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Sydney, Australia

                           By: Vanya 

Sydney: The Home of the Great Opera House

The population of Sydney is near 4,921,000/4.3 million. There a lot of people who move from Canberra to Sydney. Sydney is a beautiful place with warm weather and awesome beaches and the world famous Opera houses.

Population of Sydney

Sydney is 58 meters above sea level. Sydney is also near the harbor. Sydney is located near the harbor this is why Sydney makes good money and fame in fishing or sending goods across the ocean.

Location of Sydney



Sydney is located in Northern Australia.  Sydney is near the harbor. 

Continent: Australia 

 The first people who discovered Sydney were colonists they discovered Sydney on 26 January 1788. Sydney was named after Thomas Townshend or Lord Sydney. Sydney was once the capital of Australia, but then people began to treat Canberra like the capital because you could find resources there and trading was going through Canberra so Sydney became old until Sydney started to grow again passing Canberra so then everyone moved back to Sydney.

History of Sydney


  • Sydney has Blue Mountains to the east and Hawkesbury river to the north Woronora Plateau to the south. Sydney is also bordered by the Pacific Ocean that is important because that is where resources come from or leave Sydney.


  • The Opera House is one of the biggest landmarks in Australia many people go to Australia just to see The Opera House. The Opera House is a theatre built for opera performances that consists of an stage, an orchestra pit , audience seating, and backstage facilities for costumes and set building. Sydney Tower is 2nd tallest building in Australia it is known for it’s excellent view. The tower stands 1,014 feet high the deck itself is 164 feet long. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is used for transportation. When the Bridge was about be open

 Historic Sites

The Rock is a really popular neighborhood. The Rock has little shops and restaurants. Most of them are side by side. Another huge neighborhood is Town Hall. Town Hall is in the heart of the city, this area is home to the main department stores and two Sydney landmarks, the Town Hall and a historic shopping mall called the Queen Victoria Building (QVB). Another neighborhood is Kings Cross(The Cross). 'The Cross' is known for it's famous night clubs and restaurants. 


Many people use the ferries for sight seeing. Many people take the train to get to places quicker for example if someone is getting late they would most likely take the train. There are many other ways of transportation that may seem faster but many people use the train to get to places quickly. For many tourist the ferry is the best idea because the ferries go unusually slow soz it gives you a good amount of time to look at all the amazing sights.



  • Cricket is a very popular sport in Sydney. Australia has a professional cricket team that has won the Cricket world cups many times. Soccer is also a very popular sport. Sydney’s team is Sydney FC their nickname is the Sky Blues. The are a great team and have won many games like the games against Wellington which they won 3-1. Their many other sports but those sports are more popular than the rest.


Sydney is Australia's premier destination for world-class performances, exhibitions and festivals as well as galleries and museums. One of the places where many opera’s are sung. The place is the Opera house. Sydney is a mix of culture because cultures because many people move to Australia and Sydney because of the nice warm weather.



  • In Sydney the most common food you will find is barbecue, but all kinds of meat is common fish is also very common. The mostly drink beer and other cold drinks. There are many other types of drinks, meals, snacks, etc.. There are many restaurants of different culture and many different foods.


  • English is the most common language in Australia only 18%  of the population doesn’t speak English. The locals are pretty nice and understanding, but be aware there could be robbers and people who pickpocket are just waiting to steal your valuables and wallet and all your money. There are many nice locals who are willing to show you around and show you many good places.


Sydney is currently the most populus city in Australia. Sydney is a place of wonder and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Sydney has many awesome beaches and harbors for you to relax in. Sydney has many amazing places just waiting to be visited.

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