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Unusual Animal Friendships

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      Meet Penny the silkie chicken and Roo the Chihuahua. The two live in the home of Alicia Williams in Georgia. This pair of friends are just one of the the three true stories about unusual animal friendships. Whatever attracted them to become such good friends so quickly remains a mystery, but one thing is for sure - All of these animal friendships are real. Most of these animals were rescued from life threatening situations and how they met is a wonderful life changing true-story that shows how kind and loving most animals can be.




      When Alicia Williams met Roo she instantly wanted to keep him but thought Penny might be a drawback. Instead, when Penny met Roo for the first time she instantly went to lay beside him and keep him warm.

Penny the Silkie Chicken and Roo the Chihuahua

Penny and Roo


      Veterinary hospital employee Alicia Williams has adopted two odd little animals. Penny the Silkie Chicken was the first of the two to be adopted. Alicia Williams was at a veterinary school and Penny was the experimental chicken.

      "She was in a really bad situation. We in animal science visit all types of animal facilities, farms, and things like that," Williams said." I just happened to be there and asked if I could have her instead of them doing anything to her."


Penny the Silkie Chicken


      Alicia Williams brought her home at 9 weeks old. Penny was jubilant that she no longer has to be the testing chicken, but began to get restless in her new home.

     "They are flock animals, so she was getting lonely at home," Williams said. So Alicia Williams deciced to bring Penny to work. 

      Now Penny always goes to work with Alicia Williams and clients can even schedule their appiontments around Penny's so they could meet her.

Penny the Silkie Chicken


      Penny is a chicken so she lays eggs. She lays small pink eggs that are like oval golf balls four times a week and similarly, can be eaten. She has a problem with her reproductive tract but that doesn't stop her from having fun.

Alicia Williams holding Penny and a Silkie Chicken egg.


     On a freezing February night a Chihuahua puppy was discovered in a ditch by the road near a park. He was a tiny and dreadfully thin puppy on the brink of dying, Shivering from the cold, icy temperatures.

      Luckily, a stranger found him and brought the miniature puppy to a near by animal hospital where identically, Penny was also at. The Chihuahua, who was only seven weeks old, and had only two back legs and a hole in his head that would never close.

Roo the two legged Chihuahua


      He was most likely abandonded by a backyard puppy breeder because he only had his two back legs and therefore be harder to sell.

      When Alicia Williams saw him she instantly decided to adopt him and named the puppy Roo. Then when Penny saw him for the first time, she gently went to lay down beside him like a hen would do to her chicks. Soon the two were inseperable.


Penny and Roo together


       Once Roo was finally old enough to get a proper wheelchair, a client from the vet hospital donated all the money for it. When Roo finally got the wheelchair he didn't like it at all!

      Then Alicia Williams had an idea. Everytime Roo was put in the wheelchair she would give him treats until he constantly begged to get in it."Now we call it the treat mobile whenever he's in it that's all that's ever happens is treats. When we get it out, he wants to get in it." Alicia Williams said.


Roo in wheelchair



       Penny is also enjoying the treat mobile since she offten steals Roo's treats and occasionally steals his chew toys. However it's all in a friendly manner. They often snuggle togther and even share the same carrier to the hospital. The two even take baths together and Penny, uniquely even rides on Roo's wheelchair. With the wheelchair Roo can even sit on his hind legs since without it he had to either stand or lay down.

Drying Off from a bath

Roo in wheelchair with Penny riding on top

In carrier


      Now Penny and Roo can be seen together at a veterinary hospital in Georgia sleeping together under the front desk, Penny snuggled up next to Roo like a giant teddy bear. Even when Penny painstakingly lays an egg it's always near Roo where she feels safest. But that never stops the two from having fun. They also share their home with other rescue animals such as a pitbull saved from a fighting ring. Penny and Roo do about all most everything together and they are truly best of friends forever.

Penny and Roo sleeping.

Lucy, the Pit Bull, Penny and Roo


      Wild animals stay away from humans and their companions, but in Pippin’s short time with Kate she created a strong mother-daughter relationship with Kate and are forever together as friends.


Pippin                                                                                                  Kate

Kate the Great Dane and Pippin the Deer

Pippin with Kate

      Before Kate met Pippin she was an ordinary dog with an ordinary life but once she met Pippin her motherly instincts took over and she was never the same.  



      A baby fawn was found on the Isobel Springett's farm notablely alone, was severely starved and painfully thin. She was most likely abandoned by her mother, who probably couldn't care of a foal anymore, was probably not going to make it.

      Springett found the fawn and nursed it back to health for about three to four days. Isobel Springett named the young fawn Pippin.


      During those few days Isobel Springett's Great Dane, Kate, started to take an interest on Pippin. When Kate and Pippin first met,"The look on Kate's face was complete and utter pleasure," said Springett.

      Whenever Pippin lays down Kate quickly turned around to make sure she was okay and gives her a loving lick. Kate loved to be with Pippin more than anything else in the world. Soon Kate bacame Pippin's mother, protector, and constant companion. 

Kate and Pippin sleeping together.


      After Pippin was healthy again, Isobel Springett knew Pippin was a wild animal and so shouldn't let her become too domesticated."We tried really hard to let her be a deer," Springett explained."So from a young age, she was able to integrate into the herd." But even after all that Pippin would always return." Even when Springett decided it was time to let Pippin out for good, she still came back everyday for a treat from Isobel Springett and to play with Kate.


Pippin as fawn, standing next to Kate.

Kate and Pippin playing with a ball


Pippin and Kate taking a stroll in the woods.

     "The way they hug their necks and lick each other,and the way they just genuinely seem to be so happy to see each other. It amazes me everytime." said Isobel Springett. Even when Pippin was fully mature she still came back.

      One day Pippin came to see Kate, Springett noticed that there where two small foals standing from where Pippin came from but no closer.

      Even though Pippin had become a mother of two young foals, she still visits kate about almost everyday. the two would spend hours together playing Isobel Springett's garden. 

Pippin and Kate hugging necks.

Kate licking Pippin


     Sadly, Springett's desision to take in and nurse a black-tailed deer has been criticised by some because they believe Isobel Springetts should not have taken in a wild fawn. But even so, the friendship Kate and Pippin have created is truely unquestionable. 

      Tragic news was given on May 29th 2014, Kate the Great Dane passed away at 12 years old. Kate had lived a good 12 years and will forever be missed.


      Kago was chosen specifically for Kimbali because he was the calming yet fun-loving kind of puppy they were looking for and was definately the perfect match.


Kago                                                                                                          Kimbali

Kago the Dog and Kimbali the Cheetah

Kago and Kimbali

      When Cheetahs see a possible threat their main instinct is to run rather than stand around, yet Kimbali put aside his instincts and became closest of friends with Kago the dog.



      In the Metro Richmond Zoo there is a Cheetah habitat. When the zookeeper opened the gate a dog races out with a Cheetah hot on his tail. That is Kago, a yellow Labrador Retriever mix and Kumbali, a young male Cheetah. When Kumbali was two months old zoo keepers began to notice that Kumbali was loosing weight.




Kimbali as a cub


      Eventually, the zookeepers found out that his mother was not producing enough milk for all her cubs so the zoo keepers decided to bottle raise Kimbali instead."We then decided to continue hand-raising the cob. to ensure his health and growth." said zookeeper staff.

Kimbali being bottle-fed


       Soon Kimbali would need a companion to play and live with. It took months to find the perfect companion until finally the zookeepers decided it would be no other than Kago. A 10 week old labrador Retriever mix puppy that was adopted from a pet rescue organization after being saved from a high kill animal shelter.


  Kago and Kimbali were soon introduced to each other. At first Kimbali was a little unsure of each other since Cheetahs, unlike their ferocious cousins, are more nervous animals that will run rather than stay and fight.

      After Kimbali finished his thorough inspection of Kago and a little uncertainty, the two quickly became best of friends. They stay together most of the time and play with each other.

Kago and Kimbali playing together and having fun


      Kago and Kimbali were then raised together in a professional zookeeper's home to provide close monitoring and care. As they grew, they were eventually moved to an outdoor inclosure at the zoo. The two love to play fight, chase each other, and even sleep together. They soon became an inseparable pair and appear to be the perfect pair that everyone hoped for.


      Today, all these animals are living a happy life with their best friend in a safe home with a loving family. Now they are all happy and share their joyfulness with everyone around them for without their best friend their life may have been much harder than nessesary.



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