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I really want to try to like cenitpedes

by Gabe Vega 

I really want to try and like centipedes




But they are not welcoming!


Just take a look!






So I will be BRAVE and go on a journey to the


depths of creepy crawly centipede facts. 


There will be good things and bad things




GROSS things and cool things. 


Some interesting things and


some just plain WEIRD things! 


Will I learn to like centipedes?


We shall see.......

Centipedes have been around a very log time! The have been found in fossils that are over 400 million years old! The ancient egyptians thought they were REALLY special they had a god named Sepa who was the centipede god of protectionHe was seen as a protective god because centipedes fed on poisonous  insects like the scorpion. Centipedes are also important for the soil because they receylce nutrients. 

Eats poison!





Even though they have been around for milions of years centipedes were first recorded in 1849 in Pennsylvania but they orginated in the mediterranean region. 


What ruined it all is when they were introduced in Mexico and the southern United States! 



   Centipedes are like little usain bolts that can run up to 16cm per second! The fact that they run through my legs when I try to kill them just annoys me! Maybe its because they have so many legs? 

Centipedes do NOT have one hundred legs, though people say so. Centipedes actually have 15 - 177 pairs of legs between each body segment. One weird thing they do is move their right legs forward and legs backward.







Some people in Japan keep centipedes as pets to keep some other pests away.  They kill unwanted visitors and they don’t carry disease. However if you think that centipedes are gross you can use a dehumidifier in your house if it is humidified (I have one!). No wonder I havent seen the daily flies! 



Centipedes have a weird way of talking. They either use chemicals or use their antennae. Weird right? Also they “molt” YUCK! their skin to grow new legs or body segments centipedes also go through two stages of an egg before being able to actually walk. 



One cool thing they can do with their front legs is turn them into fangs to kill prey or defend themselves. I wish i could do that! 

Centipedes have a lot of protection too. They have a hard exoskeleton. They also have a hard helmet to not hurt themselves when walking. If you would like to kill one it would take about 4 smacks with your shoe or sandal.




Well thank goodness the centipedes life is only 5-6 years BUT throughout their life they can grow more legs! They regrow or regenerate legs to escape a predator. Actually that sounds like super hero ability! I need to call Marvel about CentiMAN!



Centipedes are EVERYWHERE they are invertebrate like worms. Invertebrates make up 95% of all known animals! They have two antennae to help them move because they are mostly blind. So thats great because they cant see use. But the segmented antennae are used for feeling or smelling so they know where we are! 



Luckily they are kind of small they only grow to be about 1 foot long.  Each centipede has a heart tube running the length of their body. So that is a way to attack. Them step on any part of them and the heart tube is damaged! Score!






Mabye they dont do much to humans, but they are still UGLY and WEIRD and GROSS! I have no idea why people put up with them. There are too many very venomus ones that hurt humans. How am I supposed to like them!  The Scolopendra Viridicornis is the most venoumus centipede in the world, but it lives in africa so if you live in Africa Watch Out!    

     Hey whats that...

     Ahhh! Spider! KILL IT! KILL IT!    




        Lets try one thing at a time


Scolopendra Viridicornis - The Most Venomous

Giant redhead - FOUND IN TEXAS!

Hoffman's dwarf centipede - The Smallest

Scutigeromorpha - The Speedy

Scolopendromorpha - The Large

Lithobiomorpha - The Bristly

Geophilomorpha - The Blind

Craterostigmomorpha - The Lonely

Geophilomorpha - The Blind

Types of Centipedes


The life cycle of a centipede has 3 stages: egg, nymph and adult. They molt multiple times during the nymph stage and get new legs each time. It takes around 2-3 years, and they live around 5-6 years.

Centipede Life Cycle