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Untitled DocsnSNOMANument Propaganda

The snowman felt the feeling that he hadn’t felt in such a long time. He was finally coming back to life after a whole summer of heat, water, and nothingness.

Icy the Snowperson felt his arms, then his nose, then his mouth, and then he could finally see! He was surrounded by happy kids, all jumping and happy.

The kids came out to him every day, and played with him. Some days, he had  ear warming earmuffs eaten by eels., others, a scarf, but the kids always played with him. “Thump, thump,” as they ran around him, happy as could be.

Eventually the day had to come, and he felt himself starting to melt, slowly, but surely. The kids grew interest in him, and he was alone as a fish again.

This time, however, one of his coal eyes was able to go with him, down the storm drain. He drifted to C14, to C8. “Good look,” said the crawdads in the tunnel. He drifted into the creek, and beyond.

He made it to the ocean, and just kept going. One day he hit land, and realized that he was in Antarctica - a frozen wonderland.

In a few days, elf children found his coal eyes, and turned him into a snowman again. He was very happy.

Once again, he was a snowman. Kids were playing with him, and he was fulfilling his snowman duty again - to be happy, give others joy, and stay positive.

He tried not to think about melting, but it couldn’t leave his head, and he got upset once more that he wouldn’t be happy forever.

Once again, it was spring, and he prepared for the worst. However, it seemed to be taking longer for him to melt.

Then he had the happiest thought in his life! “I am in Antarctica, so I won’t melt!”

The snowman was a snowman forever, and he couldn’t be happier. He never had to worry about summer again.