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Vanadium Heros's



In a land far away there was a young hero named Vanadium, he's a bold and cunning young man. He stood tall and with pride. He was different that the other metals and steels. He stood out like a rose in a dandelion patch. Everything was all fine in the world of yugopotamia. There were large structures and its calm and well organized.

Yugopotamia is where all the strongest of elements live in harmony and work together.They all have value to society in a certain way.

But then on the hottest week of yugopotamia history, they city of yugopotamia has gotten news that sulfuric acid would be coming to yugopotamia, and that he threatened to destroy all yugopotamia and its citizens of steel. Since it was so hot sulfuric acid could basically react with all types of metals including vanadium man.Vanadium man was then determined to stop sulfuric acid before he arrives at yugopotamia. So he prepares to fight him, and will do anything to stop him even if it means taking his life.








Vanadium's Hero's Journey


Vanadium has dedicated himself to defeat sulfuric acid and will train to win. Vanadium will train for 4 days to get ready and with the help of lead ,his best friend from childhood’ will train with him and provide vanadium with armor and ways to avoid corrosion. As the week grew shorter vanadium worked hard every day and night dusk till dawn.


The day has come as the sun rises over the horizon, sulfuric acid has arrived and is in full strength to fight. As vanadium man puts on his lead armour he gets intimidated by sulfuric acid but he swallowed his fear and charged at sulfuric acid. He knocked sulfuric acid down with one powerful punch after another. As sulfuric acid tried to combat his maneuvers he realised that his powers don't work on lead armour  and quickly realised that he would stand no chance against vanadium. So with one last blow onto sulfuric acid he goes down hard and retreats from where he came from. And vanadium was awarded with a life sized statue of himself and lead.