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The night of a vampire bat

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My internal alarm is ticking, Oh! its eleven o'clock at night, time to get up!

My friends must be starving because I know I am, It time for me to get up and feed. I start my flight by using my strong pectoral muscles, along with my long thumb and hind knee to launch myself high into the air, catapulting about four feet. The cool thing about my flight is that I save a lot of energy. My  wings are similar to the structure of a human arm and hand, but are greatly elongated, light, and slender.  I use my rotatable radius to fold and rotate my wings during flight,  giving me a lot of height and less drag then my bird friends.  This makes me feel like the king of the Tropics.

In between my stomach rumbles I can hear my preys breath.  It is one of my special abilities that my fellow bats are totally jealous of, but one has to adapt when they solely feed on blood. Meanwhile in a nearby field,I spot a nice cluster of bovine just settling down for the night. I can hear cows breathing as I silently fly through the darkness looking for prey. Jack Pot a meal worth stopping for!


I make my way quickly and quietly down to the field where a whole group of cows lay. Because I have weak hind legs, I evolved a terrestrial trot that is not seen in any other species of bat.  I spot my prey.  A large bull that is about to snuggle up to a beautiful cow.  He looks delicious. I begin to run, powering my gait with my forelimbs unlike any of the other species of bats I know. I slowly increase my speed to roughly two and a half miles per hour.  I feel like a speed demon. 

I hop onto its back unnoticed and once I’m near its neck, I use my delicate incisors to make an opening for the blood to leak out. Surprisingly we vampires tend to lick or lap up the blood as it comes out as opposed to sucking it. I always tend to take a little extra blood to share with my friends and family back at the cave, you never know when someone is hungry and needs a little food. My saliva contains an anti-coagulant that keeps the blood flowing nicely for me to drink up.

once I’ve had enough I hop off of my prey’s back and head back home. The cows don’t notice me, another sucessful night! I head back home to my cave as the night is ending for me, I am content as I fly back with my belly full and ready to sleep as I notice the sun is rising.

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