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The Declaration of Independence

A childrens book adaptation by Sophie Gill

The Declaration of Indepe..

When people feel the need to separate from another group, it is important and respectful for them to write down and declare the reasons of their want for departure.


All people are created equal and are guaranteed certain rights. These rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If a government begins to make it so these rights aren't happening, people can get rid of, change, or create a new government for their future well-being. 


The Americans don't want to be like Great Britain. The king there is bad, and doesn't do what's best for the public good. He doesn't let them pass important laws. He is very hard to work with and is mean to his people, and goes against their constitution. 

He cut off trade with rest of world 

Got rid of important laws


Gave unfair taxes


Destroyed the lives of his own people 

Tyrannical Acts

The Americans petition and petition but things just get worse. They are ruled by a tyrant, who is unfit to be in charge of free people. The Americans have tried to be nice to the British and connect with them but the British don't listen so they are forced to separate. 


Enemies in war, Friends in peace

Efforts to Avoid Separation

The people of the United States declare that they should be free and independent states, and no longer connected to British. That they should have the power to go to war, be at peace, have a government and do all things that other independent states do. 

We pledge to each other our LIVES, our FORTUNES, and our HONOR!

Declaring Separation & Independence