I'm Randy Haddad of Yorba Linda, CA

     I've specialized in cosmetic wood repair 

     since the 1980's in a vast variety of touch-up

     and/or wood repair situations. 

                Professionally touching-up your full kitchen 

                rather than refacing or replacing its 

                cabinetry (by a skilled craftsman, that is)

                is a unique and cost effect option. 


                It would be rare that I would not

                be able to make this happen for you. 

                              Just give me a call:

                                 (714) 809-4048

         - (work is scheduled on a 1st come basis) -

  •  Cabinets, Doors, Furniture, Floors, Panels, Tables, Special Requests
  •  Entertainment Centers, Home Theatres
  •  Large Conference Tables, Office Desks & Furniture
  •  Stairs, Stair Banasters
  •  Cosmetic Repairs to Breaks, Burns, Gouges, or Holes
  •  Sun Damage, Water Damage
  •  Color Matches 
  •  Color Changes (depending)


  •  Concrete, Plaster, Metals, or Stone (on ocassion)
  •  Fine China, Figurines, or Tile (rarely)
My work is very diverse
I've been doing business as TOUCH-UP SPECIALTIES
for 3.5 decades (www.TouchUpSpecialties.com

        "Orange County Kitchen Touch-Up" is my subsidiary.

         I have, and still can, service areas outside of O.C., CA

            however, my price minimums are a bit different 

I Come Prepared to work on Estimate Day

  •  All work I scheduled is on a 1st come basis, made by phone contact
  •  Pre text or email a few photos for a pretty close ph. $ quote when we talk

                     Cell Ph.: (714) 809-4048    -or- 

                     Email:     randy@touchupspecialties.com

 I will still need to see the work. Therefore, upon arrival we'll confirm an accurate price 

(usually the same or close to my quote). On this day I will come prepared to do the work.

"Orange County Kitchen Touch-Up" is...