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World Geography

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U.S History and       Government

Molly Wheeler, Braden Messer, Logan Ruth, Elizabeth Vanweelden. 

Our Government-

Our History- 

1775 to 1783, American Revolutionary War that resulted in the U.S. gaining their independence.


Federal Republic (national power is shared with the states).


Assembly lines cut the cost and time needed to make products and improved the standard of living. Around the 1990’s, many manufacturing activities were less important than rising high-tech industries. This is important today because we wouldn't be getting the food we need right away and it would all have to be hand made instead of using machines. We are grateful to go to the store and have all we need because they are constantly restocking.  This also helped companies because then they didn't have to hire as many employees which saves them money.

3 Important Words

The U.S government encouraged settlement of the Great Plains to ease the crowding in Eastern Cities. The government needed people to farm areas of land to provide more food for the cities. Because of the dry conditions on the Great Plains, settlers developed dry farming. Dry farming is cultivating land to catch and hold rainwater. The prairies usually received low levels of rainfall and endured hot summers and harsh winters.

The Underground Railroad is a word we should know because many people made their way north to freedom though the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was an informal network of safe houses in the U.S that helped thousands of enslaved people escape to freedom. This is very important to know because this helped thousands of runaway slaves escape from freedom.

Connections with Land and Climate

Some ways that our history and land connect would be through the Louisiana Purchase. In 1803 the United States purchased this major piece of land from France for 15 million. This purchase doubled the size of our country and gave us control of the Mississippi River and access farther west. After the purchase President Thomas Jefferson commissioned Lewis and Clark to explore the newly purchased land since Americans had never traveled that far west.

These maps show the land the US owned throughout its history. The maps go from the original thirteen colonies to all 50 states today. We have had many different shapes and areas during our life as a country, which each have influenced how our government works and the powers it has had.


Terrorism was a major concern after September 11, 2001. In 2001 terrorists hijacked 4 passenger planes. Their plan was to crash all four of them into the world trades center, but only two of them actually made it and crashed into the world trades center.