path to follow and a plan tailored to your needs.

All Riders receive a FREE Auditor Ticket valued at $100

Regular follow up workshops to ensure your progress