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2024 VCA National Specialtyand CompanionEventsINFORMATION GUIDEThe NSCE Event Committee is excited towelcome you back to New England for the firsttime in 20 years! April 22 - 28, 2024Boxborough, MassachusettsContent Updatedas information isavailable

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Seeking Volunteers!Volunteers are welcome andwanted for any event! Please reach out if you canlend a hand.For Agility, Monday in Amherst, NH: Carol Keller: carol.r.keller@att.netFor Hospitality (all week):Ann Moses: & Susan Marucci: pamperedchic@gmail.comFor Setup/Grounds Upkeep (all week):Alessandra Folz: alessandra.folz@gmail.comFor DNA Blood Draw (Fri PM, Sat AM):Kathy Rust: For Scentwork (Wednesday):Jamie Walton: jamie@professionaldesign.orgAnd please consider helping out with breakdown on Sunday. Many hands make light work!

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Hotel Move-In DayCrating Room Opens at 5PM (Ballroom)Monday, April 22Tentative Events ScheduleWelcome/Awards Party - 7PM in Atrium,Snacks and Cash BarTuesday, April 23Offsite Dinner at Colonial Inn - 6:30 PM(Ticketed Event)Wednesday, April 24Membership Meeting and *EducationSeminar (Date Change) in Atrium tofollow conclusion of all dog classesAll Star Review - 8PM in Ballroom,Cash Barluminary Walk - Late Afternoonthrough evening in AtriumThursday, April 25DNA Repository Blood Draw - 9AM to12PM, Location TBDCelebration Party - Followingconclusion of all judging, Cash Barand DessertsSaturday, April 26DNA Repository Blood Draw - 1:30 PMto 4:30 PM, Location TBDPup Cup Pawty - Following conclusionof judging, Cash Bar, Local Snacks forPeople and Pup Cups for DogsJunior Pizza Party - Time/Location TBDFriday, April 26

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Tentative ScheduleAgility (Amherst, NH)Monday, April 22Obedience, Rally, Welcome/Awards PartyTuesday, April 23Sweepstakes, Iron Dog, Scentwork, Judge’sEducation Seminar, Off-Site Dinner Wednesday, April 24Judge’s Ringside Mentoring, Dog Classes,Membership Meeting, Non-Regular Dog Classes,QOL, Luminary Walk, All-Star Review Thursday, April 25Friday, April 26Bitch Classes, VCA WF Education Seminar,Non-Regular Bitch Classes, Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, Judge’s Ringside Mentoring,Juniors Party, DNA Repository Blood Draw, Social Paw-TySaturday, April 27Judge’s Ringside Mentoring, jR Showmanship,PeeWee, DNA Repository Blood Draw, Best ofBreed, Celebration ExperienceRegional Specialty - Limited EntrySunday, April 28Tentative Schedule2024 VCA National Specialty &Companion Eventsto be held in:Boxborough, Massachusetts April 22 - 28, 2024Host HotelBoxboro Regency Hotel www.boxbororegency.com242 Adams Place, Boxboro, MA 01719AgilityAmerican K9 COUNTRY www.americank9country.com336 Route 101 Amherst, NH 03031Visit for more details

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DOGS MAY ARRIVE any time prior to their scheduled time of judging. DOGS NOT REQUIRED for further judging will beexcused.JUDGES WILL NOT WAIT FOR ANY DOG HOLDING UP A CLASS. Owners or agents alone are responsible for thepresence of their dogs in the judging ring when their classes are called to be judged. The show-giving club and thesuperintendent have no obligation or responsibility for providing service through a public address system or stewards orrunners for the purpose of calling or locating dogs that are not brought into the ring when required.ALL DOGS PRESENT must be held on leash or confined to their crates except when being judged or when in the exercisingring.CLASS CASH PRIZES will be paid in the ring to the person showing the dog. Claims for prize money must be made in thering before the judging of that class is over, and the Show Secretary to be advised at once. The Show Secretary andShow-giving Club may disclaim any liability for cash prizes after the judging of the class is over.THE SHOW COMMITTEE/SUPERINTENDENT will use due care and diligence for the welfare of dogs and exhibitors, butwill not be responsible for, nor assume any liability in the event of an accident or misfortune to either dogs or exhibitorsparticipating in this show.closing of entries. Those received by telephone are NOT acceptable.THE SHOW-GIVING CLUB, the Show Superintendent, their agents, employees, etc., assume no responsibility for any loss,damage or injury sustained by exhibitors, handlers or to any of their dogs or property and further assume no responsibilityof injury to children not under the control of their parents or guardians.To find out about any AKC event cancellations visit should follow their veterinarians' recommendation to assure their dogs are free of internal and external parasites,any communicable diseases and have appropriate vaccinations. Effective January 1, 2009 - Refund and Cash award checks are void after 180 days and will NOT be re-issued. 2

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PROGRAM OF JUDGINGTUESDAY, APRIL 23, 2024RING ONE - OBEDIENCEJUDGE: Mrs. Denise D Lacroix8:00 AM2 - Versatility 601-6028:30 AM9 - Utility “B” & Preferred Utility 305-312, P7719:45 AM10 - Open “B” & Preferred Open 201-208, P735-P73611:00 AM4 - Open “A” 134-13711:30 AM2 - Graduate Novice 501-502After Noon16 - Novice “B” 70-854 - Novice “A” 5-81 - Preferred Novice 7011 - Veteran 65114 - Beginner Novice “B” 951-957, 959-9654 - Beginner Novice “A” 901-9041 - Brace Obedience 800/80168 Total DogsJudge will take a luncheon break at their discretion.RING TWO - RALLYJUDGE: Dr. Karen Westerfield Tucker8:00 AM4 - Choice 961-9648:30 AM8 - Master 900-9079:30 AM8 - Excellent “B” 800-8072 - Excellent “A” 700-70110:15 AM12 - Advanced “B” 600-6112 - Advanced “A” 400-40111:15 AM8 - Intermediate 300-307After Noon14 - Novice “B” 200, 202-204, 206-208, 210-2169 - Novice “A” 5-11, 14-1571 Total DogsJudge will take a luncheon break at their discretion.WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24, 2024RING ONE - SWEEPSTAKESJUDGE: Ms. Erin Crowley8:00 AM113 - Sweepstakes65 - Puppy Sweepstakes6 - 6-9 mos Puppy Dogs8 - 9-12 mos Puppy Dogs8 - 12-15 mos Dogs3 - 15-18 mos Dogs10 - 6-9 mos Puppy Bitches10 - 9-12 mos Puppy Bitches10 - 12-15 mos Bitches10 - 15-18 mos Bitches- Best in Sweepstakes- Best of Opp Sex to best in Sweepstakes48 - Veteran Sweepstakes10 - Veteran Dogs, 7-9 yrs6 - Veteran Dogs, 9-11 yrs3 - Veteran Dogs, 11-13 yrs12 - Veteran Bitches, 7-9 yrs10 - Veteran Bitches, 9-11 yrs3 - Veteran Bitches, 11-13 yrs4 - Veteran Bitches, 13 yrs & over- Best Veteran Dog- Best Veteran Bitch113 Total DogsWEDNESDAY, APRIL 24, 2024 (continued)2:30 PM3 - Iron Dog Class3 - Iron Bitch Class6 Total DogsJudge will take a luncheon break at their discretionTHURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2024RING ONE - NATIONALJUDGE: Mr. Dana P Cline8:00 AM73 - Vizsla - Dogs3 - 6-9 mos Puppy Dogs5 - 9-12 mos Puppy Dogs8 - 12-15 mos Dogs2 - 15-18 mos Dogs8 - Bred-by-Exhibitor Dogs, Puppy6 - Bred-by-Exhibitor Dogs, Adult7 - American-Bred Dogs12 - Open Dogs- Winners Dog10 - Veteran Dogs, 7-9 yrs6 - Veteran Dogs, 9-11 yrs4 - Veteran Dogs, 11-13 yrs2 - Hunting Dogs73 Total DogsFRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2024RING ONE - NATIONALJUDGE: Mr. Dana P Cline8:00 AM115 - Vizsla - Bitches6 - 6-9 mos Puppy Bitches5 - 9-12 mos Puppy Bitches7 - 12-15 mos Bitches8 - 15-18 mos Bitches1 - Amateur Owner-Handler Bitch11 - Bred-by-Exhibitor Bitches, Puppy15 - Bred-by-Exhibitor Bitches, Adult6 - American-Bred Bitches18 - Open Bitches- Winners Bitch15 - Veteran Bitches, 7-9 yrs11 - Veteran Bitches 9-11 yrs4 - Veteran Bitches, 11-13 yrs4 - Veteran Bitches, 13 yrs & over2 - Field Trial Bitch2 - Hunting Bitches115 Total DogsRING ONE - NATIONALJUDGE: Ms. Theresa L Hundt2:00 PM21 - Stud Dogs24 - Brood Bitches5 - Brace50 TotalSATURDAY, APRIL 27, 2024RING ONE - NATIONALJUDGE: Mr. Dana P Cline8:00 AM5 - Junior Showmanship1 - JS Open Jr (9-12)2 - JS Open Int (12-15)2 - Open Sr (15-18)5 Total DogsPee Wee Special Attraction will follow JuniorShowmanship3

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SATURDAY, APRIL 27, 2024 (continued)RING ONEJUDGE: Mr. Dana P Cline8:45 AM115 - Vizsla - Best of Breed Competition (63-52)- NOHS Best of Breed- Best Bred-by-Exhibitor- Award(s) of Merit120 Total DogsJudge will take a luncheon break at their discretion.There are 313 dogs with 478 entries, plus 71Obedience and 68 Rally entries.SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 2024RING ONE - REGIONALJUDGE: Dr. Tracy Powell8:00 AM4 - Junior Showmanship2 - JS Open Int (12-15)2 - JS Open Sr (15-18)RING ONE - REGIONALJUDGE: Dr. Elliot L More8:15 AM149 - Vizsla1 - 6-9 mos Puppy Dog1 - 12-15 mos Dog1 - 15-18 mos Dog6 - Bred-by-Exhibitor Dogs, Puppy5 - Bred-by-Exhibitor Dogs, Adult1 - American-Bred Dog6 - Open Dogs- Winners Dog5 - 6-9 mos Puppy Bitches2 - 9-12 mos Puppy Bitches5 - 12-15 mos Bitches2 - 15-18 mos Bitches1 - Amateur Owner-Handler Bitch5 - Bred-by-Exhibitor Bitches, Puppy5 - Bred-by-Exhibitor Bitches, Adult13 - Open Bitches- Winners Bitch7 - Veteran Dogs, 7-9 yrs3 - Veteran Dogs 9-11 yrs1 - Veteran Dogs, 11-13 yrs5 - Veteran Bitches, 7-9 yrs6 - Veteran Bitches, 9-11 yrs3 - Veteran Bitches, 11-13 yrs1 - Veteran Bitch, 13 yrs & over1 - Field Trial Bitch1 - Hunt Trial Bitch62 - Best of Breed Competition (37-25)- NOH Best of Breed- Award(s) of Merit- Best Bred-by-Exhibitor149 Total DogsJudge will take a luncheon break at their discretionThere are 146 dogs with 153 entries in this show.JUDGESMr. Dana P Cline. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Albany, GAMs. Erin Crowley . . . . . . . . . . . . . East Haddam, CTMs. Theresa L Hundt. . . . . . . . . . . Sandy Hook, CTMrs. Denise D Lacroix . . . . . . . . . . . . . Spencer, MADr. Elliot L More . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Deerfield, NHDr. Tracy Powell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Broad Brook, CTDr. Karen Westerfield Tucker. . . . . . . . Walpole, MAEVENT CHAIRKaren Burgess12506 NE 30th StVancouver, WA 98682VETERINARIANSWestford Veterinary Emergency Center11 Cornerstone Square, Westford, MA 01886Call or text: 978-577-6525 24/7 Specialty and Emergency Veterinary Hospital 10 milesfrom the site https://westfordveterinary.comTufts University: Henry and Lois Foster Hospitalfor Small Animals200 Westboro Road, Route 30, North Grafton, MA01536 508-839-5395 Pet Hospital180 Bear Hill Road, Waltham, MA 02451 781-684-8387 www.bluepearlvet.comMassachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital20 Cabot Road, Woburn, MA 01801 781-932-5802 Slade Veterinary Hospital (Local & ReproServices)334 Concord Street Framingham, MA 01702 508-875-7086 www.sladevet.comOFFICIAL SHOW PHOTOGRAPHER &VIDEOGRAPHERWin Photos & Performance PhotographerTerri Hirsch Photography www.Terrihirschphotography.smugmug.comDIRECTIONS TO THE SHOW GROUNDSExit #75 (previously #28) off Rt. I-495. Coming from the North, turn right at end of exit onto Route 111 and cross over495 to the hotel entrance on your right; coming from the South, turn left at the end of the ramp onto Route 111 and thehotel entrance will be on your rightThe 2024 VCA NSCE Event Chairs intend for us all to come together in an environment that is kind, respectfuland safe to celebrate our breed. Therefore, we will have zero tolerance for any misconduct, including, but notlimited to, any form of harassment, abuse or intimidation toward hotel staff, committee members, exhibitors,spectators, as well as other hotel guests. Additionally, all participants will be responsible for keeping the groundsclean and abiding by hotel rules. Infraction will result in referral to the authorities, a bench show hearing and/orremoval from the grounds, as appropriate.4

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The VCA Welfare Foundation will besponsoring a blood collection for the OFACHIC DNA Repository. SCHEDULEFriday, April 26 from 1:30 to 4:30 PM Saturday, April 27 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM If possible, please fill out the submission formin advance and bring thenm with you. Clickhere for forms.OFA CHIC DNA RepositoryWE NEED YOUR HELP TO SUPPORT THE FUTUREHEALTH OF OUR BREED - HELP US MEET OURGOAL TO COLLECT 100 SAMPLES AT NSCE! THERE IS NO COST TO PARTICIPATE!SEEKING K9 VOLUNTEERS! Days and times added!

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The CHIC DNA Repository collects and storescanine DNA samples along with correspondingpedigree and health history information to facilitatefuture research and testing aimed at reducing theincidence of inherited disease in dogs. The program objectives are:Facilitate more rapid research progress byexpediting the sample collection processProvide researchers with optimized familygroups needed for researchAllow breeders to take advantage of future DNAbased disease tests as they become availableFoster a team environment betweenbreeders/owners and the research communityimproving the likelihood of genetic discoveryOFA CHIC DNA RepositoryAbout the

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Come join us for an off-lrash adventureVIZ WHIZZ HIKESCallahan State Park, Framingham MAWednesday, April 24th at 4pm ESTWingaersheek Beach, Gloucester MASaturday, April 27th at 2pm ESTMedfield State Hospital, Medfield MA Sunday, April 28th at 9:30am ESTA recognized VCA Breed activity, we promote responsible off leashhiking and education of the breed. Viz Whizz supports localcommunities in 40 States across the USA and has 70 Pack Leadershosting meet ups. Viz Whizz works closely with clubs for specialevents, and promoting responsible breeders and educationalworkshops and webinars for owners. Viz Whizz is also an AKC registered Fit Dog club. We encouragepotential vizsla owners to join our pack, come hike with us on thetrails where you can talk to owners and experience the versatilevizsla firsthand. To RSVP for a guided, 1 hour hike, hosted byVizzWhizz, email orvisit the VizzWhizz Table!

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Stay up to dateCentralize Your Information with LinktreeLinktree is an easy-to-use directory of all VCA NSCElinks, allowing you to stay in the loop with our latestupdates. Don't forget to subscribe to receivenotifications whenever something new is posted!Join us at:

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Trophy SponsorshipEach year we accept donations from our members for trophies andawards given at our National Specialty and Companion Events.Recipients of these awards are very appreciative of those thatgenerously donate to support first place trophies and those beautifulrosettes for every placement offered! Thank you!There are plenty of areas where you can direct your support! If youcan’t decide on a specific award, you can earmark your donation forthe General Awards Fund or for the Venue of your choice: Agility;Conformation; or Obedience/Rally. You may also wish to dedicate youraward in honor or in memory of a dog or a person.All sponsors will be acknowledged at the National Specialty Event, inthe National Events Catalog, and in the Vizsla News.If you are interested in sponsoring a trophy or donating to the 2023National Conformation and Companion Events Awards Program, pleasevisit our ONLINE FORM:2024 ONLINE VCA NSCE Award Sponsorship FormYou will be sent a confirmation e-mail invoicing you for the donation.You will have two payment options:1. Send a check to Cathy Gallagher for your award donation; OR2. Include your donation payment electronically via PayPal inconjunction with your National Specialty Event Registration.THE DEADLINE FOR SPONSORS TO BE LISTED IN CATALOG – March 15,2024. Please contact Cathy Gallagher via e-mail( if you have an award you wish to sponsor afterthis date. There's still time to sponsor a trophy!

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VCA WF SeminarVizsla Club of America Welfare Foundation2024 Education SeminarFriday, April 26thDiscussion of 2022-2023 VCA WF Vizsla HealthSurvey AnalysisWe launched our Vizsla Health Survey in August 2022.Over the next 15 months, almost 3 thousand peopleentered 6,477 dogs of all different ages from across theUnited States. We are especially grateful to our VCAMembership: 79% participated in the survey to make it asuccess.We will review findings in several key areas: longevity(how long are our Vizslas living?); age of spay/neuter;incidence of cancer (what types? at what age?);incidence of epilepsy (age of onset?); reproductiveissues (eg., birth defects, litter size and uterine inertia);genetic testing and health screens (what do people do?).Please join us to get a glimpse of the BIG picture for ourVizsla breed!FMI:

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Qualifying On the Line (QOL) - Kathy Rust (Thursday)The Vizsla Club of Americarequires that all Vizslas, includingpuppies, competing in theNational Field Events be free ofany breed disqualifications asdefined in the breed standard. Inorder to be eligible to compete inthese events, each dog must beexamined by a licensed AKCconformation judge approved tojudge Vizslas. Click here for QOL VCARegulationsOther Events

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Welcome to the 9th Annual Iron Dog Competition!In celebration of our versatile Vizslas, thiscompetition highlights the wide-ranging abilities ofthe breed. Entries in Iron Dog are open to AKC-registered Vizslas, including spayed and neutereddogs of all ages. Iron Dog points accumulate fromclasses entered in Conformation, Rally, Obedience,Agility, and Scent Work. After all competitions arecompleted, the overall winners will be crowned.Iron DogFor all the details, entry form andmerchandise order form, click here!

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Judges' Education SeminarJudges' Education SeminarSeminar and Hands-onWednesday April 24Seminar and Hands-onWednesday April 24For more information, contactPatricia Folz, Judges’ Education ChairSzikraVizslas@aol.comRingside MentoringApril 25 - April 27Ringside MentoringApril 25 - April 27Fee $25

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Our Judging PanelMrs. Denise LaCroix Spencer, MAObedienceMr. Dana ClineAlbany, GAConformationMs. Erin CrowleyHartford, CTSweepstakesMr. Nicholas CarletonAndover, MAAgilityDr. Elliot More (Conformation)Deerfield, NHRegionalDr. Karen Westerfield TuckerWalpole, MARallyMs. Teresa HundtSandy Hook, CTStud Dog &Brood BitchMs. Liz LynchWorcester, MAScentworkMs. Jennifer AndersonWyoming, RIScentworkDr. Tracy Powell (Juniors)Deerfield, NHRegional

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Easy driving distance to Boston as well ascoastal New Hampshire and Southern MaineWalk the historic FreedomTrail, find a lobster roll, go for aromp on the beach, visit themountains. So much to do! For dog friendly suggestionsthroughout New England,check history with theRevolutionary WarMinuteman National Park - siteof the opening battle of theRevolution on April 19, 1775. Just 20 minutes from the hosthotel. Leashed pets the AreaVisit the American Battlefield Trust to find suggestions formany other nearby historic sites in Boston, Concord andLexington, MA: about Boxboro’s history: Boxboro Town History

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Local Dog Friendly Parksand ActivitiesBeaver Brook Valley & Pettingell Park (6 min)FFW6+QM Boxborough, MassachusettsClick for more informationStow Conservation Land (6 min)61 Stow Rd, Harvard, MA 01451FCMH+XV Harvard, MassachusettsClick for dog-walking regulationsFay Park (8 min)Littleton MAGGP8+P7 Littleton, MassachusettsPersons Park (10 min)149 Hudson Rd, Bolton, MA 01740CCC7+5J Bolton, MassachusettsWilliams Conservation Land (10 min)—big open fieldBoxborough Rd, Littleton MAGG4C+WH Littleton, MassachusettsClick for Williams Land MapPart of Harvard MA Conservation Trail systemClick for Harvard trail map** off-leash permitted; must be under owner controlWest Concord Park (15 min)Domino Dr, Concord, MA 01742FH4V+JG Concord, Massachusetts**off-leash permitted; must be under owner control

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More! Local Dog FriendlyParks and ActivitiesBowers Springs Parking Lot (12 min)44 Flanagan Rd, Bolton, MA 01740F97W+59 Bolton, MassachusettsVaughn Hills (15 min)Bolton Conservation TrustF96J+83 Bolton, MassachusettsClick for more infoMaynard Dog Park (18 min)128 Waltham St, Maynard, MA 01754CHH7+8P Maynard, MassachusettsNara Park (19 min)Lakeside park with a beach and open fields25 Ledge Rock Way, Acton, MA 01720GH9P+7R Acton, MassachusettsThe Grove (17 min)500 Bolton St, Marlborough, MA 017499C9Q+8H Marlborough, MassachusettsSniff Spots near Boxborough MA (designed for private play)Click for the listViz Whizz New EnglandCheck the Viz Whizz Facebook page for meet-up scheduleAllTrailsComprehensive searchable lists, maps and trail

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Local RestaurantsOscars Burritos Mexican Grill (7 min)34 Massachusetts Ave, Boxborough MA 01719Ph: Seafood of Acton (8 min)541 Mass Avenue, Acton MA 01720Ph:’s on Main (15 min) **great breakfast & dinner café43 Main St Ayer MA 01432Ph:’s RusDc Kitchen and Market (13 min)271 Great Rd Stow, MA 01775Ph: Brewing Company (8 min)24 Porter RdLittleton MA 01460Ph:**dogs allowed inside on Wednesdays; dogs always welcome onthe patio**True West (8 min) **has a gluten-free menu525 Massachuse+s AveActon MA 01720Ph:

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More! Local RestaurantsThe Taproom at Carlson Orchards (5 min)115 Oak Hill RoadHarvard, MA 01451Ph:

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New EnglandFoodiesA Must-Visit Website for Food EnthusiastsCheck out if you're a fan ofrestaurant reviews. This website features a search functionthat allows you to look up local restaurants.Find the Best Lobster Roll!According to the editors at Yankee MagazineAccording to Boston.comMassachusetts Craft Beverage MakersFor a comprehensive list of Breweries, Cideries, Distilleriesand Wineries: MA Craft Beverage MapThe Cider DonuteurNew England Cider Donut Map: Click here!The Cider Donuteur presents: Hot fresh donut-y goodnessat your fingertips. Donut reviews:

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LocalVeterinariansWestford Veterinary Emergency Center (15 minutes)11 Cornerstone Square, Westford, MA 01886 •Call or text: 978-577-652524/7 Specialty and Emergency Veterinary Hospital University: Henry and Lois Foster Hospital for SmallAnimals (35 minutes)200 Westboro Road, Route 30North Grafton, MA Pet Hospital (30 minutes)180 Bear Hill Road, Waltham, MA 02451781-684-8387www.bluepearlvet.comMassachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital (36 minutes)20 Cabot Road, Woburn, MA 01801781-932-5802www.massvet.ethosvet.comFor Repro ServicesSlade Veterinary Hospital (40 minutes)334 Concord Street Framingham, MA

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Local EmergencyServices (Human)Emerson Health Urgent Care (11 min)830 Constitution Ave, Littleton, MA 01460HG3G+36 Littleton, MassachusettsPh: 978-287-8990 Urgent Care (16 min)100 Powder Mill Rd, Acton, MA 01720CHRC+XP Acton, MassachusettsPh: 978-234-6497 Hospital (20 min)—open 24 hours133 Old Rd to 9 Acre Corner, Concord MA 01742FJ2F+QG Concord, MassachusettsPh: 978-369-1400 to Emerson Hospital: Exit hotel and turn right ontoRoute 111 going East through West Acton, past the intersection ofRoute 27 and merge onto Route 2 East. At traffic circle (rotary),continue straight on Route 2 East for 1.5 miles. Turn right at OldRoad then turn left into Emerson Hospital entrance. The hospital isat the corner of Route 2 and Old Road.Emergency Telephone Numbers - Boxborough, MAFire/Police/Ambulance Emergency: 911Fire Non-Emergency: 978-264-1770Police Non-Emergency: 978-264-1750Massachusetts State Police Concord: 978-369-4100MA Poison Control: 800-222-1222ASPCA Animal Poison Control: 888-426-4435

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AirportsLogan Airport, Boston MA (45 min)Airlines: Alaska, American, Delta, JetBlue, United,Southwest, SpiritManchester-Boston Regional Airport, Manchester NH(45 min)Airlines: American, Avelo, Southwest, Spirit, UnitedTF Green International Airport, Providence RI (65 min)Airlines: allegiant, American, Breeze, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, SunCountry, UnitedBradley International Airport, Hartford, CT (1h 30min)Airlines: American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest,UnitedAirport TransportBlacklane: Air LimoPh: 978-692-9303 to There TransportPh: 646.942.1318 By Joanne: Airport TransfersPh: 781-608-9223Email: ridesbyjoanne@gmail.com

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Vaccines and National EventsPrior to attending the 2024 National Specialty &Companion Events in Boxborough, Massachusetts,we recommend that you talk to your veterinarianabout what vaccines, if any, may be appropriate foryour dog(s) traveling with you *and* remainingbehind.In the past year, many veterinarians in New Englandhave seen an increase in CIRDC (Canine InfectiousRespiratory Disease Complex). CIRDC is anumbrella for both bacterial (e.g., Bordatella) andviral (e.g., Canine Influenza H3N8 or H3N2)respiratory infections. While vaccines do not coverevery strain, they can lessen the impact of aninfection. We will have dogs traveling in from allover the country, and we want to make sure yourdogs don’t get sick or take something home to adog with an undeveloped or compromised immunesystem.Since dogs may start traveling as early as 4/15/24,we recommend getting those vaccinations donewith plenty of time for them to attenuate: Pleaseallow at least three weeks for the vaccine to takefull effect (e.g., by March 25, 2024).FMI:

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Special VCA room rate $125/night plus fees/taxes and $25/nightpet fee, not to exceed $100, ends March 20.Call to reserve with code: Vizsla Dog Show(3) Three dogs allowed per roomGuests will be required to sign an agreement to comply withVCA rules for staying in the hotel. Any guests not in compliancewill be asked to leave the property and/or face an AKC benchcommittee hearing.Onsite restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, daily.Boxboro Regency Hotel242 Adams Place, Boxboro, MA 01719 Phone: 978-263-8701www.boxbororegency.comClick here for directions.Host Hotel Hotel reservations are open! Call to reserveunder “Vizsla Dog Show” room block!

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I80’ X 120’ Our Surface is: Agility Sport Turf over Cushy 1″Rubber MattingFully Climate Controlled: Heat & Air ConditioningMax 200 & Clip N Go AKC, UKI & USDAA regulation RubberizedAgility Equipment Electronic TimersAcme Obedience JumpsCafé complete with dining tables, Cable TV and DVD playerLOTS of Crating space on our MezzanineSeparate Practice Jump roomFREE WIFI throughout the buildingFully fenced dog parkDog wash and swimming pool available by reservation.Local hotel recommendations are available on the website.Agility VenueAmerican K9 Country336 Route 101Amherst, NH 03031P. (603) 672 top Agility venue in theNortheast!Nearest Emergency Vet Veterinary Emergency Center of Manchester2743 Brown Avenue, Manchester NH, 03103(603) 666-6677

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Crating is across the hall from the rings.The crating room will be locked from 11pm to5am with access granted by security for reservedcrating owners only.Owners must label all crates with (2) emergencycontact people and phone numbers.Owners must be available by phone at all timesthat their dogs are in the crating area. Anyone not in compliance with rules will beexpelled and subject to bench hearing.Reserved Cratingfor good dogsPurchase through NSCE Reservations Store:

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Thank you for your support!The NSCE Committee thanks the following regionalclubs for their generous financial support!

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Thank you for your support!

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1 It is with tremendous gratitude and pride that the Committee Members of the 2024 VCA National Event say ‘THANK YOU’ to the members and friends of the VCA listed below for their support. Thank you to the following Donors: Benefactors ($150 and over) Texas Gulf Coast Vizsla Club Tampa Bay Vizsla Club Gateway Vizsla Club Vizsla Club of Northern California Urszula Janicki Equally supporting Agility and Scentwork Laraine Clark, LaTierra Vizslas Cheryl & Don Etheridge Supporting Obedience Mary Gaudio and Ken Hopping Patrons ($100-$149) Volunteer Vizsla Club of Tennessee Vizsla Club of Greater New York Trails End Vizsla Club of Oregon Laurel Medley, TruBlu Vizslas Supporting Conformation

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2 Patrons ($100-$149) - Continued Cathy Gallagher and Alyssa Perkins, Sienna Pointe Vizslas In Memory of Sienna Pointe's Zeke Nose No Limits NAJ CGC TKA Susan & Ben Scruggs Ruth Sinclair-Stephens, Heelmark Vizslas In Memory of AM/CAN CH Heelmark’s Taj Royale JH TKN, aka "Taj" Mary Anderson Britt Jung Brittania Vizslas In memory of all Brittania and related Vizslas who have left us. Leslee, Jim & Chris Cook, In Memory of Ruger Kristie Adams, support Scentwork Sponsors ($50-$99) Jeanie Andrew, Lone Ridge Farm Mary Anderson In memory of Firepoint Fiddler on the Woof, "Fiddler" Ellen Blau & Larry Dalan Supporting Agility Katherine and Dale Hokens, supporting Agility Jan Cox, Heartsong Vizslas BISS Ch Prairie Heartsong ROM Audrey Zatarian Sheila Denzler Jessica Foster Mary Grant

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3 Friends (Under $50) Mike & Alice Daddario & Jessica Vetter Rachel Romano Kelly, Willorunn Vizslas In memory of Dot Romano Shella Fuhrman Rhonda Johnson Sherri Mullin Beverly Diamond Jane Robbins Jean Matmor Ida Kavafin The Vizsla Agility T-shirt Fund Iron Dog Awards Iron Dog Gold Medal and Rosette Alice and Mike Daddario and Jessica Vetter Iron Dog Silver Medal and Rosette Sam Chew & Gaelyn Krauser In memory of Sorcha and Morgan Iron Dog Bronze Metal and Rosette Sam Chew & Gaelyn Krauser In memory of Sorcha and Morgan

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4 Junior Showmanship Best Junior Handler Trophy and Rosette and Reserve Best Junior Trophy and Rosette Kimberly & Jack Markey, Golden Rust Runners Vizslas Conformation – Breed Best of Breed Trophy and Rosette - Ania and Rachel Romano Kelly, Willorunn Vizslas, In memory of Dot Romano, the Matriarch of Willorunn Vizslas Best of Opposite Sex Trophy and Rosette Mary Anderson In memory of Firepoint Fiddler on the Woof, "Fiddler" Best of Winners Trophy and Rosette Alexandra and Allyson Lorent, A'Loring Vizslas Select Dog Trophy and Rosette and Select Bitch Trophy and Rosette Penny Pennington, CH Bayview N Brittania’s Sing Along With Mitch RA NA OAJ Best of Breed Owner Handler/Best in Show Trophy and Rosette LeAnna & Andrew Sternisha, FezentRun Vizslas Best Bred By Exhibitor Puppy Trophy and Rosette Wes & Jone Brown and Brittany Ives, Autumn Acres Vizslas Judge’s Award of Merit Rosettes Kathy Rust, Kizmar Vizslas Betty Meadows In memory of "Cody" 3BIS 6BISS GCH Russet Leather Wild Bill Cody MHA RA 2005-2021

Page 39

5 Judge’s Award of Merit Rosettes (Continued) Nancy Guarascio, JensPenny Vizslas In Honor of GCHS CH Jen’s Penny Hazel’s Eyes on the Prize “Hazel” Janet Laman and Susan Shorb, Valhalla Vizslas Sponsoring of FOUR Judges Awards of Merit Jim McClintock & Richard Graves Sponsoring THREE Judges Awards of Merit In Memory of GCHS Russet Leather Koa Scout Conformation Specialty Classes Winners Dog Trophy and Rosette Henry Grant and Richard Bennington-Grant, Riverview Vizslas, In Memory of Ch Olde Ridge Soar'N Pfalcons Hudson JH ROM Winners Bitch Trophy and Rosette Carol & Bruce Phelps, Szizlin Vizslas, Reg. In Loving Memory of GCH Szizlin's Sail On Soar'n Lyra JH & DLB Reserve Winners Dog Trophy and Rosette Rebecca and Mark Smith, ReMark Vizslas Reserve Winners Bitch Trophy and Rosette Rebecca and Mark Smith, ReMark Vizslas Best Bred-by-Exhibitor Non-Champion Trophy and Rosettes and Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitch Trophy and Rosettes Karen Iacobellis & Jenna Zablow, KaraJen Vizslas In memory of Frankie, CH Linmar N Karajen’s Let’s Be Frank

Page 40

6 Conformation Specialty Classes - Continued Bred-By-Exhibitor Dog Trophy and Rosettes Sosanna Folz, Szikra Vizslas In dearest memory of BISS CH Szikra's Braveheart, SH 6-9 months Puppy Dog and Placement Rosettes Shirley Olsen 12-15 months Puppy Dog Trophy and Rosettes and Am Bred Dog Trophy and Rosette Jenny Follett, 5280 Vizslas First Place Open Dog, First Place Open Bitch, First Place Iron Dog and First Place Iron Bitch Trophies and Rosettes Vizsla Club of Central New England First Place Bred By Exhibitor Bitch and Placement Rosettes Sandra Smith, In memory of Sue Kaye, Sari Vizslas First Place Novice Bitch Trophy and Placement Rosettes Chrys, Heather & Colleen Longley, Velkra Vizslas CH Valley Hunter Country Starr, Ch Velkra Suvati Starr, and Velkra the One True King First Place Hunting Dog Trophy and Placement Rosettes Betty Meadows, In memory of "Cody" 3BIS 6BISS GCH Russet Leather Wild Bill Cody MHA RA 2005-2021 First Place Field Trial Dog Trophy and Placement Rosettes Rebecca and Mark Smith, ReMark Vizslas First Place Field Trial Bitch Trophy and Placement Rosettes Rebecca and Mark Smith, ReMark Vizslas First Place Trophies and Rosettes Veteran 11-13 Dog Kim Himmelfarb, Pekogait Vizslas In Memory of MBISS Ch CAN Ch Penlee's Orange Pekoe

Page 41

7 Conformation Specialty Classes - Continued First Place Veteran 7-9 Bitch Trophy and Placement Rosettes Sam Chew & Gaelyn Krauser First Place Veteran 13+ Bitch Trophy and Placement Rosettes Frank and Jane Tallman Family, In Memory of Frank and Jane Tallman First Place Stud Dog Trophy and Placement Rosettes Jamie Walton, Calibre Vizslas Dual Champion Dog and Dual Champion Bitch Trophies and Rosettes Ashley Uffman, Zydeco Vizslas In Memory of NGDC DC AFC Zydeco's Blastin' Th'Roux Everything MH for the DC Dog and DC AFC GCH Zydeco's First You Make a Roux MH ROM for DC bitch Conformation - Sweepstakes Best Puppy Trophy and Rosette Kathy Rust, Kizmar Vizslas Best of Opposite Puppy Trophy and Rosette Jenny Follett, 5280 Vizslas Best Bred-by Exhibitor Puppy Trophy and Rosette Wes & Jone Brown and Brittany Ives, Autumn Acres Vizslas In Memory of REBA (GCHB MACH Rustic Road's Rowdy Redhead CD RN MXG MJG XF T2B CAA CGCA) - The One Who Started Our Journey! Best Veteran Dog in Sweepstakes Trophy and Rosette Karen Iacobellis and Jenna Zablow, KaraJen Vizslas In memory of Hank, CH. KaraJen’s Put Me In Coach CGC CA ROM

Page 42

8 Conformation – Sweepstakes (Continued) Best Veteran Bitch in Sweepstakes Trophy and Rosette Jeanie Andrew, Lone Ridge Farm Placement Rosettes for Veteran Dog 7-9 Years Rachel Romano Kelly, Willorunn Vizslas In memory of Dot Romano Placement Rosettes for Veteran Dog 9-11 Years Karen Fischesser, Windswept Acre's In loving memory of INTL CH/AKC GCH Plaza's Windswept Little Red Corvette "Corey" BN JH CGC Placement Rosettes for Veteran Dog 11-13 Years Kim Himmelfarb, Pekogait Vizslas In Memory of MBISS Ch CAN Ch Penlee's Orange Pekoe Placement Rosettes for Veteran Bitch 7-9 Years Patsy Dahlinghaus, Copper-Creek Vizslas In memory of Carol Vola Placement Rosette for Veteran Bitch 9-11 Years Chrys, Heather & Colleen Longley, Velkra Vizslas CH Valley Hunter Country Starr, Ch Velkra Suvati Starr, and Velkra the One True King Placement Rosettes for Puppy Dog 6-9 Months and Puppy Bitch 6-9 Months Pam Williams, Windrunner Vizslas Placement Rosettes for Puppy Dog 12-15 Jenny Follett, 5280 Vizslas

Page 43

9 Obedience High in Obedience Trial Trophy and Rosette Mike & Alice Daddario & Jessica Vetter High Combined Trophy and Rosette Jeanie Andrew, Lone Ridge Farm First Place Beginner Novice B Trophy and Placement Rosettes Sam Chew & Gaelyn Krauser First Place Novice B Trophy and Placement Rosettes Susan Schrock, In memory of Bing & Cali & in honor of Buzz & Dunkin Rally High Triple Qualifying Trophy and Rosette AND High Combined Score Trophy and Rosette Mike & Alice Daddario & Jessica Vetter First Place Novice B Trophy and Placement Rosettes Susan Schrock, In memory of Bing & Cali & in honor of Buzz & Dunkin Agility High in Trial Master Trophy and Rosette Kim Himmelfarb, Pekogait Vizslas In Memory of GCH Ch PACH3 Standing-O for Pekogait One Man Band CD BN RI JHA MXPC MJPC PAX4 CAA DCAT RATN CGC TKN First Place Trophy and Placement Rosettes Standard 20" Masters Penny Pennington, CH Bayview N Brittania’s Sing Along With Mitch RA NA OAJ

Page 44

10 Agility (Continued) First Place Trophies and Placement Rosettes Standard 24" Novice A and Standard 24" Novice B Anne Macaulay, Honoring CH MACH Brittania's Alysheba CD, CGC, XF Qualifying Ribbons for Standard Preferred Amanda and Christian Mohr Qualifying Ribbons Standard, Qualifying Ribbons for JWW, Qualifying Ribbons T2B The Vizsla Agility T-Shirt Fund Qualifying Ribbons for Premier Standard and Premier JWW Carol Keller Scent Work High In Trial – Master Carol Keller Detective Kathy Rust, Kizmar Vizslas First Place Trophy and Placement Rosettes - Interior Novice B Susan Schrock, In memory of Bing & Cali & in honor of Buzz & Dunkin All Scentwork Qualifying Ribbons Amanda and Christian Mohr First Place Trophy and Placement Rosettes - Container Master and First Place Trophy and Placement Rosettes - Buried Master Jamie Walton, Calibre Vizslas

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Page 46

The Keystone Vizsla Clubwould like to wish everyone afun and successful NationalSpecialty Event! You are all going home withthe very best dog!

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Our EZclassicWhelping Box isdesigned with thebreeder, mom andpups in

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Page 53

For more information, email or call 203-300-5078For Your Everyday AdventuresOriginal TickKey™ Has You Covered. The only tick removal device on the planet that uses naturalforward leverage to remove the entire tick – head and all – quickly and safely.TickKey welcomes you to the 2024 Vizsla Club of America NSCE!

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Questions?Message us on us a note byclicking on the“Message Me”bubble in the bottomright of your screen.

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VCA Agility Trial (Amherst, NH) - Click HereVCA Scentwork Trial - Click HereVCA Obedience Trial - Click Here (Rau Dog Shows -Official Premium Coming Soon)VCA Rally Trial - Click Here (Rau Dog Shows - OfficialPremium Coming Soon)All Star Review - Click HereVCA National Specialty - Click Here Regional Specialty - Click Here Event PremiumsIMPORTANT! For allentries made online withRau, DNA must beentered in the “Division”text field. No entries willbe finalized without DNAnumber. See pg. 23 inRau Premium List formore details. Click here.

Page 57

The Best of the Best!Vizsla Club of America2024 National Specialty and Companion Events in support of theFor the first time in 20 years, our National is coming to New England! In support of theshow, and the vital initiatives of the VCA and our Welfare Foundation, we are thrilled tooffer the dog fancy opportunities to connect with some of the premier handlers andbreeders of our sport. One hour mentorship conversations generously offered by:Wayne Cavenaugh, Mary Dukes, Eddie Dziuk, Luke & Diane Ehricht,David Fitzpatrick, Doug Johnson & Jamie Hubbard, Bill Shelton,Carissa ShimpenoHandling fees generously offered by:Ania Romano Kelly, Deanna Rotkowsi, Gerry Thornton, Gina Currier,Holley Eldred, Jamie Lamphier, Janice Hayes, Jen Leitao, JenniferHoffman, Kerry McComiskey Boyd, Kristyn Stout, Leslie Racine, LizaSobosz, Loran Morgan, Lynda O’Connor-Schneider, MoniqueMatrapasqua, Sarah Crepeau, Sarah Luther, Tim TerellaHandling lessons generously offered by:Coleen McGee, Arvind De Braganca, Norma Smith, Kelly Shupp, SaraGregware, Tuni Conti, Valerie Nunes-AtkinsonAnd special offerings by the generosity of:Violin Lesson or Performance by Ida Kavafian, Pet Boarding by P-KPet Resort (Alex Polikowsky), Photography Session by Mia SpecialeTo bid, visit: ends on March 7 at 10PM ESTWant to donate? Please email:

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Limited RV Parking atBoxboro Regency Hotel242 Adams Place, Boxboro, MA 01719 Phone: 978-263-8701www.boxbororegency.comClick here for directions.RV ReservationsParking rate is $75/night.(14) RV spaces available. RVparking must be reserved inadvance and only in spotsdesignated by the hotel.There are no hook-ups. RVservices may be arrangedthrough the site coordinator.**Do not contact the hotel for RV reservations!**Make your reservation through the NSCEReservations Store:

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NSCE Reservations includes:Buy Nationals Catalog for pick up or mailingBuy catalog adsRV reservations-we will be able to accommodateall sizesRing Side Seating (Sold Out!)Reserved CratingPee Wee and Tiny Tots eventsColoring Book Fundraiser-new this year!!!Education SeminarMembership MeetingLuminary WalkAll Star ReviewConcord Colonial Inn Off-Site DinnerWelcome and Awards PartyChowdah Paw-ty-because we’re in New England!!Celebration Party and Champagne ToastBox Lunches – available all week with a variety ofoptionsNSCEReservationsStore!

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We Need Your Support!Your contributions ensure the success of NSCEand the critical programs of the VCA and VCAWelfare Foundation.How can you help?Sponsor a trophySponsor a receptionDonate an item, gift basket or service tothe fundraising auction or raffleMake a cash donationWe also have some exciting corporatesponsorship opportunities available! Email for details.To make a donation commitment, click here.To sponsor a trophy, click here.

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Tentative ScheduleAgility (Amherst, NH)Monday, April 22Obedience, Rally, CGC/Trick Dog,Welcome/Awards PartyTuesday, April 23Sweepstakes, Iron Dog, Scentwork, Judge’sEducation Seminar, Off-Site DinnerWednesday, April 24Judge’s Ringside Mentoring, Dog Classes,Membership Meeting, Non-Regular Dog Classes,QOL, Luminary Walk, All-Star Review (Evening)Thursday, April 25Friday, April 26Bitch Classes, VCA WF Education Seminar,Non-Regular Bitch Classes, Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, Judge’s Ringside Mentoring,Juniors Party, Chowda Paw-TySaturday, April 27Judge’s Ringside Mentoring, jR Showmanship,PeeWee, Best of Breed, Celebration ExperienceRegional Specialty - Limited EntrySunday, April 28Tentative Schedule - Pending Entry Counts2024 VCA National Specialty &Companion Eventsto be held in:Boxborough, Massachusetts April 22 - 28, 2024Host HotelBoxboro Regency Hotel www.boxbororegency.com242 Adams Place, Boxboro, MA 01719***Room/RV Reservations to open Feb 1st***AgilityAmerican K9 COUNTRY www.americank9country.com336 Route 101 Amherst, NH 03031Visit for more details CGC/Trick Dog Cancelled due to schedule contraints UPDATED!

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Order your kit’t forget, AKC DNA Profile isrequired for entry!DNA ReminderAllow for mailing andprocessing time!

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Luminary Walk On Thursday evening, April 25, 2024, the Vizsla Club of Americawill host the VCA Luminary Walk in honor of our lost two- andfour-legged loved ones. The VCA Luminary walk will be on display in the atrium of thehotel. Please come take a walk down memory lane and paytribute to those no longer with us.You may buy one or more luminaries, each displaying the nameto be honored.COST: $12 for 1st luminary, $10 for each additionalLuminaries will consist of wooden hanging keepsake engravedwith call name.DEADLINE: March 15, 2024For details, click here.

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NSCE CatalogAdvertisingThis year, to address the rising costs of production, the catalog willlook a little different and be published in (2) spiral bound volumes. Volume 1 holds advertisements and Companion Event catalogs. Volume 2 holds the Conformation and Obedience catalogs. Thevolumes are sold together as a set.Purchase here: (all full color)Full-page Ad: $75Inside Front Cover: $200Divider Page: $105Guidelines & Electronic Submission Formats• High resolution PDF (press quality/CMYK – preferred format)• JPG or TIF (300 pixels/inch resolution)Ads MUST be built in proportion to a catalog page. Image area is4.5”x7.5”, including any border. Be aware, if you build your ad 8.5x11”,it will not be in proportion to the page.Required InformationAn OFA number is no longer required for catalog advertisementswith the following exceptions:• OFA numbers for sires and dams are required for “upcoming litter”or “puppies available” advertisements.• Any advertisement that can be construed as a “breeding”advertisement (e.g., “Available at Stud”) will require the inclusion ofan OFA number.Deadline - March 8th, 2024Questions? Contact

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Party Like It’s 1716...About the Inn - 20 minutes from Host HotelCentered in the heart of Concord’s Monument Square since 1716, the Innhas been a vital part of historic Concord and played an integral role inAmerica’s Revolutionary War. It was from here the militiamen musteredto meet the British troops at the North Bridge nearby, which was pivotalin securing America’s independence.Concord was later the epicenter of philosophy and home to LegendaryAuthors like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, NathanielHawthorne, Bronson Alcott, and his daughter Louisa May Alcott, all ofwhom lived and wrote in Concord, and visited the Inn often. The spirit ofthe past is vibrantly alive at Concord’s Colonial Inn and in the heart ofConcord.A Special Prix Fixe Dinner for VCA AttendeesWednesday, April 24 (Off-Site)Looking for aquintessential NewEngland experience? Gather some friends andhave a relaxed supper atone of our country’smost historicrestaurants. The inn has crafted a special menu just for VCA guests. Enjoy a 4course supper of New England favorites - including choice ofChicken Pot Pie, Yankee Pot Roast (GF) or Lobster Roll. $60/person, including gratuity.Pre-purchase only through the VCA NSCE Reservations Storebeginning in February!