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VEATIVE VR: Special Education

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A VR EDUCATION SOLUTION SUPPORTING STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS VR helps students with special needs develop knowledge skills and attitudes in ways that can be otherwise challenging For students with diverse needs and learning styles arising from their disabilities VR affords a truly personal experience Veative s VR education solution allows students with special needs to learn at their own pace in a distraction and judgement free environment Differentiated learning in a regular classroom is made easy with Veative VR experiences We know a distraction free experience for students with attention deficiency challenges is essential The immersive environment of a Veative VR experience encourages sustained attention and a deeper level of focus The Veative solution provides individuals with ADHD high levels of stimulation and an immediate learning experience by doing Since this learning takes place in a virtual world students are more comfortable and less anxious Learning with VR increases motivation develops cognitive skills enhances short term memory and makes lessons more enjoyable info veative com www veative com

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VEATIVE S VR SOLUTION PROVIDES AN IDEAL LEARNING EXPERIENCE FOR STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS Virtual Reality experiences allow for student interaction and increase memory retention of key concepts practiced within the modules without judgment The virtual reality headsets provide a distraction free learning environment to help students focus on the tasks at hand through an interactive medium Diana Lang Assistive Technology Lead Halton District School Board LEARN THROUGH VIRTUAL AUGMENTED AND MIXED REALITY EDUCATIONAL CONTENT DATA BASED REPORTING TO MONITOR STUDENT ACTIVITIES EDUCATIONAL TOURS LEARN ALL ABOUT SEVERAL WONDERS OF THE WORLD MORE THAN 540 INTERACTIVE AND IMMERSIVE STEM MODULES ACCESSIBLE IN VR UTILIZING A HEADSET OR IN WEBXR USING A COMPUTER AVAILABLE TO STUDENTS ON ANY COMPUTER WITH INTERNET ACCESS WHY VR IN SPECIAL EDUCATION To date our experience with the Veative VR Solution has been very positively received by both staff and students The interactive nature offers inclusivity and diversity among learners without judgment We are currently looking into its viability with our board in a variety of settings special education ESL stem e learning or in classrooms Diana Lang Assistive Technology Lead Halton District School Board Veative s virtual tours allow students to explore historic sites around the world learning about the architecture engineering construction and history of these global treasures info veative com www veative com

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KEY BENEFITS Active learning better outcomes Distraction judgment free learning Formative assessment in every module Standards aligned Robust data analytics Easy to use for teachers and students Affordable scalable easy to deploy LEARNING MODULES The modules are 10 15 minutes in length and include learning objectives interactive simulations or lab experience and a formative assessment Experience the modules in a fully immersive 3D environment using a VR headset or in a 360 video game like environment on any device with internet access a keyboard and a mouse or trackpad PRODUCT FEATURES 3D MODELING ANIMATIONS AR VR MIXED REALITY CONTENT 360 IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE VEATIVE EDUPRO HISTORIC VIRTUAL TOURS INTERACTIVE MODULES DESIGNED FOR A VR DEVICE AND CONTROLLER CAN ALSO BE EXPERIENCED IN A WEB BROWSER USING AN INTERNET CONNECTED DEVICE WITH A KEYBOARD AND MOUSE OR TRACKPAD info veative com www veative com

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G T IN TOUCH SCAN TO LEARN MORE info veative com www veative com Institutional Discounts Available info veative com www veative com