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UNLIMITED APPLICATIONS Recent success has shown a high level of interest in the following categories with ECOR meeting or exceeding the same specifications for the wood products we replace Flooring ECOR Ply F In production now one of the most difficult specifications to achieve approved and adopted by large flooring manufacturer Furniture ECOR 1 ECOR Ply From tabletops to chairs and office partitions ECOR replaces the materials inside many types of furniture as a sustainable alternative Retail Environments ECOR 1 ECOR PLY Coated Clear Coated White High profile showcase for sustainability incorporating ECOR into a store can provide direct engagement about sustainability and circular economy practices Trade Show Booths ECOR 1 ECOR PLY Coated Clear Coated White Reusable and recyclable trade show booth elements engage B to B customers with a new perspective on sustainable displays Point of Purchase ECOR 1 Coated White Inject sustainability instantly into a supply chain with reusable recyclable and highly visible displays Packaging ECOR 1 Replacing plastic and one time use products ECOR s fully recyclable and reusable tear sheets provide protection between pallets and boxes of bottles and fragile cargo CONTACT US 1 866 417 5518 info ecorglobal com 10525 Vista Sorrento Parkway Suite 210 San Diego CA 92121 USA For addtional infomration on ECOR please scan QR code Making a Material Difference 2023 ECOR Global All Rights Reserved The world s first commercial eco board Sustainable without a premium price High quality specifications Making a Material Difference

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The world s first commercial eco board Sustainable High Quality Specs without a Premium Price PRODUCT DESCRIPTION FEATURES Meeting growing global demand requires cost effective sustainable wood alternatives Made from locally sourced agricultural and urban waste byproducts 3mm thick in either 4 x 8 or 4 x 10 ECOR 1 represents the building block for all ECOR products The world s first recyclable plywood replacement coated or uncoated and in 5mm 7 5mm and 10mm thickness PRODUCT FEATURES High performance eco panels that meet or exceed the specifications of the wood based products they replace No special tools machinery or techniques required Multiple layers can be laminated together to achieve a specific thickness or density Only water based non toxic coatings are used to ensure recyclability 2023 ECOR Global All Rights Reserved ECOR s clean conversion technology upcycles valuable cellulose fibers that would otherwise end up in waste streams Sustainable ECOR s process is clean using no toxic ingredients ECOR products off gas no urea formaldehyde The Circular Economy is about balancing inputs and outputs By focusing on the end of a product s lifecycle and by building recycling potential into the design and production circularity begins to emerge Sustainability should mean self perpetuating just as ECOR panels can be recycled over and over ECOR products are not just slightly less toxic than alternatives or slightly less harmful to the planet Our ultimate sustainability goal is to incorporate a customer s waste fibers into one of their own showcase products This creates a true closed loop circular system that is self perpetuating Reliable Localized production means elimination of most transportation costs and risks ECOR s decade long expertise in fiber blending allows for use of a variety of local feedstocks while ensuring consistent production to precise specifications ECOR upcycles abundant and ubiquitous cellulose fibers that would otherwise be part of the waste stream The wood material ECOR will replace HDF MDF Plywood will continue to become more valuable and always be driven by impacts to global commodities markets Instead of relying on massive factories and shipping to the far reaches of the world ECOR production facilities are regionalized and right sized ECOR sites will be located at the intersection of access to agricultural and urban waste byproducts thermal energy and off take customers This minimizes not just transportation costs but the potential disruptions in shipping in both raw materials and finished products ECOR s pricing by design is stable consistent and competitive Making a Material Difference

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