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This beach is a famous beach in venezuela Named Morrocoy

This flag above Is the Venezuela flag


By: Ava Skowronski

Venezuela's country animal is a Troupial

My Country Is In The green Venezuela

Basic Information about Venezuela

The overall population of Venezuela is 31.57 Million people

The area of Venezuela is 353,841 Miles

 Federal presidential republic is the government style

  Current pres. :Nicolás Maduro

 How elections work: On Oct 7 people cast their vote for 1 of 7 candidates

Nicolás Maduro makes the laws

What is the government style like in venezuela and how do elections work?

The Venezuela flag

The latitude and longitude of Venezuela is 6.4238° N, 66.5897° W

Venezuela's capital is Caracas

Venezuela's Landforms

Landform 3

Waterfalls : Angel Falls

The Angel Falls is the world's highest waterfall

Landform 1 

Mountains : Andes Mountains

Landform 2

River : Orinoco River

The Orinoco River takes up ⅓ of Venezuela

The Andes Mountains hold the world’s largest mineral deposit.

Venezuela's Climate

Venezuela’s Climate regions Are high to low The mountains Can drop to around 9° C (48°F)  Now the river is Normally about 69° F (21° C) But it won't go lower 64°F (18° C) The maximum Temperature will rise above 95 °F (35 °C) in the dry period.

Human features of Venezuela

Man Made feature #3

Centro de Arte Los Galpones

Man Made feature #3

Centro de Arte Los Galpones

Man Made feature #1

Mérida cable car

The art museum Has visual, musical, gastronomic (gourmet), scenic, literary and Motion picture art

The Mérida cable car Is the world's highest and longest cable car

Man Made feature #2

Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas

The Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000

Natural Resources in Venezuela


There is  5.2 million tons totaled  in 2003 of bauxite in Venezuela


On November 25, 2011, the first of US$11 billion of repatriated gold bullion arrived in Caracas


Most diamonds in Venezuela are blood diamonds (Known as conflict diamonds slaves would mine)

Industrial products made in Venezuela


Venalum, Latin America’s largest aluminum factory, had output of 90,795 metric tons of the metal last year, a 15 percent drop from 2014.


14 percent from the year before to reach 109,536 tonnes


Steel is the main material used in delivering renewable energy like solar, hydro, and wind power

Products that are grown in Venezuela


 Corn is the Biggest agriculture in venezuela


 Agricultural and Industrial production in Venezuela has plummeted. ... of acres of sugar cane plantations and made them communal properties.


15% of the agriculture in Venezuela is rice

A language


 Spanish was introduced in Venezuela by the colonizers.

Cultures in Venezuela

A holiday 

Cinco de julio

 Cinco de julio is Like fourth of july for us (independence day)

A food 


PABELLÓN CRIOLLO is a plate of rice, shredded beef in stew and stewed black beans that is considered by many to be the Venezuelan national dish.