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Story about a evening in the life of a vampire bat

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Vampire Bat: The Story

It is summer at midnight and it is a full moon. It is quiet, all the other animals are asleep...


...but I have just awoken. I slept upside down, hanging from my toes. The neural arches in my short neck allow me to turn my head back while I hang. I look around my surrounding and see that my family has already awoken and left in search of food or in our case: BLOOD!


I am so hungry; I have not eaten since the night before. I must hunt every night for blood. I am the only flying mammal of the order Chiroptera which means hand wing. My four elongated fingers form my wings and my thumb is elongated.

As I jump to take flight, I rely on my shoulder muscles to help to control my wing beat. As I fly, coracocutaneus and the bicipito-plagiopatagialis muscles keep my wings taut. 

My femur sticks out to the side and my tibia and fibula point to the rear as I soar through the night sky.

I do not rely on my eyes to hunt. I have a biosonar system where I release frequencies through my nostrils to locate my prey. As I get closer to my prey of choice, the frequencies get louder letting me know that I have found my dinner!!

My dinner tonight is a pig, my favorite! I land close on the ground close to the pig. He does not know that I am here and he will not know that I am about to feast on his blood.

I use the heat sensors located on my nose to locate an area of blood closest to the surface of the skin. I lift my carpus and extend my pollices with every jump onto the pig until I get to the special spot. 

I bite into his flesh using my two razor sharp incisors. My saliva is special in that it has three ingredients that promote blood flow. As the blood flows, I begin to lap it up with my tongue until I am so full that I can barely move. 

But I must move because I'm hearing human footsteps get closer. I must get out of here! I begin to urinate to allow me to get rid of blood plasma that is no longer nutritious to my body and this allows me to take flight again.

I jump into the air and my elbow extends as I push myself away from the surface. My pectoralis muscle generates power so that I can jump high enough to fly. My wings begin to beat and suddenly everything goes black.

I have been caught! The pig farmer has caught me. He is not happy with me for I have feasted on his pigs before. What am I going to do? How will I get away??? But wait...there are others of my kind here.

I thought the farmer caught me but I was wrong. It was a research scientist. I begin to panic. I use my echolocation to scan my surroundings. I notice there are these little dishes on the ground and they have blood in them. Some of the others are drinking from them too....but why? 

Soon one of the researchers grabs me again. I try to bite him with my sharp incisors but I miss. He holds me by my wings, pulls on my right leg and I feel something cold tighten around my right foot. This is the end!! 

Suddenly he lets go of me...


Back with the others, I notice something small and yellow with numbers surrounding my right foot.


I long to be free and so I begin to get desperate and start thinking about how I will escape. 

These plans do not last long because miraculously the scientists release us back into the wild. I am confused as to why they have let us go. I am so thrilled that I and the others have been freed.

Off into the night we go!






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