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              Type 2 diabetes


type 2 diabete is the most common type of diabete. your body makes insulin but you cannot recieve it. Glucose builts up instead of going to the cells and not able to function probley.

 Background informaton

 anna garcia should be eating healthy food for breakfest her meals were fine but she buts alot of  fats and that brings her sugar high and thats some of the causes of diabetes . 

 anna garcia food dairy 

blood sugar adjustments 

in order to mantian you blood sugar fine you need to change not only your type of foods but what you put inside of it . carboydrates has the biggiest key point to your diet . make sure before you eat a meal it has the prpoer starch fruits ,veggies and whooe grain these are lower charboydrates. fiber helps you contain your blood sugar leveled. Avoid sugar and sweets even sugar berveges these make you blood sugar raise in an instant which cause bad symtoms to your body .

once you start feeling shaky , weak , tired , hungry lightheaded anxious or confused you need to check your blood suagr quick these are causes of low blood suagr and needs to be checked your make sure you take yourmedication as well . drink plenty of water 

Exercise lifestyle

first of all in order to maintain healthy and keep ur suagr fine u need to know how to excersise kepping you body fit and help your insulin to control blood sugar you need to burn extra fat. lower your blood pressure by not eating much foods that have cholestrol. cut down LDL  and raise the good LDL . laying down on the couch wont help keep active and do activitys this keeps your glucose fine when exercising . type 2 may have to take medication and find there right balance . after a while if you dominated by carbohydrates, starch , and sugar this is a bigrisk of type 2 diabete.  eating to much can cause a break down of glucose in an instint which cause glyemic spikes and a rapid increase in blood suagr. For type 2 diabete you need to excerise and maintain fit with a healthy life style and reduce ur amount of glusocse in your blood . make sure you check up on you blood suagr that you may not have it to high or to loe


dietitains help contol diabetes . dietitians have extra taining that allows them the ins and outs of how the diet will relate to you medications and excersie lifestyle. visting a dietians you need to change your life style and keep your blood sugar in control. there basic skills is to change health ways and tell you what you can or cannot eat.this also teaches you how to count you carboydrates this is a mental method that you have to do they teach you but you do it.

 biomedical professionals

 A podiatrist is a specialist in dieases and injuries. there skills are to interact with patients and be concerned about there condition. they need to be able to relate the patient and understand them.  A podiatrist must speak well mannered and interact whith other physicians. must be able to deductively and inductivley and predict problems,,20188347,00.html